Monday, February 28, 2011

i heart faces-anything BUT face


Ahhh is this not the cutest picture ever?! I just love it. These two kiddos are going to be best friends. They see each other a few times a month and have since they were about 6 weeks old. Baby bums are the best and even better in swimming gear!

Please note my new photo tag on the bottom left. WAFEO stands for the title of my blog and I added a lil heart for good measure. :)

Also please note what a SLACKER I am in getting this photo entered into the contest! Last week I was number nuevo and this week...well into the late 400's!! I blame it on the fact that my family is mildly obsessed with the Oscars. So if any of you fellow iheartfaces folks stop by to say hi--THANKS!! I will come and love on your photos too.

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

12 Months Old


Now that Logan has been one year old for a little over a week now it is easier to believe that he is growing up. I was thinking today how it seems like it's going to fast but when I think of my friends who have children who are in kindergarten I am taken back because really, it's not going too fast at all. The pace, right now, is just right. Here is what my little wolverine is up to:

Says "mama" with conviction, but that's it
Knows what a cow "oooooo" and a rooster "eeeeeee" say
Almost fully weaned onto organic whole milk, still mixing about 1/4 formula for iron
Walking around furniture and standing alone for 3 very short seconds, but nothing else (I'm okay with him not walking yet!)
Eating almost everything and has a very public love affair with fruit: bananas, strawberries, blueberries, watermelon
Wearing mostly 12 month clothes, although his arms are growing longer and so the sleeves are shorter so 18 month clothes here we come!
In a size 4 diaper (no more cloth!)
Size 4-5 shoe depending on the style, the kid has FAT feet!

I'm not sure what else to include. He is such a happy kid. We feel so lucky to have him in our lives and he makes us laugh and smile all the time. It's a true blessing to be a parent. I LOVE IT!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

May I Introduce...

>My first ever blog button!! See it over there on the left side bar??

I cannot believe I made it and it worked! Thanks to The Little Hen House for the best incredible step by step tutorial. Seriously, not ONE mistake! So if you'd be so kind to go and grab my button and paste it on your blog that would be super! Go check out the link to see how you can make your very own button as well!

i heart faces-cell phone photo


Yay! I am back doing the weekly i heart faces challenge! With birthday stuff for the first few weeks taking pictures to go along with the themes was just not doable. So here I am! I am SO glad that "cell phone photos" is the theme this week! I just got a new droid and I LOVE IT!! And the last post i heart faces made today was about two great apps for the droid. I took this photo using the RetroCamera app and I did not to any editing to it! I love how pure and focused this adorable photo of Logan turned out! Go check out all the other awesome photos in the link below.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011

I am a terrible wife and blogger in that I completely FORGOT my camera for this oh so amazing evening. At least it will live on in our hearts and minds forever, kind of like our 1st honeymoon (camping without camera).

Anyway, this is quite the special Valentine's Day, but for a long time there I thought it would just be another normal night at home with Logan, which I was somewhat dreading. It is not very often that my hubby and I get a chance to have a night alone to talk about things other than Logan and work. I was craving a night to ourselves even if it meant just a nice dinner for an hour with a babysitter at home.

A few weeks back I told B how much I would love to recreate our first date sometime this year. Our first date anniversary is on February 23rd and being that Valentine's day is just a week prior I am okay with combining both of the celebrations. I enjoy our anniversary more anyway.

On Sunday night I had resolved that we would be taking Logan with us to a nice dinner. I kept asking B if he wanted the sitter's phone number and he kept saying he didn't need it. I was annoyed that of the two or three dates out of the year for us to have an excuse to a nice night out alone he was not taking full advantage of it! B had been very evasive about our plans and was not indicating what or where we would be going. I was okay with a nice surprise, but I was still frustrated that Logan was going to be coming along. Give me a break! I wanted a night ALONE with my hubby!!

