Thursday, August 19, 2010

Days 2 & 3.

>June 17, 2010

Yesterday I decided to take my meds in the morning, rather than at night. I could not risk getting so little sleep while needing to work and care for my family so I was willing to deal with nausea if need be. Surprise surprise I was not nauseaous. I was EFFING TIRED AS HELL! I could not for the life of me hardly keep my head off the desk. It was redic people. When I got home, Logan was anit nap as usual so I did not go to bed until almost 10 because…

:::::drumroll please:::::

I went for a run with our new jogger!

It was way to hot at 7:30 for a run, but it felt great and I am going to do it again tonight!

Today, the medication made me feel like I was on Speed. I could not sit still. I don’t drink caffeen, but I know that if I did, this is how I would feel. It felt like someone shot me up with a crazy amount of adrenaline and now I have mellowed out. At work, I was giggly and goofy, something I am at times, but it was allll dayyyy lonnnnggg! I am tired and getting ready to head to my first counseling appointment. Wish me luck! And pray Logan is a gem…

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