Saturday, April 30, 2011

i heart faces-soft and sweet


It goes without saying that I did not take this photo. However, my dear husband B did and of all the photos in our archive that say "soft and sweet" this one stood out the most to me. I realize that I may not be eligible to win the photo contest and that is okay. But B deserves huge kudos for snapping this very special moment between me and my sweet boy. It is one of my most favorite photos of us and a rare moment in which he is actually sleeping on me. The original photo is in black and white and I only made a few adjustments to soften the photo even more.

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

It happens every time

>So it seems. This is the first time in three years that I have started a new job and 10 days in I'm already sick.  I'm sure that Logan brought something home from daycare and we must be fighting off the same nasties. I remember three years ago when I started my previous job and the second night I had one of the worst sinus infections I'd ever had. I was working the night shift and felt so bad that I called in sick on the second day. Good thing the person who was training me knew how yucky I felt the night before so I knew she didn't think I was faking it (I get very self-conscious about people thinking this about me). Anyway, a week ago my supervisor told me straight up that I would get sick and it would be soon. I tried to scoff that off because B has been sick three times in the last 5 weeks with nasty stuff and both Logan and I have been able to stave it all off. Apparently Logan and I have the same immune system because we're both sick. YUCK! I hate it. I hate head colds and feeling like my balance is off because I can't hear anything. I do feel a little better today and am taking the day to rest and clean the house. Logan is at daycare for a few more hours so I better get going.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Of reactions and sickness

>The last few days have been rather crazy. And not really in a good way.

Last Thursday, I was informed that I should get two immunizations for work (by my employer). They were DTAP and Meningitis. I have had both, several years ago, and never had any issues with reactions. DTAP is known to be a sore shot at the site. Redness and slight swelling are almost expected symptoms, as is it with just about any immunization and with these, the shot has a small portion of the live virus in it. So Thursday night I was hurting. I had a shot given in each arm in the upper portion of my tricep muscle. Why it has to go into the muscle, I don't know! But I slept horribly, to say the least.

Friday I was still in training and pretty much grinned and bared it all the way through. I took ibrpofin to keep the soreness at bay but I was in some serious pain. I could hardly concentrate on the important material I was trying to absorb. Now, one thing about me that kind of sucks is that I do not tolerate pain very well and I make sure that everysingleperson knows it. Because I was training with new people I did not say one word about how I was feeling so I saved up all that complaining energy for B. Initially, he gave me the side eye for being such a baby over simple immunizations. Get over yourself, is what I kept seeing come across B's face but he just happens to be the most amazing husband and would never dare say something like that to me. I was already in tears from the pain. 

Saturday morning I woke up (from what little sleep I had-sleeping on my arms was impossible) and was in so much pain. The soreness was not going away and up until this point I had paid little attention to how my arms actually looked. I was so focused on the pain I did not even bother to check on the sites. Well I finally did and WOAH! My arms were so swollen and red. The sites were HOT to the touch. I knew that was not good and I felt worse that I had since the first day. Took my temp and had a fever. I cannot even tell you the last time I had a fever! Later, it dawned on me that as mamas we keep an eye on a fever after our babies have immunizations and it was rather ironic to me that I spiked one. All of these symptoms are considered mild side effects to the vacs, things which are not normal, but also not unusual (as that is how the ER doc explained it). Oh yeah, the ER (errr Urgent Care). So I called my supervisor and told her what was going on. She then called our big boss and he asked that I go to the ER or urgent care because something like this would fall under workers comp and I had know I idea how much worse I could get.

(I just want to point out that had this been a reaction to vacs given to me by my PCP and NOT work related I would have just sucked it up at home-I thought urgent care was a bit much but heck, I do what I'm told.)

Saturday around noon I headed to UC with my kindle. I knew it would be a really long wait being that it was Saturday and my priority was like, not one at all. Three hours. All to be told to keep icing and ibprofining it up. Duh. I knew that. Today, my arms are much better. Still a little tender to the touch but not painful. Does this mean I will never be able to receive these vacs again? I have no idea. I have yet to follow up with my PCP. If I find out, I'll let you know.