So late on Sunday night B offered to give me a back rub, which he rarely ever does. I was elated! As I was laying there we were talking about Valentine's Day and he asked if I would like to know what we were doing. Of course I said yes! He had been stringing me along for two weeks! Tell me already! Then, out of no where, he said that I needed to pack an over night bag for all of us. That we were spending the night with his mom in Denver. That she would be babysitting Logan while we had our night on the town, recreating our first date!! I WAS SO SURPRISED!!! Hence, why we didn't need a sitter! I could not stop smiling and laughing. It is not very often that B surprises me with something like this and it felt so good to feel so loved.

On Valentine's Day, I got us ready to go while B worked. I cleaned up the house and bathed Logan. Packed a light bag and waited for him to come home. We left around 3:30pm and arrived at my mother in laws around 5pm. We quickly changed our clothes, gave Logan a kiss goodbye, and headed for the light rail. Finally, ALONE with B!!

The light rail took us a good half hour to get down town which is really no different than driving. We stepped off on California Street and headed straight for the Tilted Kilt, a better version of Hooters. The food, the service, the drinks were amazing!! Even our server gave us a free app because she was a few minutes late taking our order. We gushed over each other and B broke his no PDA rule countless times. It was so sweet.

Later, we headed over to the movie theater. We had been bowling the night before and while that was apart of our original date night, we both wanted to see a movie instead (which, on our first date we wanted to see a movie but didn't have the time). We saw Just Go With It with Jennifer Anniston and Adam Sandler. It was awesome! So funny and cute. Way better than I was expecting.

By the time we got home it was 11:30pm and we were spent! The night was perfect and having that special time with B was more than needed. Our relationship is renewed, again, and our love is on fire. I love him with every fiber of my being and I am so proud to call him my husband.

List O Items Update

>Nearly two months ago I posted a list of all the fun things I want to accomplish in Colorado this year. Here is an update. Plain text indicates that it is still "to do", bold is "have done" and italics is "missed it". There are a few things on this list which I am sure we may never get to. For example, I despise Colorado Springs and Pueblo. They are quite literally the armpits of Colorado and while there are "hidden gems" in and around the area, taking a day's trip may not even be worth it. Do you have a list of things to do in your state? Share it!

