Monday, July 30, 2012

Mom's Monday Mingle

In an effort to meet more blogging mamas I am linking up today with Julie over at Naptime Review. Can't wait to make more friends! BTW if anyone is specifically from Colorado, please send me an email! Thanks. :)


This weekend was wonderful. Friday night B and I watched the Opening Ceremonies for the Olympics and an episode of Breaking Bad. Seriously, could not have been a better night just hanging out together sipping on wine. I love easy we are with each other.

Saturday I spent the morning cleaning the house and my dear friend Carrie (SHORT) from Short and Hat came over for the entire day. It was wonderful. She's an 'ol college friend who just moved into town and after nearly 6 years of very little contact, we are talking more than ever. She's not a mama (yet), but is married to an awesome dude (HAT). He joined us for dinner and I must say it makes my heart so happy when I see my husband make a new friend. There will be many more nights of grilled Italian Chicken with lime-juiced rice, wine, and reminiscing.

Sunday, Logan and I hung out. I could tell he was not feeling too well so we went to the park, picked up some groceries and otherwise watched the Olympics and lots of Barney. He was extra snugly and whiny (the two most obvious indications that he's not quite himself). After his nap, sure enough he had a low fever. After more snuggles, juice and a snack, the fever broke but his cough and extra sneezing is still hanging around. Praying for him to kick this little bug quickly and not to get his best buddy Elliot sick either. Or us for that matter.

Sunday night, B surprised me with a ticket to go and see Chris Carrabba of Dashboard Confessional at the dinky little venue downtown. It. Was. Amazing!! B ended up staying home with Logan and I called another 'ol college buddy and he came along with me. The show was incredible and, best of all, I get to scratch Bucket List item #142 off my list: Be at someone else's marriage proposal. That's right! A sweet guy proposed to his girlfriend. The crowd totally freaked out. I videoed the entire thing and nearly cried myself. She said yes.

This morning was rouuuuugh!! It was as if I was really back in my college days of listening to Dashboard way late at night and getting up early for a class (aka work). My throat is worn from cheering Chris on song after song. Best song? His last one: Hands Down. All this and more made the rough morning more than worth it. I'd do it again, night after night if I could! haha...well, maybe. ;)

Thursday, July 26, 2012


Logan is currently ....   

Enjoying the splash park with his Lolly (grandma). She takes him almost every Tuesday on their special day together and this week he FINALLY got wet. The kid loves water, but only when he is in control of it.
Learning  how to use our new iPad. I downloaded a Mickey Mouse interactive game and he loved pressing the screen and singing along. It was awesome. And, apparently, he can do the hot dog dance but only does it for his sitter, not us. lol
Inspired by his best buddy Elliot that he's ready to be a big  brother. ;)
Becoming smarter by the minute! This kid, I swear he blows my mind with how he remembers something the first time he hears it.
Indulging in a later bed time, for both our sanity. He gets up way too early and he's been enjoying staying up later with us to watch a show or read more books.

Sarah is currently.... 

Enjoying my new iPad. Duh
Learning how to write and time with a brace on my right hand. I don't know what I did to it or how, but for three weeks its been bothering me so I went to the doc and had some xrays. Should know whats up by tomorrow.  
Inspired by my twitter friends. Seriously, I am building up a great community of other birth junkies and it feels so good to have a network of people who are just like me. :) Oh, and the FIVE minute birth I was at on Monday! Read about it HERE.
Becoming anxious for school to start! It's making sure I have everything ready to go oh and Logan starts at a new home daycare on the 21st so that makes me anxious too! lol
Indulging in ummm not much. Sadly I'm just hanging out. I'm so over 50 Shades, otherwise I'm sure that would have been my answer. ;)

Harvesting Kale

Monday, July 23, 2012

Among the Chaos

Wow. What a weekend.

As many of you know, I live in Colorado. Maybe it's just me, but I feel like our state has taken a rather harsh beating this summer. Fires, insanely dry heat, mass shooting, mass food poisoning...I always have to wonder what causes so much chaos in such a short period of time, and then I am reminded that there is no use in wondering. It just is.

On Friday morning, I didn't have a chance to watch the news before I left for work. B was home with Logan and I spent some extra time curling my hair. I got into my car and turned on the radio. The first thing I heard was how there had been a shooting just after midnight and an update was coming up next. The DJ did not indicate where it had happened or how serious it was so I hung on through the commercials and two more songs to hear the latest: A gunman had riddled a movie theater in Aurora early in the morning and 12 were dead, 71 injured. I felt the blood rush out of my head, the tears welled and my face became hot. I stifled my tears so I could keep driving on the two lane highway. My first emotion was sadness and then anger. I became so mad at this person for doing such an unspeakable thing I wanted to kill him myself. The rest of my day consisted of watching a live stream of the news and finally, after hours, I had to turn it off. I was ridden with anxiety and chest pain, knowing full well I could have known any of the people who had been there that night.