On top of all this Logan has been sick. Bad cold which we are certain he got at daycare. Pretty normal and nothing we can't handle, although trying to carry a 22 pound child while my arms were in serious pain was no fun at all. He's still not feeling great and I can see three more top teeth inching their way in.

THEN I get sick. I'm sick. Wow. I have not said that since last June. I rarely ever get sick anymore and I am certain that Logan got me sick this time. Ha...blaming it on my child. Great mama here! lol I feel pretty crappy and am doing everything I can to try to keep it at bay. Still have a ton of training and practice going on at work and I really cannot afford to miss any days. So please pray that Logan and I get well soon and that B does not pick up what we've got. Also for motivation to keep the house picked up. We are moving in less than a month and there are two boxes packed. Thats it. 

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

(Logan, one year ago on Easter)

We're not big fans of the bunny in our house. In fact, I did not even decorate this year. Not because I didn't want to, but because everything is packed. Next year, in our new home, will be wayyyy different. But still, we're not fans of the Easter bunny. That is not at all what Easter is about to us. Jesus is Easter. And this year, as every year past, we celebrate his resurrection. I pray blessings to you and your families.

Happy Easter! He IS Risen!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

i heart faces-pets


This weeks challenge theme is pets. It was barely 10* outside and Tulo cannot stand being outside when it's cold. Except when he's running with Butte. Captured this photo mid-sprint and you cannot even tell that he hates how cold it is. Here is his profile:
  • Greyhound (99% purebred)
  • Never raced
  • Adopted at 10 weeks old 
  • Weighs ~65lbs
  • Height ~3ft from floor to top of front shoulders
  • DOB August 14, 2007
  • Named after Troy Tulowitzki, Colorado Rockies Short Stop
  • Nicknames (mostly given and said by me): TT, T-Tons, T-Dog, T-Payne, Pooplo, TT-Peepee Pants
  • Loves: 
    • snuggling
    • car rides
    • running (as you can see!)
    • playing with Butte
    • giving Logan kisses
    • laying in bed with us under the covers
    • special chewy treats
    • baseballs (no joke-it's the only ball he will play with and he can strip the leather off in no time)
  • Hates:
    • being left alone
    • laying on the floor
    • getting hurt (HUGE baby)
    • water/baths (unless Butte is there to help encourage him, he will not get into the water)
    • when he does something bad and gets into trouble
    • being cold and/or wet from rain or snow (although the above photo proves that he CAN suck it up and have some fun) :)
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QUICK! Help me decide!!

The next iheartfaces photo challenge is going to open up sometime tonight or tomorrow (most likely tonight due to Easter) and I CANNOT decide which photo to enter! The theme is pets and here are my best photos already edited. Tell me which one you think is the best and that will be the one I enter. THANKS!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

When do I say "enough"?

>I need your help friends. I mean, really need your help. I'm asking all you regular lurkers out there to actually leave me a comment and tell me what to do. I know, shocking.

As I mentioned in my last post Logan has been in daycare a total of THREE days and has been bit by three different children FOUR times. Yes, one child actually bit him twice, once on each arm. Since the initial shock of my child being injured while in someone else's care by another child has lessened over the last few days, my anger over the consistent occurrences has only increased. Taking Logan to daycare to begin with was a big deal. I was worried that he would miss me, that he would realize that everyone in the room was a new person and I had not been there to help him get aquatinted and comfortable with his teachers and the other kids. I worried that he would not take a nap, that he would sit alone in a corner and not participate in activities, and that he would cry and cry and cry. My heart ached with these concerns as the days approached and not once did the thought of him getting hurt cross my mind. I'm totally aware of his risk of falling and bonking and bruising from play but never from another child. So when I brought him home and told my mom and B that Logan had been bit TWICE, we were all fuming.

My heart broke thinking about him being hurt and wondering where I was to make it all better, to kiss his boo boos and hold him until he felt better. Logan happens to be a little dramatic when he gets hurt and while I do my damnedest to NOT help fuel that by gasping or instantly running to his side, he still cries. I want him to know that not every single time he bonks his head does it mean he's actually hurt. But this is not what this post is about. This is about other kids biting my kid at daycare.

