Monday, April 29, 2013

Our Birth Plan (wishes)

Here is our birth plan. I have made a few tweaks to it since the conversation I had with my midwife. Please feel free to use it, modify, etc as you or someone else may wish. Building a birth plan that works for you is important.

1st Stage: (labor)
Birth Partners: B (spouse) and L (mother)
Low lightening, soft voices, wear my own hospital gown.
Labor in whatever positions are most comfortable. Freedom to
move around, use bath, use squat bar, use birth ball.
Cervical check upon arrival and no more unless requested or every 2-4
Intermittent monitoring.
Light IV fluids, drink as much water by mouth as possible.
No cath; urinate on my own.

2nd Stage: (pushing)
Since week 28 I have suffered from extreme pelvic pain and want
to ensure that the pushing positions I use will not further damage
the pubic symphysis and ligaments.

If no epidural:
Push with the urge.
Position on all fours, squatting or side.
B and L assist in holding legs.
Push with contraction, without counting.
Tear naturally.

With epidural:
Keep strength of epidural low once close to complete so urge to
push and pressure may be felt.
Push on side.
Tear naturally.

Delivery of baby & 3rd Stage (placenta delivery)
Caught by myself or B with assistance from midwife.
Placed on my chest immediately.
Let me and B check for and announce the sex of the baby.
Delay cord clamping until cord stops pulsing.
Deliver placenta and save for us to take home (baring no medical reasons not to)

Baby care:
No Hep B vac or eye ointment.
Allow for immediate skin to skin and nursing to begin.
If baby taken to SCN, B will go with baby while L stays
with me.
Administer vitamin K vac.

If planned c-section: (I wrote this when baby was breech, but just in case...)
Allow B, L and possible photographer in room.
Spinal vs epidural??
Tell me what is happening as it happens.
Cover me with heated blanket.
Pfannenstiel incision and LUS incision within.
Use double layer suture closure when closing up.
Lower screen so I can see the birth of my baby.
Delay cord clamping.
Wrap baby and pass to B immediately.
Remove top of my gown for skin to skin.
Keep baby in room while I'm sewed up and moved to PACU.
No sedatives after birth please-I want to remember everything.

Emergency c-section:
*** This part of the plan is, obviously, not something that is apart of anyone's birth plan. My midwife explained that if we have to have an E/C that I would be put under general anesthesia and B and L would not be allowed in the room. However, B would be ready to go with the nurses and baby after birth to the nursery and L would be able to join me in the PACU as soon as I started to wake up.

On a Monday

I had the BEST appointment yet with my midwife this morning. I printed out our birth plan (which I will share soon) and my mom joined me. We heard a great heart beat right around 150-160. Baby is still head down but was laying kind of sideways facing the inside of my leg, but that is nothing to worry about right now. Then we sat down and went over the plan. I also like to refere to the "plan" as wishes since we both know that anything can happen and we must be flexible. We are not in control of how this baby comes into the world; only God is and I am in such a perfect state emotionally now that I have 100% trust in how this whole thing will happen. Even more so now after talking to my midwife.

Most people know that there are several differences between a midwife and an OB. In general, midwives are more hands off and OBs are more hands on. There are so many differences that I am not even going to list them, but one of the major differences is their time spent with patients. OBs get you in and out while a midwife will take more time with you. Not every midwife is like that and not every OB is in a rush, but in general, that is how most are. I have four midwives and since I am going weekly, they have been spending more time with me than before. Even so, I have always felt like I was important and the priority while I was there.

Today, birth plan in hand, I was not sure how we would discuss it. I began by just saying that it's just what we want, very similar to last time, and, so, yeah. My midwife actually read every line. She confirmed and explained different practices. Since my mom is going to be a birth partner with B, she was able to learn a lot. Thankfully, I remembered all the questions I had about a few things on the list. She spent a solid 30 minutes with us, being very thorough in her explanations of certain thins while also being very supportive of our wishes. We are all hopeful that this baby will come sooner and faster than before, as most 2nd babies do.

More good news is that I am GBS negative so unless labor begins with a bang and my water breaks, I can labor at home or where ever I am until it's time to come in. I feel so much better about my approach with this birth than last time. I had a lot of fear with Logan. I was afraid of dying, bleeding too much and dare I say it, pooing while pushing! Now, none of that worries me. I have done this before. My body has done this before. My body knows what to do and I trust it, just as much as I trust God, my providers and my awesome birth team.