  1. Road trip on Independence Pass
  2. Hike a 14ner
  3. Have a beer at San Luis Valley Brewing Co
  4. Take a ride on the Rio Grand scenic railroad
  5. Go to Sipping n Painting (Feb 23)
  6. Take a tour of the Red Stone Castle in Carbondale
  7. Fly fish in the CO River.
  8. Gamble in Black Hawk
  9. Look for wild life in Rocky Mountain National Park.
  10. Tailgate at a Denver Broncos game.
  11. Go to the Mile High Music Fest.
  12. Go to the Taste of Colorado.
  13. Go to Comedy Works.
  14. Go alpine sledding in Heritage Square.
  15. Watch the sunset from Peaks Lounge in the Hyatt @ Colorado Convention Center
  16. Brew at the Zoo
  17. Bohemian Nights/New West Fest
  18. St. Patty's Day Parade in Downtown Denver
  19. Go camping in a State Park
  20. See the aspens change on Trail Ridge Road
  21. Take a tour of Celestial Seasonings in Boulder
  22. Visit Garden of the Gods
  23. Be in 4 places at once @ the 4 corners
  24. Take Logan to Tiny Town
  25. Go swimming in the Glennwood Hot Springs
  26. Hike Hanging Lake
  27. Visit the Great Sand Dunes
  28. Visit Buffalo Bills Grave
  29. Make Out on Lookout Mountain
  30. Add a dollar to the Bonanza in Central City
  31. Get a picture with the giant blue bear at the Colorado Convention Center (we ALMOST did this on Valentine's Day except I forgot my camera!! but there will be other opportunities)
  32. Rent a B-cycle red bike in Denver
  33. Go to a Nuggets game (edit: Aves game)
  34. Buy a record at Albums on the Hill
  35. Go to the Colorado Boat Dragon Fest
  36. Tour the Denver Mint
  37. Paddle boat at City Park in FC
  38. See a concert at Red Rocks
  39. Visit the Poo Yeti and stay in a Yurt
  40. Zipline
  41. Ride the Twister II at Elitches
  42. Go wine tasting in Palisade
  43. Take a tour of New Belgium Brewery
  44. Take Logan to Boo at the Zoo
  45. Take Logan to the Aquarium
  46. Take the dogs to the doggie dips day at City Park
  47. See a film at The Lyric in FC
  48. Get a hug from Panda in FC
  49. Take Logan on the train at City Park
  50. Visit Mesa Verde
  51. Eat sopapias at Fransiscas in Cortez
  52. Watch the ice climbers in Ouray
  53. Go to the hot springs in Ouray
  54. Take the gondola in Telluride
  55. Have 2 margs from the Rio in FC
  56. Visit the Old Fire House #1 Children's Museum in Trinidad
  57. Buy a beer from Captian Earthman at a Rockies Game
  58. See a play at the Colorado Shakespeare Fest
  59. Go dog sledding
  60. Go to the first ever Chipotle on Evans in Denver
  61. Go indoor skydiving
  62. Take Logan to Black Barts Cave in Casa Bonita
  63. Take Logan to the Butterfly Pavilion in Denver
  64. Get dolled up and order bottle service at Suite 200
  65. Go to Denver's Parade of Lights
  66. Go to the XGames in Aspen (Jan 27-30) (our crazy busy new work schedules could not allow us to get the weekend off--maybe next year!)
  67. March for March of Dimes in FC (April 30)
  68. Buy a book from Tattered Cover
  69. Take Logan to the Black Canyon
  70. Check out the International Snow Sculptures in Breckenridge (Feb 4) (also missed due to scheduling conflicts and super bad mountain weather)
  71. Go to the Denver Art Museum on the first Sat of the month for a FREE visit
  72. Celebrate the first day of summer visiting the Colorado National Park for FREE (June 21)
  73. Eat a Palisade Peach
  74. Ride a historic carousel in Nederland
  75. Take the Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine tour in Cripple Creek
  76. Visit the Fiske Planetarium in Boulder
  77. Walk across the Royal Gorge Bridge in Canyon City
  78. Run through the human maze in Steamboat Springs
  79. Go fishing in Bear Lake
  80. Take a picture of Bridal Veil Falls in Telluride
  81. Take a picture of the Maroon Bells in Aspen
  82. Take a tour of Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater
  83. Visit a Ghost Town in St. Elmo
  84. Go on a sleigh ride
  85. Take Logan to the Lee Martinez Farm
  86. Take a tour of the Molly Brown House
  87. Visit the Wildlife Experience in Parker
  88. Visit Seven Falls in Colorado Springs
  89. Visit Bishops Castle in Beulah 
  90. Kit Carson Carousel in Stratton
  91. Have a cup of tea at Dushanbe Teahouse in Boulder
  92. 4th of July at City Park
  93. Recreate our first date: Bowling, dinner, etc on the 16th Street Mall (done! this was my Valentine's Day surprise that deserves it's own post) 2/14/11
  94. Stop and see the buffalo on Floyd Hill
  95. Run a 5K in Loveland
  96. Have a beer at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park
  97. Go camping in Red Feather
  98. Cut down a Christmas Tree
  99. Participate in the Tour de Fat
  100. Take Logan to the Discovery Museum
  101. Enjoy the best donuts from LaMars in FC (Logan and I did this just a few days after I made this post and OMG they are the best donuts ever!!) 1/1/11

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Become a Miracle Maker

>Words cannot express how thankful I am to have a healthy child. It's one of those things and can sometimes be taken for granted. You don't think about how blessed you are to have a child to sing with, dance with, smile with, read to, rock, nurse, take to the zoo....the list is endless. Of course you feel it every time you look into their eyes and watch them sleep. But sometimes, we don't think about it. Today, I'm asking you to think about it. Think about how your child rests his head on your shoulder to give you a hug, think about how your child can walk and run without abandon, think about the smile they get on their face when you tickle them or sing a silly song.