So here is where I need your help. I need to know what to do. I've worked in daycares before and I don't remember kids biting each other. Sure there were squabbles and such, but I do not recall a single child ever having an issue with other children so much so that he was going home every night with a new bite or bruise caused by another child. I'm sure if I had, that I would have had a serious talking to about how our supervision of the children needs to improve, even though we were there. Anyway, I'm lost. I have made countless mistakes as a parent and I don't want to just jump ship from what could be a potentially good daycare just because Logan is being bit by other children It's not like the teachers are encouraging it and the director has been very honest with me about what they are doing to try and prevent it. Even so, he is still being bit. He has a buddy in his class and they've both been in the class the same amount of time and he has not been bit. I don't get it. The teachers are telling me that Logan is not the only child being bit. So what the hell is going on?!

Logan is not the youngest kiddo in his class, but I would put money on him having the fewest teeth. He has been a late bloomer with getting his teeth and I would be livid if BECAUSE he has been getting bit that he himself adopts that form of ill toddler communication. LIVID!! My mom has been in early childcare for 20+ years but does not have recent experience with a group of 1 year olds. She works with 3 year olds, kids who have words and understand directions, etc. Regardless, she cannot believe this is happening every day. I cannot believe it. As I said, I am trying not to bail right away and blame the daycare. Finding another daycare is a huge pain in the ass and there are several perks of him going to this particular one, the main one being he is a block away from where I work.

So please help me out here! I am at a loss. Obviously Logan quickly forgets what is happening to him and so far none of the bites have broken the skin. I've notified his doctor and have yet to hear back. Thank you SO MUCH for any and all advice you can offer! No more bites for my baby!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday Mish-Mash


(found Logan asleep like this a few nights ago)

  • My running re-cap for last week is pretty lame due to the fact that I only ran twice and the weather was crappy. I still go up and down on how motivated I am to get out there and do it. I know for sure that I hate running inside on a treadmill. Seeing how long and how far I have been running actually makes it harder for me to keep going. I have a better/faster pace, but the moment I hit one mile the wind in my sails goes away and I justify running a mile and that was good enough. 
  • I'm still trying to decide what kind of runner I want to be. Maybe running 1-2 miles a few times a week is all I really want to do. I know regardless, the fact that I am doing it at all is good. I'm staying active and healthy. A few goals I have set are not realistic for me--not yet anyway. 
  • I am so effing sick of the cold, windy weather I could cry. Seriously. Come on summer!
  • My new job is going very well! I love what I am doing and the opportunities I have. Only been there two days and I already have a chance of becoming a full time benefit eligible employee, which has been my goal all along. The people are so nice!
  • Logan has been in daycare the last two days and has been bit a total of 3 times. Yes, my child is coming home with bruises! I would be lying if I said I was just kinda mad. I'm fuming!! My heart breaks at the thought of Logan being hurt by another kiddo. Seems that there are a few biters in his class and he is not the only one being bit. This makes me feel a little better and after a long conversation with the director yesterday they have a very solid plan on how to get the biting to stop. He is home with me today and will return the rest of the week. If he is bit again I might just loose it on them!
  • I'm going shopping today for new clothes for work and I'm actually pretty excited about it! I love getting new clothes.
  • I cannot finish a cup of coffee at home to save my life but at work I drink 2-3 cups in an hour! What the?
  • And that is it. Have a great week everyone!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

March for Babies: Logan's Story


(the first video right after Logan was born. listen to his cry--it's not normal)

I know most of you have read Logan's birth story and outside of that there is not a lot to say about Logan's NICU stay. I tried to be as detailed as I could, but there is more to say.

Anytime I received the March of Dimes letters in the mail asking for donations with a dime in the envelope with cute return address labels I instantly assumed March of Dimes was specifically for babies who were born prematurely. I also assumed that most babies who ended up in the NICU were there for that same reason and or some tragic disease or deformity. I did not educate myself on March of Dimes nor did I participate in any kind of donation or walk. Without a second thought I would pocket that dime and file away the return labels and not take a second thought about it. Now, I feel guilty. I feel like I should have known better.