I will be 37 weeks in a few days. Still a tad early, but I am ready, mentally, for this baby to come into the world. I cannot wait to feel their skin, look into their eyes, touch their head and kiss their cheeks...ahh soaking in this new life! What a trip.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Week of Instagram

I like to think I'm good about taking at least one photo a day! But alas this week was a rough one. It's 845pm and the first day all week that I have not cried!! The hormones are in full force. Thank goodness I have the most incredible husband! Have a beautiful weekend!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Currently...36 weeks!

That's right friends! The count down is ON!! I am so ready to have this baby! Ready for labor and giving birth and meeting this little fish that has been swimming around!! Be sure to place your boy or girl vote in the upper right side of the blog. We can't wait to find out if he is a she or if she is a he!!


Eating...light. My stomach has been a mess the last week or so. Seems that just about anything I eat upsets me and so I have been trying to stick with chicken noodle soup, PB&Js and lots of water.

Drinking...tons of water. And some coffee every now and then. And in my dreams? A margarita the size of my head.

Loving...the new Macklemore song Same Love. It gives me chills and even brings me to tears sometimes! I just love how pure the words are and the duo between Macklemore and the female singer is just awesome.

Dreaming...see "drinking". Last night I had a really bizarre dream that I was being induced and it was failing because baby wasn't ready. My favorite midwife was there and she was so chill about everything. That made me feel better AND the entire time she kept saying "she" Girl???

Wishing...that all this false labor would either stop or turn into something real. I never experienced this with Logan. Everyday I probably have 100 contractions that don't get more painful, but are regular and nothing happens. I go to sleep and phase them out.

Baby update:

Nothing too official this week. I had my GBS test on Monday and I'm still waiting to hear the results. I am 1cm and 50% effaced so maybe that false labor is actually doing something after all. Baby is for sure head down which was great to learn! Tons of movement, some of which is almost becoming more painful as room is really starting to get cramped in there. My swim class has been awesome. Water seems to have no affect on the contractions, which is weird to me, as I have about 5-6 in the hour that I'm in the pool. Been making some new friends and I love it! My last day at work is in 3 weeks unless baby comes before then. The nursery is no where near finished. We are getting new carpet soon and wanted to paint before that happened, but I'm not sure painting will be done in time. We have everything we need for me and baby! Just need the baby now!!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

35 weeks

Lovely Bump. I'll miss it when it's gone!

How big is baby: Packing about a half pound a week at this point to around 5ish pounds.

Weight gain/loss: Oy vie....40.

Stretch marks: Just a few from last time on my upper legs/hips.

Sleep: Very uncomfortable.

Diet/Cravings/Aversions: No to spicy/acidic foods...makes the heartburn insane. Craving bacon/avocado burgers.

Labor signs: Lots of false labor going on. The last few days I've had several 2-3 hour stretches of timeable, consistant contractions that are just not painful enough to call labor. It's exhausting.

Movement: SO much more movement now that baby is head down.

What I'm loving: The countdown. One more month!!

Symptoms: I have every pregnancy symptom there is...even nausea has come back, but that may be due to the worsening heart burn.

What I'm looking forward to: My apt on Monday. I love hearing how things are progressing. I will have my GBS test and we'll talk about the birth plan. AND getting my hair cut today!

Best moment of the week: Having nearly 3 days off of work due to the snow. Now if only I could just stay home every day until this baby comes...I'm so dead tired!!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Dear Logan

My son,

Today you are just over three years old and a month away from becoming a big brother. Over the last few months you have turned into a curious, smart and loving child, slowly moving out of your toddler stage and interacting with the people and world around you. You ask questions all the time, especially "why" while also having the sweetest little inflection in your voice. Just this morning we had a conversation on our way to school and work about how Obama is our President and he's in charge. You did not hesitate one second to remind me that your teacher, Lori, is also in charge. You're so bright! And your rationalization made me laugh.

Since my belly has grown quite a bit over the last few months, you have become very sweet with me. You love placing your ear on my belly to listen to what baby is saying. You place your hand on my belly and feel baby kick. And sweetest of all, you just snuggle right in and make my baby belly your pillow. It's the quietest, most special connection you, me and the baby have together. We just sit there, holding each other, not saying a word and soaking in what God has created. Since we first told you I was going to have a baby, which was pretty early on, you have been convinced that this baby is a girl. We cannot wait to find out if you're right! Waiting for this surprise has been very fun, though for some of our family and friends they are seem more anxious than we are to find out! You call "her" by her name, and tell us what she says to you. We have tried to tell you that just in case this baby is a boy, he has a name too, something which you seem to dismiss and already know; this baby is a girl.