Some of our closest family members live in South Denver, just a skip away from Aurora. Everyone we know is okay, but our hearts are not. I have not been so sad in such a long time. That night we had to pry ourselves away from the TV. It was too much and that night I had a hard time sleeping, which I'm sure many others did as well. I had a terrible stomach ache that kept me rolling in my sleep.

Today, after keeping tabs on all the news updates, the new information surrounding the killer, his booby-trapped apartment, and the prayer vigil, I am ready to remember just the victims. I cannot stand to look at this mans face let alone write out his name. I will not give him that credit. He doesn't deserve it.

Sometimes when these kinds of things happen I wish we could just do it like they used to do and hang him. I know that is a terribly un-Christian thing to say, but I have to assert this feeling. I know deep down that he has to go through the justice system in the fair manner in which it has been created ('s not that fair, either). Maybe it is more of me wanting a quick answer and punishment for him since he didn't give any of the victims and survivors a choice. Ass hole.


Monday, July 16, 2012


I wish I had more to write, but as of late things have been rather slow. Last week was a blurry nightmare of a week. I will not relive nor rehash it. It was just one of THOSE weeks, ya know??

The weekend was very mellow and relaxing. Logan and I spent most of the day laying around watching TV. It was 100* so we spent most of our time inside, even though it was beautiful. I hate days like that. It was too hot to enjoy the nice day.

B went camping on Friday night so Logan slept in bed with me. One of my most favorite memories as a child is sleeping in bed with my mom when my dad was out of town. My brother and I would take turns each night. I want Logan to have the same special memories.

The next afternoon, Logan had a fall off our bed. I was standing on the other side grabbing his blankies for nap time and he was climbing up on the other side. In slow motion, he got one leg up and suddenly fell back, hitting his head on the mirror we had on the floor. Thankfully, just a bruise and no blood. My heart left my body for a few moments as I held him and wiped his tears. It was a very sad moment for us both.

Then we took 4 hour naps. It was delicious sleep! B arrived home later that night and we watched Mad Men. We're only on season 2 so no spoilers!

Sunday B worked and L and I had the day to ourselves again. We ran errands and tried going to the park for 15 minutes. Again, it was terribly hot and Logan left the park saying "Mommy, Come! Too hot!". He hears us tell the dogs to come. I suppose that is where he picked that one up. lol While Logan napped I painted his dresser. It's an incredible color, one which you will get to see soon! I screwed all the knobs on this morning and should have pics up tomorrow. :)

Sunday night we traded mattresses with my parents. We now have a very awesome bed that, while I didn't sleep great for other reasons, is really comfy and so much better than our old one! It always takes me a few nights to adjust to a new bed.

What did you do this weekend?

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Currently {7}

I'm sending out some love today to Randalin because I am certain this is the only thing that is keeping me blogging right now! Our computer at home is not working and writing has been difficult with the move...I know. Excuses. But thanks dear for something constant to look forward to on Thursdays.

Loving... My dishwasher! No, seriously. I spent the last YEAR hand washing dishes 2-3 times a day and now that I can just rinse and pop everything into the dishwasher, all while keeping the kitchen looking clean and de-cluttered really has me in love with this amazing invention. If you've ever lived without a dishwasher, you know what I mean!

Wishing... I was more into the 2nd 50 Shades book. But I'm not and I don't know why! I mean, I CRIED at the end of the first book and here I am stuck on chapter 4 or something and I'm just...bored? Over it? Not sure...

Missing... a 4 day week. For the last several weeks, I've had at least one day off due to vacation, moving and a holiday. This is the first full week I've worked in almost a month and I want to curl up under my desk and go nigh-night.

Laughing at... So You Think You Can Dance auditions. The dancers are amazing, but there is something so comical about them this year! The twin brothers who were too old for the show?? Loved them!

Dreaming... of more sleep. I have been lacking sleep lately. I tossed and turned last night which means I'm not dreaming anything, just that I'll actually fall asleep!


This has been a craptastic week. Really, I'm so ready for it to be over. Nothing specific, lots of little things and I'm just not in the best mood. So there.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

On Buying a Home {Part 3}

On the 28th, our realtor called me just after 8am freaking out that the figures had still not been changed by the processor and that no one could get a hold of her. To ease the worry, she insisted that we get to the house asap for a walk through. I'm not sure why she felt so strongly about that, but it was nice to go back and take some photos.