As most of you know I had a fairly normal pregnancy. There was brief concern that I might go prematurely but Logan hung out in his oven for a full 41 weeks. We were never expecting a big baby and I had no issues with blood pressure or diabetes. My doctors were perfectly happy letting Logan hang out as long as he needed to. Inducing never came up between us. Problems with labor and delivery never came up either. Sure we were aware that "anything can happen" and while we had a fairly specific birth plan our doctors urged us to keep an open mind. Of course if my health or Logan's were to become jeopardized we gave all our faith in not only the doctors but our Great Physician. I prayed and prayed that everything would go smoothly. My greatest fear was dying and leaving B all alone with our son who'd never get to see my face. It nearly killed me. That fear, however, never crossed my mind once labor hit. B was an incredible coach and helped me remain focused throughout all 18 hours of my labor and delivery.

The moment Logan's slippery body emerged and he took his first breath I felt my heart explode. It literally took my breath away. I could not believe that I had just pushed a baby out of me, that I had helped create and grow this other human being. B could not stop saying how beautiful he was. Over and over. I had tears running down the sides of my face, as if they could never stop. I have no idea how many people were in the room, but I do know that the peds team from the NICU was there because there was meconium in Logan's bag of water. That was just protocol. Little did we know necessary their presence quickly became.

I believe that nurses are trained to say the right things at the right time. I clearly remember a soft voice telling me that he was having a little trouble breathing and to put my O2 mask near his face. The mask took over his small dimensions, his eyes squeezed tightly, crying. When I look back at the video and listen to his cry, it is obvious that he is having a hard time taking in a full breath.

Logan and B were both whisked off to the nursery and I was left alone to be cleaned up. Three hours later I saw our new son in the NICU. It is no place any parent ever anticipates their baby ending up, especially a full-term baby. When I tell other mamas that Logan was in the NICU or that I am a NICU mama they all ask how early he was. This, again, was one of those assumptions I had prior to our experience. The NICU mama badge is not a badge I ever wanted to accept or wear proudly as that just seemed so inappropriate. However, I have accepted it and because Logan came home a healthy baby boy 5 days later I do wear it proudly. I hope to never have to be in there again, but I know that is beyond my control. There is NOTHING anyone could have done to prevent Logan from popping a hole in his lung. He just cried so hard with his first breath it was as if you took a water balloon and blew it up until it popped.

Logan is the reason why I am walking in the March for Babies walk on April 30th. Babies born prematurely, babies born with infections, etc...they are why I am going to walk. I know that all across the country that this walk is taking place over the next two weekends. If you have one near you and you have an hour and a half to be inspired, moved and get some exercise then I urge you to also walk. Thank you to Jasmine for already making a donation! If you feel led to, please help me out with my walk! THANK YOU! God bless your babies.

i heart faces-wind


Wind is all we have been having around here!! I personally cannot stand the wind, especially right now because it makes it so much colder. Come on summer!

I snapped this photo at an apple farm in upstate Michigan, somewhere near Rogers City if you're familiar. We had a blast! As you can see Logan loved swinging. I love everything about this photo. I love that it is off-center, that it's a total action shot, that it's actually in focus (!!!), the look on Logan's face, the shadows on his face, and the wind in his hair. I had so much fun editing this picture. Like what you see? Go check out all the other awesome "windy" photos this week below!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Swim Fishy Swim!

For the last 4 weeks Logan and I have been going to swim lessons! This kid is a fish! He loves the water and gets so excited to see all his new friends.

The point of this beginner swim lesson class is not to get Logan to do all kinds of tricks but to get him used to the water, having other kids around splashing at him and generally teaching him that the pool is a fun place! Later, he will learn the fundamentals of swimming and safety lessons. 

Happy guy!

Swimming to get his toy!

Jumping up, his most favorite thing!

