Monday, August 16, 2010

6 Months Old

>**pic coming soon**

While Logan is learning how to shove whatever is in his hands into his mouth, roll around in a meaningful pattern, and whine at me to get his way, I am learning how to form barriers so he does not bonk his head, keep his hands free of (too much) dog hair, and ignore his whines. Yeah, I said that. I ignore him when he is blatantly whining at me to do something. The kid is damn smart and while I will come to his every beck and call, I will not be his door mat and no, son, you are not the boss. I am.

Logan is learning and growing so much that just this morning I was watching him stand flat-footed in his exersaucer and it was only a few weeks ago that we adjusted the height on it. I swear he's grown an inch in the last week.

  • Eats solids 3x per day and LOVES everything. Textures make him give a funny face, like applesauce, but he loves it regardless. He loves real fruits in his mesh feeder. He loves Puffs and teething biscuits, but the biscuits are a bit too soft so he breaks off too big chunks...still working on that.
  • The most determined personality I have ever witnessed in a baby. He sees something and he MUST have it or all hell breaks loose. It's very characteristic of me, in a way, however it is a trait we want to fuel rather than let die as this type of personality will get him so far in life!
  • Still no teeth, however I feel like he has been teething half his life now.
  • Rolls and army scoots all over the place. He loves being on his belly now, which gives him that freedom to move around.
  • Sits unassisted for very long periods of time to play with his toys, eat meals, and just hang out.
  • Still loves his car rides and does great on longer trips.
  • Obsessed with his paci. The kid can't live without it, although in the last few days he is finding his left thumb and I am sensing a switch coming on...
  • Has a sitter 3 days a week and loves it!
  • Has a best bud lady friend who's 4 days older than him. They love playing and swimming together.
So much more, I am sure, is what my little man is learning and growing to do right now. He loves the dogs, hanging out in our bed in the mornings and is FINALLY getting onto a
noticeable schedule.

FYI soon to be mommas, feel free to ask me anything anytime!

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