Thursday, August 19, 2010

I'm Going to Be Okay

>May 12, 2010

So, two days into work now. Things are going surprisingly well. Seriously, I have not cried yet and I think there is something wrong with me! Either that, or I have been so crazy-busy picking loose ends and working on small projects I have not had a whole lot of time to sit and wallow. For me, that is a good thing. I hate drawing attention to myself by crying and I know everyone would be supportive, but I just hate crying in front of others. People are still looking at me with downward eyes, their heads cocked to the side and using a soft voice asking, “So,how are you doing, I mean really?” Really? I’m fine! I am so glad I can say that. I know there will be some days that are worse than others but so far this going back to work business has been okay. Miss M is amazing. I am so glad we have found her to care for Logan. They make a great pair.

Since I quite breast-feeding two weeks ago, I finally am feeling back to normal! My breasts have not felt this great in almost 4 months! It’s amazing. I can lay Logan on my chest to cuddle and I am no longer flinching in discomfort. Also, since the milk has nearly dried up they are going back to my normal size. This, I am very thankful for. I never thought of getting my breasts enlarged, ever, but now that they have been bigger than normal, I will never do something like that. And to all you big busted mommas out there, bless your hearts. I could not deal with the heaviness, back pain, sweat, etc all the time.

Oh yeah, and for all you non-Coloradoans IT EFFING SNOWED LAST NIGHT! In May, it snowed heavy, wet snow. The poor tree buds and flowers are moppy now, looking ever so sad. The ground was too warm for anything to really stick and so it has just been a slushy mess all day. Ugh, where are you spring?! Come back please!

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