Four weeks is plenty long for toddler swim lessons. We are to the point now where Logan almost gets bored 20 minutes into the class and I have to go a lot to keep him entertained. Today we were in the toddler pool (directly behind the one we're in in the above pic). It was a little cooler than the therapy pool and we actually took them under water. Logan was a champ! I can't say he liked it, but he didn't cry which is a start!

If you've ever tried to take your baby to swim lessons alone you know there are some serious semantics that go into it. B was with me one day because he had a stomach bug the day before and was not allowed to return to work yet. So we had a bit of a family day. With him around, he can help me get Logan dressed while I dress myself. Alone, however, it is quite the juggling act, especially with a toddler! Logan is the 2nd oldest kiddo in this class and he does not lay there nicely while I try to get dressed. Nope. He tries to pull the other kids hair next to him or climb off the table!

I'm a pretty modest person. While I don't mind being in a bikini, etc, I am very modest about those private parts of my body. When I was nursing Logan I was very anxious nursing him in public and never got very comfortable doing it. Regardless, while in a ladies locker room with a squirley little boy one wonders how to properly dress ones self while still being discrete. I have not figured out the best way, even after 8 classes. However, I do know that the stroller comes in very handy. Once I've dressed him I can strap him in and then get dressed. I wrap the towel around my midsection and try to shimmy my way out of my bottoms without flashing anyone. Once the undies are on I can manage just fine. I just get easily uncomfortable, wondering if other woman are watching me, thinking I must look crazy. Why not just bare all! We've all had babies! What's the big deal! Well I would still like to maintain some kind of dignity. lol

Today, once I was all dressed and walking out the door I actually noticed another mom doing the exact same thing I was. FINALLY! Someone who is just as clueless as me! Haha...but really. It felt good to know I was not alone in my modesty.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Running: Week Three

So this week was not nearly as productive as the week before as in how often I ran. However, I met my very first short-term goal on today's run!

To run a mile without stopping. 

I ran 2 miles in 22 minutes! That's an 11 minute mile people!! And I ran a mile and a half of that without stopping! And once I did stop, it was only to walk for one minute. It was by far the best run I have had so far! I feel very good about how well it went. Funny thing is I really had to talk myself into doing it. Sadly, the fact that I have to carry a stroller up and down three flights of stairs just to get a run in for the day is very discouraging. But I bucked up and did it. Even with the dogs this time!

I came home and had my protein shake and then it's off to shower and read until I have to work. Logan is down for a nap and again, I feel great!

I already updated on the other run I had earlier this week. I took three days off after that run. Why? It was a hard run and I came home from it feeling pretty terrible. I had those "I never want to run again" thoughts. Of course Bestie tells me that I am going to have bad runs. Well, having a bad run this week must have been the reason behind this awesome run today!

So I ran a total of five miles in 1:30 (that's 1 hour, 30 min) and burned over 1000 calories. Wowza! This mama is getting her heiny into shape! :) Have a great weekend!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Shout it Out!

AHHH!! The night out was amazing!! First off-please excuse the blurry photos. My camera seriously sucks at shows. The lighting is not right and my settings are not versatile enough. The last few photos rock because I got super close to the stage and used my flash. Reason #88 why I need a new fancy-pants camera.

I headed down to Denver with Logan late afternoon. B was supposed to come with me and see me realize this dream of meeting Hanson. Unfortunately, he came down with a horrible fever and chills early that morning and there was no way he would be coming with us. Second time in a week he has been sick! Poor guy.

When I got to my MIL's house B's aunt was there and because B could not come with me I had an extra ticket. I asked if she wanted to join me and she instantly said yes! I had a concert buddy!! We left the house around 6:30pm and arrived at the venue right at 7:00pm when doors opened. Once inside we managed to get some pretty awesome seats, ordered some drinks and aps and waited for the show to start!