By 930 we were certain our 10am closing was not going to happen. Our lender was working really hard to get figures back from the processor and by 10, he had them. But then the last bit had to go through the under-writers for final approval which would take several hours. We went home and continued to pack and load the truck, not knowing where we would be sleeping Friday night. We prayed for the timing to work out perfectly and for our closing to happen.

By 2pm on Friday we had the truck loaded and the house empty. We had a lot of cleaning done, thanks to my amazing mother in law, and decided it was best to head to the other side of town where the title office and our bank were. The most we knew at that point was that we would be closing that day, we just didn't know when yet. So we headed to a bar just minutes from our destinations, had a drink and visited with our awesome help, Patty and Jared. Jared is a long time friend of B's. Patty is my MIL.

We sat with our phones on the table, obsessively checking for new texts and emails. By 330 we'd heard 430 was go time. At 420 it was moved to 445 so we went to the bank and waited for the final numbers for closing. At 448pm, we heard, made our check and bolted over to the title office. We had to be there before 5pm when the doors locked. Really, though, I know they would not have locked us out but we didn't want to chance it.

The sellers were in the conference room waiting for us and we sat there, making small talk until our realtor, lender and the closing agent arrived. That was at 520pm. Then it happened. We signed our papers and made the purchase of our very first home. I'm certain the shock is still wearing off! This is such a surreal moment for us, the most adult-defining event in our lives. Our realtor had a nice gift basket for us at the end and I was so happy I nearly cried, but I couldn't--I was TOO happy!

We called our family and headed back to the bar to celebrate with shots. Then we picked up the truck and met my parents at the house. They brought us food and basked in the new home with us. We could not have been happier. It was finally ours! We unloaded the truck slowly, storing most everything in the garage until the next day. B and Jared didn't finish until 1130pm, at which point I had been in bed for an hour already.

This has been one of the most exciting, challenging, exhausting, thrilling, disappointing, and humbling experience B and I have shared together. We learned a lot about buying homes all while learning a lot about each other and our relationship. We are closer and happier than ever. Really, the best it's been in our nearly 4 years of marriage.

Thanks for all the love and support! I feel bad that we could not share everything along the way, but we just had to do what was best for us. Hope everyone had a great, safe 4th!


I'm totally late to the party today! First of all, I am so thrown off from having a day off in the middle of the week. Yesterday did not feel like a holiday and today does not feel like Thursday. Then I remembered that it was Thursday and that I better get myself over to the best party on the block with Harvesting Kale. So this is what we're up to:

Logan is...

Inspired by: water. I'm stealing this from Kale because Logan has made a 180* and not only does he love his baths, he is dipping his head in his water table, going swimming, playing in the sprinkler and going to the splash park. Obsessed doesn't even come close to how he feels about it now.

Devouring: yogurt. Let me remind you, friends, that Logan is lactose intolerant and yogurt contains milk and lactose. So technically he should not have it, however he can tolerate it (so it seems) and he asks for it No other snack satisfies.

Thankful for: our new home! This kid loves our new house and I am so glad! He talks about our new home and new everythings (stairs, bathroom, his room, etc) all day long.

Watching: Barney. UGHHHHHHH

Starting to: discover his manhood. I am all about teaching him about his biology and the CORRECT terms for all his body parts. He is very proud to know what he has and has no shame letting us know it. ;)

Mama is...

Inspired by: Pinterest. Now that I have my very own home with my very own walls and cabinets and bathroom...all I want to do is find more inspiration on how to make our home more personalized and comfortable.

Devouring: 50 Shades. Seriously, the books are like a chocolate ice cream bar that is melting in the sun that, if not eaten quickly enough, it will be all over you.

Thankful for: My husband. Cliche, I know. Since we moved, I have pushed all the stress and shit down into a place I didn't want to confront and it all spilled out a few nights ago. I let the wave hit and I was a mess. Not so much a blubbering mess, but I was angry, cranky and just ready to throw my hands up. Unpacking is SO daunting. And I couldn't take it anymore so B went out and rented The Vow for us and I shed some good tears over that. Thanks babe!

Watching: The Glee Project. You guys, this show is almost BETTER than Glee. Yes, I just said that. And I love it. That is, when I get a chance to watch it.

Starting to: become very excited about school! Only 8 weeks left of summer and I'll be back to books, deadlines, papers, midterms and finals. AHHH!

Link up!


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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

On Buying a Home {Part 2}

After everything fell through with the old home, we felt defeated but KNEW we had to buy a home and we had to find one fast. Our lease was up on our house in less than 2 months and we didn't want to sign another year lease. We grew out of that home very quickly. Our realtor was amazing. She is a long-time family friend who has been like a 2nd mom to me. She knew exactly what we were looking for and where to find it. It was just a matter of finding something in our price range.

Not long after the old home, we found another in a different town just East of us. We put an offer down and found out quickly that a previous offer was already accepted. UGH!! We saw a few more properties and finally, found the home we're in now.