Over the last few weeks, I have found  myself clinging to you more. You're always been a "mamas boy" and lately, you've been bonding with daddy over really fun things like hockey and wrestling. But now it is my turn to want you closer than ever, to miss you more than before, and to kiss you all I can before your only child status slips away. You and me, we are changing. We are going to go through a huge transition and the anticipation has me in a ball of emotions. You hate seeing me cry, but sometimes I just can't help it. You make me so happy, filling  my heart with the kind of love I've never felt before between a mama and her son. There is no denying our bond, however I am anxious to see how that will change with a new baby on my hip. Just the other day you were running around barefoot in the kitchen. You stubbed your toe on the register. I was in the bedroom getting dressed when you began to cry. You're old enough now to come to me when you get hurt for comfort and love, but it was in that moment that I suddenly wondered how I would comfort you if I was nursing your sibling?? How will I be able to show you the same kind of attention you need when you get a boo-boo? How will I remind you that I don't love you any less and I don't love your sibling any more than I already love you both? There are a million other questions swimming in my head. I know that we will find our grove. We will figure out how to transition into our new roles: you, the big brother and me, the mama of two perfect children. It might be hard. We will have good days and sometimes, we will have bad days. I'm already praying that everything goes the best way possible for us.

Other than our impending big news, you are blossoming into a very active boy! You're almost 40" tall, wearing 4T pants and shirts. You weigh 30 pounds; long and lean just like me and your daddy! You love chicken nuggets, PB & J, cereal, edamame, and almond milk. You are TOTALLY potty trained!! You have not had an accident at night in a few weeks and otherwise use the potty just like everyone else. Makes us so proud! You love your daycare and all your friends. You can sing entire songs now, like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Old McDonald. You have the most impeccable memory of any child I've ever known. You remember things that happen once, two months ago, and all the details. It's astounding to're so smart. Did I say that already? You still love light bulbs and batteries. You and daddy make a trip to Home Depot usually once a week, even just to walk around and check things out. It's your favorite store.

Closing a letter to you is hard. So I will just say how much I love you and how much I am cherishing your age and growth right now. Thank you for being my son and for loving me.


Monday, April 15, 2013

Two Things.

We woke up to this:

And baby is HEAD DOWN! At least my midwife is about 85% certain there is a head down and a butt up in my ribs, which explains all the insane movement I am feeling again and the gymnastics he/she was doing last night. PRAISE THE LORD!! This is huge...we will check for certain next week when I have my GBS test. Now baby just needs to stay that way.

Happy Monday!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Currently...34 weeks!

...did you hear that?! That would be the sound of me cheering and (kind of) jumping up and down! Six more weeks people, SIX!! Can you believe it? I sure can't! This pregnancy has gone by 10x faster than the first one. Probably because I am a lot more busy with a 3yo, school and work. But I'm almost there...we are almost at the finish line of meeting our little baby, boy or girl? Be sure to vote over on the right side--->


Logan is currently...

Entertaining...his need for a bottle-again. This all happened when we started to bring out all the baby things. At first I just thought, what the heck. And now? Now he requests his milk to be in a baby bottle. For now, I am not going to worry about it. He is just exploring and learning and I don't want to interfere with his ways of dealing with our impending transition. He is such a snuggle bug in the evenings after we get home from work and school. I think he is just as exhausted as I am and so we just lay around together. He loves to put his head on my belly and tell me what the baby is telling him. It's the sweetest thing in the world!

Building...responsibility. We have started to crack down on him cleaning up after himself, especially at night before he goes to bed. So far has been pretty good about it.

Smiling...all the time! But mostly when he plays with Butte. The two of them has an incredible relationship and he just cracks up with her.

I am currently...

Entertaining...the idea of a c-section. Since I know baby is breech, I have to prepare myself emotionally for something that I never wanted. I have been reading about all the details and researching how to write a birth plan specifically for a planned c-section. Our hospital will not deliver breech unless, of course, there is no stopping it.

Holding...Logan as much as possible. Cannot believe his only child status will change in just a few weeks!

Building...up the stamina to pain the nursery! We started it last weekend and decided we didn't like one of the colors. We still have time! my little baby hiccups (did you gather that there is nothing in my life more present than this baby?!). We actually were able to see the hiccups on the US we had last Friday. It was awesome. this terribly cold weather! We had sunshine and 70*s just a few days ago!!

34 weeks:

How big is baby: 4 pounds, 18" long

Weight gain/loss: Oy vie....40.

Stretch marks: Just a few from last time on my upper legs/hips.

Sleep: Very uncomfortable.

Diet/Cravings/Aversions: No to spicy/acidic foods...makes the heartburn insane. Craving bacon/avocado burgers.

Labor signs: contractions every so often, 1cm dilated, baby is BREECH. 

Movement: Less felt now that baby is breech. I feel lots of head movement under my right ribs.