So here is the crazy part of the story. All day long Hanson had been in Cali filming the Conan O'Brian show. I follow them on Twitter and kept checking for updates. Bestie, being that she works for the radio station they were playing for, knew that they would be flying in late and pretty much arriving the minute they were due on stage. I'd be lying if I wasn't shaking in my boots wondering if they would arrive on time! I kept asking Bestie if they had landed and as of 9:00pm they were still in the air! They flew in on a private jet. Fortunatly, the airport was not too far from the venue and by the time the last act was done they were there ready to rock! I was standing behind all the tables and had a perfect, center stage view. They walked right past me to get on stage. Hanson took the stage at 9:45 and played for a good hour with an encore song of "Ain't No Sunshine" by Bill Withers. It was awesome!! B actually texted me right as they took the stage to say he was watching their performance on Conan. CRAZY!

Near the end of the show this girl standing next to me was wasted and kept elbowing me. She was begging Isaac to toss her a guitar pick and he did. Well she had no coordination and I managed to find the pick on the floor! Then Bestie brought me another one this morning when we met for breakfast.

After the show all the artists did a fun meet-and-greet. I have signed photos from Andy Grammer (first pic), Parachute, Default, and of course Hanson! I shook hands with Issac and Taylor and got an awesome pic with Zac! The pic was taken by the radio station and as soon as I get a copy I will be sharing it. :)

The other artists were great. Andy Grammer busted out some awesome beat-boxing! He had some fantastic songs and really knew how to get the crowd going. Parachute was also great! Default is kind of a one-hit-wonder band with "Wasting Time" way back in the day. The lead singer has such a deep voice. B's aunt was loving that! And to have Hanson round out the evening was priceless. I could have stood there all night dancing and singing along to all my favorite songs. 

Here are my favorite pics!

(me and bestie. love her!)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

13 all over again


Yes, folks. This is Hanson. And they are my most favorite band in all the land. lol!! And tonight, I am going to an underground radio show, thanks to Bestie and her fab job. I will not only be listening to their fantastic new sound, I will also get to MEET THEM! Another one of those awesome perks of having a bestie in the radio industry. These guys have been my band since I was 13 years old. They are all married and have children now. We can all identify with each other. So excuse me while I go dig up all my Hanson stuff and try to decide what I should take for them to sign. HAPPY THURSDAY!!

(I personally took these pictures 2 years ago at the Bluebird in Denver)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Of Paci Wars and the Big Run

>Logan is going to be 14 months old on Friday. FOURTEEN MONTHS!! Can you believe it? I sure can't. I look at him every morning and I swear it looks more and more like a little boy and less like a baby. One key thing that seems to hold him back from little boyhood is that damn paci. I freaking hate it. He is obsessed! I get that this is a special "security/comfort blanket" of sorts and by no means do I want to take something like that away. But it does have to go. I have not done very much reading on the subject and I just have a plan. That's it. I figure every kid is different and how to get rid of the paci is different for all kids. So here's the plan:

Three days ago I stopped letting him have his paci outside of naps and bedtime. We had attempted this a few months ago and somehow we gave in to allowing it anytime thereafter. Now, we've got a strong hold on him not having it outside his crib. Period. This includes when we go out. He has no problem falling asleep in his car seat and I am torn as to whether or not I will carry one with me just in case. Either way, the goal is to be rid of the paci by the end of the month. In a week or two I am going to start taking it away for naps and by the end of the month he should be free and clear of it for all sleep times. I have no idea if this is going to work. I'm going to try though. The sight of it makes him yearn for that comfort and the only way to calm him is through distraction. Sippies of water and a fun toy seem to be working so far.


On another note I want to share my run I had yesterday. I ran 3.4 miles! While this was not all at once, broken up in half due to swim lessons, I feel pretty darn good having done it. The last half on the way home was walked. My body was hurting something fierce! Today my muscles are sore and it feels so good! No running today. It's rainy and I'm going to do the P90X Abs X workout again. That is serious ouchies!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Running Goals

Becoming a runner is in and of itself a goal. Within that I have many short and long-term goals for getting me to that place. I do not feel like a true runner-yet. But I want to be. Here are the goals I have set for myself.

