Thursday, August 19, 2010

5 Months Old

>July 8, 2010

Dear Logan,

Today you are 5 months old. You smile, laugh and have a serious pair of lungs on you. Nopneumothorax is stopping you now! Logan, the depth of our love for you has grown beyond the boundries of what our hearts could have ever imagined possible. Your smile and deep voice stretch our smiles and love for you across the lines on our faces. Nothing in the world comes close to how incredible it is to call you our son and to be your parents.

My most favorite thing is to listen to you in the early mornings talking to yourself. You tell long stories about what I am assuming is your love for us, the dogs, your exersaucer, car rides, bath time, and snuggling. You have a “lovie”, a monkey with a rattle in the head attached to a soft blankie. You grip it with your cubby hands and shove it into your mouth. You’ll yank it out quickly and look at me like, “Look what I can do, Mom!”

You have started eating solids, which is something I am still debating about whether or not this is a good thing, but per the recommendation of your doctor AND your intense interest in watching us eat our food, you have taken to avocado, banana, sweat potato, and squash like a champ. You refuse to swallow a bite of cereal, a true sign that you are indeed my stuborn son. I have begun to freeze small slices of banana to put into a mesh teether-eater and you looooooovvve sucking on that wholesome goodness. And I’m sure the cold, tough texture feels great on those gums.

Speaking of gums, you are in full-blown teething mode and it is painful for all of us. We’re going on 5 days of pure discomfort that just breaks my heart to see you have to go through pain which we all experienced at one time, but can’t even remember. This too shall pass, my son. I am doing my best as your mommy to make you as comfortable as possible, giving you frozen wash cloths to gnaw on, teething rings, a watermellon rind and even my fingers. I invested in some teething tablets which you tried tonight and seemed to relieve your discomfort rather quickly, on top of some tyenol. This road is only beginning and they have not even popped through yet! So your daddy and I are praying that those little buggers will make an appearance any day now. We will all sleep much better, to say the least. (This, dear readers, is why there is no picture yet. Getting a happy face on camera is hard these days)

You are the most playful little man I know. You love standing and have recently discovered how to jump and “dance.” Your jumping has caused you to go wild in your exersaucer and jumparoo, two things you cannot seem to get enough of. You hate laying on your back, even while sleeping. You sleep almost excuslivly on your stomach and you roll yourself into that position easily now. You can push yourself up on your hands almost completely and you are really trying to sit up on your own. Until then, you sit assisted on the floor and are deeply in love with Butte. She lays next to you and licks your feet and you become wildly twitterpated by such a thing.

Strangers have started to pop up on your radar as just that, strangers. You know the moment you are no longer in my arms and someone new is holding you. I have always been a strong believer in allowing you to experience everyone and everything. I am your protector, but I need you to learn to trust others as well. However, the simple fact that you know me as mommy and you know daddy as daddy by our faces and voices melt our hearts. You know who we are better than you could ever communicate. In this new discovery, you have mastered a rather excellent display of the bottom lip. As soon as I catch you in action, I will capture a picture to share.

Logan, you have shown your daddy and I a new way to love. A new way to expeience the world. Everything is fresh and special in your eyes, something we forgot to enjoy a long time ago. This new discovery will only get better as you grow and learn. We will be right by your side every step of the way. We want nothing more than for you to become the person you want to be. We will love you forever.


Ma and Pa

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