What I'm loving: The belly. No seriously. I love being pregnant and one thing I love most is the belly. I am so proud of it and I think everyone else should be proud of their baby belly's too! Celebrate it! It might be a long time before I have a baby belly again.

Symptoms: New this week: bruising in my ribs, along with Heartburn, contractions, achy back, hips and legs, pelvic pain.

What I'm looking forward to: HOPEFULLY getting this baby to flip. I have a lot of different ideas on how that is going to happen.

Best moment of the week: Swim class! It feels so good to get into the water!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Yesterday, after a weekend of sunshine, warmth and lovely spring weather, us Coloradoans learned that there was a "massive winter storm" heading our way and that schools will shut down, people will be stranded, so buy your milk and eggs now! Seriously, the weather folks really had no idea what said storm would bring, just that out east there was lots of wind, tornado funnels, rain, etc and that it would get cold, windy and snowy for us sometime in the middle of the night.

So we hunkered down with my parents last night to watch Michigan play, and lose (dangit!) and headed home when the snow and wind were just picking up. We thought for sure there would be 6" of snow this morning. Ummmm not the case. We got a dusting. Not even enough to make the roads bad, which is nice since I have to drive 30 min to work.

This winter storm made national headlines and I really hope it doesn't disappoint! We need the moisture so bad so we can hopefully prevent massive fires this summer. It's snowing fat flakes as I type and it was forecasted that the weather would get worse today before it got better. We shall see!

Happy Spring!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Weekend

This has been a nice, busy weekend. Saturday Logan went to the rodeo with his grandparents so B and I had a few hours to ourselves. We attempted to paint the nursery but a) ran out of one of the colors and b) didn't like the 2nd color once it was on the wall. So we stopped with 3/4 of one wall painted. Then I spent over an hour picking up the house while B went to pick up Logan. I so over-did it and I knew I would be hurting today. We had our dearest friends come and stay with us. We had not seen them in almost 3 months since they moved into the mountains over an hour away. It was so nice to just relax, catch up and enjoy spending time together. Our boys had a blast playing together and I failed in taking one photo of their entire trip, but I guess that goes to show how must more focused I was on just enjoying ourselves. I even had a tiny glass of wine AND stayed up until midnight. Crazy, I'm telling you!

Today we hung out most of the day just letting the boys play. The weather is being weird. It was beautiful this morning and now it's getting windy and chilly and we're supposed to get snow tonight through Tuesday. I've been pushing through the pains. This new breech position is very uncomfortable. I can now recognize baby movements a lot better but man are they more painful!

And here are some photos from last weekend.

Lemon pancakes sans the poppy seeds via Pinterest. DELISH!

Best view ever!!

Friday, April 5, 2013

3rd Tri Ups and Downs

I need other mamas to tell me I am not the only one who feels like she is calling and/or going in to see her provider every week (before weekly visits) for one thing or another. Seriously, I have something going on every.single.week. It's frustrating and I often wonder if I'm just making a big deal out of nothing. The thing is, you can't be too careful in pregnancy. Thankfully, I have a very supportive MW team and they are all so sweet and welcoming every time I need them, even if that ends up being once a week!

So this week's troubles started yesterday morning (or earlier, since I was sleeping). I had barely felt baby move. I noticed right away since baby is usually really active once I wake up, roll over, eat...pretty much a predictable wake/sleep cycle. I noted yesterday morning that there was no movement, but just thought something was off with baby that day. Then I felt some light movements but not nearly as often as I had before and not nearly as strong. I had been feeling strong kicks and rolls for weeks and since it slowed down, I started to worry. So last night I finally told B what was going on. I did a kick count for 45min and got 8 little movements. I, however, had to drink a large glass of juice to get baby moving. It was enough for me to be satisfied.

Then this morning I woke up with a little bit of movement, then then felt nothing for the rest of the morning. Almost 6 hours later and not a thing so I started to panic, of course, and called my MW. I had been working so I just walked across the street to the clinic. They hooked me up for an NST and after 25 min, juice, and some side laying, we failed. Baby had moved more, but it was not enough to pass. I knew that meant I was going to have a biophysical profile ultrasound. This measures specific movements and such for gestational age that are expected and you are graded on a 0-8 scale, 0 being...I don't know. Really bad? And 8 being perfect. She didn't give me a number but we passed. I suspect it was an 8 since baby was moving around, practicing breathing and hiccuping. So why was I not feeling any of this?! Turns out baby is now breech. I think we are incomplete breech with one leg curled in and one leg straightened out. At 33 weeks we have plenty of time for baby to turn. I am not too worried about that right now. I am so so thankful that everything is okay.

