Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Just a little update on life with some great prompts from my favorite blog hop:

missing, reading, drinking, eating, planning

I am missing sleep. Oh, is that too obvious? Well then what I'm really missing is life before kids. This is not to say or suggest that I wish things were different because I don't. I absolutely LOVE being mother. It is and was the very first true calling I've ever had and my heart is so full because of it. What I mean is...I miss how care-free things were. People would tell me how things change with kids and I was always like, "Well yeah, but..." and I'd give some naive response as to how I was going to try to still go out dancing once a week or have a girls night at home. HA! That's just funny now.

I miss reading. Just in general. Reading something that is not for school or a how-to guide. I just started reading a book that I think may be a little life-changing. Anyone read Unplanned?? Wow....I just have no words for it right now.

I am drinking water with a side of wine every now and then. I am so glad I can enjoy a glass at night after a rough day. Tonight is one of those nights.

I am eating up my baby girl! She is just so irresistible. Every ounce of her is just growing and filling out perfectly. I have not weighed her in awhile but I'd say she is up to almost 14 pounds.

And lastly, I am planning our trip for next week. We are heading to Michigan to see family. It will be Logan's 3rd flight and Evie's first. The only thing I am worried about is traveling around a holiday. I already get anxious about travel and flying. Toss in a million more people and I should really just be sedated.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Just a little collage of what we've been up to. I was snack mom and parent volunteer in Logan's preschool last week and we had so much fun! We made rainbow fruit on a stick with some marshmallow "clouds"! The kids loved it! 

Bottom right is a photo of Evie just before we fell asleep together. She and I had a girls weekend a few weeks ago. Such a little lover!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Fall Photos (5 months & 3.5 years old)



blogging brain fart

(face time with Evie while I was in class a few weeks ago)

I am so over blogging right now, so that is why I am not really posting. I will go ahead and blame it on the fact that my almost six month old is barely sleeping at night and neither am I. It's rough. I'm exhausted. The last thing I want to do anymore is sit down and write something with some substance. AND the next 6 weeks with holidays and such are only going to be more insane. I will go ahead and apologize now for the lack of writings, but I will make up for it in pictures. Have a great week.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


I'm officially a CNA!! I mean, it will be truly official after I take my state test in a few weeks, but as far as class work and clinicals go...I passed and am done! You can read all about the experience on my Midwife101 blog. Enjoy!

Monday, November 4, 2013

5 Months!

Keeping up with updates on the babes is hard, then throw in sickness, teething, school finals, and work and well...Evelyn is well into her 5th month of life.

First of all, having a baby girl is just amazing and having THIS baby girl is well, the greatest blessing! She truly completes our family. Now that she is 5 months old, she has become so much more social and responsive to facial features, reactions, toys, sounds, and the weather. Here is what she's been up to this month:
  • Two weeks ago we discovered a tooth poking it's way through not 4 days after she turned 5 months old.
  • And today, two weeks later, we can see that 2nd bottom tooth coming in. 
  • She has rolled from her belly to her back a few times.
  • She loves playing with her feet.
  • She hates getting dressed and undressed.
  • She still pees on herself when we change her diaper (sometimes)
  • Evie thinks Logan is hilarious. She is always laughing at anything he happens to be doing at the moment.
  • And this girl is all about her daddy! We have learned that she has a hard time falling asleep if he has not swaddled her and said goodnight. He's got that magic daddy touch.
  • She has been sleeping in her crib for the first few hours...then she is in the bassinet next to me only because she is still waking up every 2 hours.
  • Oh yeah! Evie still wakes me up to nurse ever 2-3 hours. heh. Never had that issue with Logan! lol
  • She has only had, and will continue to only have breast milk until we think she is ready for solids.
  • Evie found her voice a few weeks ago and loves chiming in on conversations now with high-pitched squeals.
  • Two weeks ago she weighed 12.9 pounds. Thinking she is about 26" tall now. We skipped her weight check and vaccines this month because she still has a bit of a cold, or something, and I want all that to go away before she gets anymore shots.
  • This month we went to Denver for a few nights and took her trick or treating with Logan. She was Robin.