The moment I wanted in the door, I felt at home. A wave of warmth washed over me. Had we actually found our home? After several defeats, we were not quick to get our hopes up. Sure, we liked the house but we didn't want to fall in love just yet. We made and offer, went back and forth with the seller a few times and settled on what we feel was a great deal.

Then the paperwork and deadlines started. We had less than 40 days to close, which is barely enough time for a lender to get all the paperwork he needs in and to the right people at the right times. We already had 90% of the paperwork he needed from us ready to go since we were in the works on the old home. Days blurred past us as we signed papers here, met him in the office to go over semantics, tried to console Logan from his 2 year molar pains, and maybe get enough sleep. All while, my friends, we were gearing up for a 5 day vacation on the other side of the country and getting packed by the end of the month. Whew!! It was a lot to do!

I decided not to start packing until we had come home from our trip. The stress was weighing on me and my stomach pains were a sign of its presence. Up until our closing date, everything seemed to work out smoothly. Our inspection was great. The sellers agreed to fix a few small things, no problem. Our appraisal was just $500 more than what we had offered and that worked out great! We were pleasantly surprised by how well things were going so we began to pack things up and get really excited about the move into our very first home. Still, we knew that there were several things to sign before the keys were in our hands and so we waited with bated breath for this to really work out.

Then, on June 28th, the morning of our closing date and just 2 hours away from becoming homeowners, the closing was delayed without a time set and we had no idea what was going to happen. No one could get a hold of the processor to change some figures, and without that, we couldn't close.

Monday, July 2, 2012

a few firsts

Logan has had many firsts over the last month, many of which happened while on vacation and I can't forget them.

  • Met the Atlantic ocean

  • Played with sea shells

  • Played Corn hole with cousins

  • Cut his first 2 year molar

  • Started calling his daddy by his first name (really funny, but B hates it! lol)

  • Slept in his new room in the basement without getting upset or waking up once.

  • Had TWO nights sleeping over with his grandparents, the longest we've been without each other.

  • Stuck his feet in the river near our new home


  • Ran through the sprinklers

  • Told Amy he loves her (his sitter and my BFF)

On Buying a Home {part 1}

Starting from the beginning, we tried to buy a home last summer that was a short sale. We could not wait any longer for approval from the bank so we pulled out of the deal and signed a one year lease on a small house.

Fast forward to January. We decided to go with a different realtor so I sent her an email with specifics and our time frame. I didn't hear from her again until almost March. The market was picking up and more of what we were interested in surfaced.

To date, I cannot tell you how many homes we have walked through but I'd say we're somewhere in the 50's and if I never walk through a home again I'd be fine with that! Anyway, we'd seen a few houses over the next month but nothing really popped out at us until I found an old bungalow that seemed to have everything we wanted, and more. Huge back yard, great kitchen space, three bedrooms, lots of character and, from what we could see, some modern updates.

We made an offer, went back and forth with the sellers and settled. We then scheduled the inspection. This was the farthest we had ever gotten while under contract and neither of us had no idea what to expect. The house was 119 years old and we knew that there were going to be a few things to fix with the hope that the sellers would make those changes.

The day of the inspection was one of the first really warm days in April. The sky was blue, no clouds to be seen, and hope for a decent inspection was in our minds. I joined B and the inspector half way through and as I was walking through the house again, something just didn't feel right. I wasn't sure of it at the time, but now I know that deep down, this house was not for us. Inspection or not, I just had the sense that something wasn't right. And oooohhh was I right about that!

The inspector spent three hours checking over every last inch of the house. He was very thorough and honest about his findings.

  1. The house needed a new roof. There were three layers of shingles, the bottom two of which were rotting.

  2. The electrical system had to be totally re-done. There was live wiring in the attic that, if it happened to touch a wooden beam or insulation, the house would catch fire. B keeps telling me this risk isn't as bad as it sounds, but I was freaked out.

  3. Asbestos found in different areas, along with lead paint on nearly every window and door.

  4. The garage was nearly falling over (detached) and needed to be rebuilt.

  5. The foundation sloped, which we were aware of, but it was so bad that there were areas in the cellar that showed signs of moisture, pre-mold stage.

Annnnd I'm out of breath. Those were the biggies. There were several other issues. This poor house needed a lot of love and what we saw at first was a disguise. The sellers made other things look updated and nice. We found out later that they had never had an inspection prior to buying it (HUGE MISTAKE!!) and now they are still stuck with a money pit.

We pulled out of the deal right away. The sellers tried to sway us by saying they'd fix the roof, but that wasn't enough. There was more to it than the issues. It didn't feel right and I am more sure of that feeling now that we have found the home that is right for us.