Now, what will next week bring?! ;)
Happy Weekend!!!

Thursday, April 4, 2013


So this post is separate from my weekly bump post. Whatevs. I'm late to the party anyway! lol

Logan is...

Drinking ... almond milk. We go through half a gallon in two days.

Driving ... us a little crazy! Kid can argue. Kid can throw a fit. Kid makes us crazy sometimes! ;)

Missing ... new clothes. He told me yesterday he needed new clothes. How does he know he needs new clothes?! He does need new shoes, I admit.

Obsessing ... over the dogs being in his room at night. It's his favorite thing about bed time.

I am...

Drinking ... fruity tea at night with B. He makes it for us then we watch The Walking Dead. Our version of date night, ever night!

Buying ... a new car seat soon...

Driving ... no where important lately. I swore off driving more than 30 min away from home/hospital until baby comes. That means no trips to Denver. *sigh* I guess people will have to come see me then! ;)

Missing ... Glee. I have like, 5 episodes to catch up on!

Obsessing ... over who will be crowned Christian Gray! Come on, Ian Somerhalder!! AMIRIGHT?!

Poll Time!

Whelp...we are a solid 7 weeks out from the due date! I figure it's time for everyone to start guessing if baby is a boy or check out the poll in the upper right corner of the blog.

And here's a little update:

33 weeks.

How big is baby: Pushing 4 pounds and stretching out to 17"!

Weight gain/loss: 33 pounds

Stretch marks: Just a few from last time on my upper legs/hips.

Sleep: Getting a little better...I've been extra tired this week, but I did manage to watch a few episodes of The Walking Dead with B last night.

Diet/Cravings/Aversions: No to spicy/acidic foods...makes the heartburn insane. Craving bacon/avocado burgers.

Labor signs: contractions every so often, 1cm dilated, baby at -2 station.

Movement: Tons. Lots of rolling and head butting.

What I'm loving: The sweet snuggles Logan gives me at the end of the day.

Symptoms: Heartburn, contractions, achy back, hips and legs, pelvic pain.

What I'm looking forward to: Starting a prenatal swim class on Monday. Three days a week until I deliver!

Best moment of the week: My mom joining me at my midwife apt on Monday. She got to feel lots of baby movement and hear a super strong heart beat!

(bump photo to come...)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Physical Therapy in Pregnancy

Last week, I started going to physical therapy. I've had two sessions so far and while it is not working miracles, it is helping and relieving some pains! After weeks of horrible pelvic pain that had me bedridden about once a week after a rough day at work, I had to figure something else out. I received a referral from my midwife, made an appointment and waited. I had honestly not considered PT while pregnant as a way to relieve this pain. I've done some chiropractic care but my insurance doesn't cover it and I cannot pay out of pocket that often. After I learned that my insurance does cover PT, I was willing to try anything.

Last Monday was my first appointment. I went right after work, right after a rough, busy day of walking, sitting and standing. The muscles and ligaments in my pelvis and hips were nearly killing me. I was near tears. I checked in, filled out paper work and was soon introduced to my PT. At first, I felt like we would not click. But I quickly realized that feeling of not clicking was more of the pain coming through my emotions. As soon as she started to work on me, I was able to relax a bit and realized we actually have a lot in common and that we do, in fact, click. This "clicking" with a provider is really important to me. I cannot waste money and time with someone whom I do not feel a connection to.

I went into the appointment without any expectations. I had no idea what to expect and was just hoping I would not be doing all kinds of crazy stretching and such that would further enhance my pains. Thankfully, I have been more than surprised and happy with my sessions. Both times I have walked in, changed my clothes, and had a 30 minute massage on my hips, pelvis, inner thighs, butt and low back. Both times I have been able to just relax and let them do all the work. Who knew PT would be so nice! After the massage, we do a few gentle stretches and then we're done. Like I said, this does not make the pain go away, but it does help. I feel more sore after today's session than last time, but I think that is because she was doing some serious deep tissue massage.

I have four more sessions, once a week. As I was receiving the massage, my PT was telling me how providers for pregnant women are not very familiar with PT for related aches and pains. I certainly had no idea the first time I was pregnant. I am so thankful that I have learned about this natural, gental way to help relieve pain. I am so thankful my midwife was so encouraging of me to try this out. If you or someone you know is struggling with the normal, or more severe (like myself), pregnancy aches and pains, be sure to check out PT in your area. You want to find a female PT who is well-versed in women's health, specifically pregnant women. They also provide postpartum care to help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles that labor and delivery can take such a toll on.

I found these links helpful:

American Pregnancy Association

YouTube Video