Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Linky Links

We had a wonderful weekend! It was so jam-packed it hardly felt like a weekend but B and I had TWO NIGHTS IN A ROW in which we left Logan at home with Heidi so we could have some adult alone time. Saturday night we went to dinner with my parents and then to a brew house. If there is something you should know about Colorado, it's that we love our beer! There are a few hundred breweries just in Northern Colorado and lucky for me, it is the best way to hang out with my husband.

Sunday night we went to a wedding. It was beautiful! We had a lovely time and we even danced! Made me feel like young newlyweds again.

And some awesome links:

Philip Phillips song Home

You, Me & Apollo

And of course, my hang outs: Midwife 101 Blog (find all school updates here), Facebook and Twitter -------->

Happy Monday!


Thursday, September 20, 2012



Loving... the fall, cooler weather! It's actually cool enough in the morning that I have to turn the heat on in the car. I'm excited for thick socks, hot cocoa, tall boots, and wearing cowls.

Devouring... everything in sight. I've been so hungry lately and my weight has been stable. The change in diet has been working out so well. I rarely ever have pains. But food oh food how I love food!

Giving... a lot of time to school work! And it's paying off! I have an A in medical term and it ends this week! WHOOHOO!

Grateful for...my cousin. Having her in our home is so nice. We share clothes and she makes awesome dinners! I love it. And I'm so grateful.

Going... to watch Hunger Games tonight! WOOTWOOT! I love this movie.


In other news, don't watch Cabin in the Woods. Worst movie ever! But Silent House was pretty good. This has been an incredible week! So many changes and good things happening. School, work and home life are all just awesome.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Full House

When I was a child, I religiously watched Full House. And even as an adult, I will watch reruns a thousand times over. That show never gets old. And now, I am living it. We have our very own full house with lots of kids running around, eating food, playing games all while their parents do whatever they can to keep things safe and somewhat under control.

After a week of this full house, I can honestly report that things are going well. We are all still adjusting in our own ways. The kids are learning our house habits, I have a sister wife who makes me dinner and is always around to hang out with, and Logan is struggling with sleep. He has not been taking very good naps, if at all, and his bed time routine is so screwed up. But we are letting him be. If he wants to play for 30 more minutes alone in his room then we are not going to stop him. His world, his toys, his parents and his home are all being shared with four other people, three of which are kids. And those kids love playing with him and his toys...he's just not always a fan of the later.

I have no complaints. I can only home that everything continues to go well and that this ends up being a great memory for all of us someday.

Friday, September 14, 2012



It's been a few weeks since I've been able to do this and of course I'm a day late. I had a light day yesterday with classes but the last thing I wanted to do was read or write. This has been a very exhausting week. I cannot get enough sleep. Thankfully, tomorrow is my morning to sleep in. Do you and your hus trade days for getting extra sleep? We do and we look forward to it so much! So yeah, every two weeks I get to sleep in for ONE DAY! It's something nice to look forward to. Carry on...

Wishing... I had better nail-painting skills. I seriously suck at it as there is hardly a hair of girly-girl in my bones. I beat my hands up pretty good during the day and my nails are no exception so when I get a fancy fun new color to try out, it lasts all of 3 hours before there are nicks and scratches. Ugh.

Reading...so much! Let's see...pregnancy & lactation nutrition, phych stuff, and Child of Mine, a book on feeding yourself, family and children healthy things. I'm also listening to Matched.

Eating...pizza! It was the only thing this week that was not on the menu. My sister-wife, aka cousin, is gone for a few days and her cooking is amazing! So we ordered pizza last night and it was delish!

Missing...alone time. We take it for granted. I have seven people under our roof right now and while it is fun and amazing that Logan has more playmates, I have not had one quiet moment to myself. Even at night, Logan has been having issues going to bed so he has been falling asleep with me and he talks my ear off until he does so.

Anticipating... a crazy weekend with four awesome kids.

And as I've been typing this out, a newborn has been interrupting my thoughts with minute-old cries. What an incredible sound!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Oh, Monday

I'm giving myself 10 whole minutes to tap out this belated update on things going on around here.

  • I have been going back and forth with having Instagram on my phone. That app takes up more space and so I finally got a ton of photos and videos into my dropbox and things are better and I can now exclaim, "I am totally Instagraming this!"

  • Class are good! Nutrition is going better and I'm doing great in the other two. Nothing new to report other than I love it. I really do, but after 3 weeks this is some serious business. I felt the need to throw my hands up on Friday, which I did, and once I calmed down I got to work on Sunday afternoon and killed the test. It pays to walk away from things for a bit.

  • I am working on a Shutterfly calendar. Gosh I love photos!

  • I am listening to Matched. Interesting, whimsical story so far.

  • We watched Silent House on Saturday night. Oh man that is "LEGIT scary", as my dear cousin says. Did not see the end coming, which is always nice. Even B couldn't figure it out and that's saying something!

  • A chai tea with almond milk is my go-to morning drink for a caffeine pick-me-up. I love it!

  • I cannot wait for all my favorite shows to start again! This week is Survivor and Glee on Thursday night.

Annnndddd my 10 minutes is up. Happy Monday!