  1. Run three times a week
  2. Run a mile without stopping
  3. Run two miles without stopping
  4. Run 30 minutes without stopping
  5. Buy runners socks (2 pair)
  6. Drink four 32oz bottles of water a day

  1. Run the Horsetooth Half next spring (it’s coming up the end of this month)
  2. Collect some awesome running gear other than shoes
  3. Run five days a week for at least 30 minutes without stopping

None of these goals have a real “deadline” as to when I want to meet them. I have a new running buddy from swim class and we may be getting together in the next 3-4 weeks. I would really like to be able to run two miles without stopping at that point, and I think I can, I just don’t want to push myself too hard to get there. Obviously, in a year I hope to run a half marathon around one of the coolest landmarks in our town. It’s beautiful and hilly. Makes my calves burn just thinking about it! Everything else is flexible. The ultimate goal here is to get into shape. I am not trying to lose weight. In fact, if I gain a few pounds in muscle weight, then that is awesome. Otherwise, I just want to better my health. Being a positive influence to Logan and our future children is very important to us and I want Logan to know that an active lifestyle is healthy. I am sure Logan will have no problem with that! The moment he learns to walk he will be all over the place!

What are your fitness goals?

Sunday, April 3, 2011

i heart faces-best of March


I shared this photo a few days ago and as I was going through the photos I took this month I kept coming back to this fantastic shot of Logan. B's dad and fiancee gifted us an incredible dinner at the aquarium. Our table was right next to a gigantic tank which was home to eels, barracudas, and about 30 other species of salt water fish. It was an incredible experience, mostly because we were seeing the wonder and awe through Logan's eyes. There are no good words to describe how infatuated he was with this adventure. He could not stop smiling. He's looking at a big fish taking a pass in front of the glass yet his reflection is looking right at me. Amazing. I cannot wait to take him back this summer!

Head on over to iheartfaces to check out all the other entries this week. This is a viewers choice so PLEASE take a moment to vote for us! We are #215. Thanks!!

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Week Two: Running Update

This week of running has been pretty good! I feel like I have climbed that beginners hurdle. You know it. The one where the voices in your head tell you to stop, that you can’t do it, that you’re too tired, etc. All those silly excuses for shortening or not even participating in your desired workout. I have a serious mental bully in my head and it is all I can do to block it out.

I put my new running shoes on THREE times this week for a total of SIX miles ran/walked!! I know for most this is nothing. I have a friend who runs 20-30 miles at a time and an eight mile run is short for him. Ugh. My long-term running goals are NOT to run that much at once. Here is a quick recap of the week:

Monday: I ran on the treadmill and kept with the plan for week two of the eight week running program. I ran two minutes, walked 1 minute. I was feeling great for most of it until I started to feel faint. I stoped just after I hit a mile. Then was lectured by B and Heidi to drink more water. Go figure.

Tuesday: I turned on a Pilates video and did a 30 minute buns/thighs workout. It was great! I have always loved yoga.

Thursday: I ran a mile again on the treadmill and because B had been pretty sick the last 24 hours I was exhausted. It was all I could do to get to that mile.

Friday: I walked with the dogs and Logan around the neighborhood. It was a beautiful day.

Saturday: Bestie was in town. She is one of my key motivators to run and I could not wait to have a running buddy. The morning was beautiful. We hit it with Logan and ran/walked almost three miles! We stopped at the store to get a few things and a movie. Best weekend in a long time!

Overall I am very proud of myself. I am proud that I was able to stay motivated to make the time to workout, no matter what I was doing. This is a huge feat for me. As I have stated before, I have never been a very athletic person. Now I know that I don’t need to be athletic to be a runner. I don’t need to be athletic to practice yoga or do the 30 Day Shred. I was putting myself in a “non-athletic” box which meant there was no way I could become a runner. The blinders are off and I am rearing to go! Sundays will always be my day of rest. I have not worked up to a five-day a week workout plan yet. I am pacing myself until I feel ready to do that. Also, things will change once I start my new job in a few weeks. If anyone else out there needs some motivation let me know! The positive reinforcement and encouraging words are sometimes the ONLY thing that keeps me going. Oh yeah and drinking TONS of water. Per Heidi, I am working up to four 34oz bottles of water a day. Yeah, that’s a GALLON. I’ve reached three the last two days. Coming up: GOALS!