I became a Miracle Maker for the Denver Children's Hospital Network. Denver Children's is quickly becoming one of the best children's hospitals in the country. Logan has been there, way back in September when his fevers would not subside. Little did we know that was one of his little quirky traits, having a higher basal body temp. But having been a concerned parent, fearing the worst for my sweet baby boy I know the power of this hospital, of the people who work there and the children who don't get to come home. We were lucky. We got to come home. However, I know that if anything happened to Logan, big or small, and he needed a hospital that Denver Children's would not be a second thought.

So today I made a pledge to donate $15 a month to the miracle network and I could not be happier. I could not be happier to help the next child who is not lucky enough to get to go home right away, the child who needs multiple surgeries and blood transfusions. It's so hard to think about anything happening to your baby. But that is why there are these amazing facilities with doctors and specialists who will do everything they possibly can to heal your child. Want to help? Follow THIS link.

If you make a donation today, whether it is a one time or monthly, please leave me a comment. THANK YOU!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's the house, not the town

>We had to make a hard decision this week.

Since the day we put the offer on our house we went back four or five times just to check things out and show off our home to our family. We were so proud and could not wait to get into something bigger, something that we could paint and decorate as we wanted. On the outside there did not seem to be very many fixes we had to make. A few cosmetic things outside, new screens on the windows, painting and decorating. It all seemed easy.

One of the stipulations with the bank was that they would fix some kind of plumbing issue, whatever that was. There was a hole in the ceiling which we assumed was where the issue was. We just had to wait for that to be fixed and then we could get our inspector in. We waited. And we waited. Our inspection objection deadline was quickly approaching and our 10 day allowance to make any objections was nearly gone. We forced an extension which was not too difficult. And we waited some more.

Long story short, there were too many issues outside of an actual inspection, based on our personal inspection many times, that we could not bare financially or logically. For one, the house is on a rather busy street and I would not feel comfortable letting Logan and our future children play alone outside. Anything can happen. So on Saturday, we made the difficult decision to pull out of the contract. It's just not the house for us. We still love the town, though we are going to try to find something closer to where we work. I know THE ONE is out there, just like I knew B was out there for me. We just have to be more picky. It was a great lesson learned and next time we put an offer on a house I know it will be right.

A BIG Birthday Post

>I have not been this busy in so long! Last week was awesome and I apologize for my lack of posts. I really hate when I can't get a post up everyday, let alone a week! Here is a giant recap of Logan's 1st Birthday in pictures. I will have a few other posts up later today so keep checking back! Enjoy!

We started our day off with some yummy pancakes! Logan LOVED the sweet treat I added to his. 

Nom nom nom!

Big boy and his monkey at 12 months old! This was the only photo I got of him actually kinda smiling. 

We went to a playhouse in town and had some fun burning off energy! It was barely 10* on his birthday! BURRR!

Friday night we had a party! Here is the table we set up. I have a post coming on those delicious cupcakes!

(Okay blogland, why is my picture not orienting correctly?? I can't figure it out!)
Logan did not disappoint! He dove right into his colossal cupcake and loved it!

We opened presents and Logan was on his last leg. He was so tired and barely made it through all the gifts! Some of his favorites have been a giant bag of legos from his BFF, a see and say from Gma Mac, and lots of books! 

I have some advice for those of you whose babes are nearing the one year mark and I'm sure you're franticly trying to pick a theme, the menu, and decorations out. 
  1. Lower your expectations: I started out with HUGE expectations, thinking that we would have 50 people and tons of kids. I sent out invitations about 3 weeks prior to the date and quickly got "I have other plans" type of responses. The wind in my sail quickly disappeared. So I moved the event to my parents house and tried to think as minimally as possible.
  2. SEND REAL INVITES! I thought it would be more 20th century of me to send evites. Everyone I know has email, it's free and there are really cute designs out there. I think I sent them too early and not even half of the people I sent it to even gave any kind of response.
  3. It's a FIRST birthday, NOT his 21st. We said no alcohol. This was not a problem, although after I spent a few hundred on decorations, food, balloons, gifts, etc I was ready for a drink. Especially when people who RSVPed did not even show up. Of the 50 or so invites I sent out, about 12 showed up.
There is more, but these are the important points. I wish I could say I was 100% happy with how things turned out, but I'm not. I was a little disappointed about some of the above things and it was hard to ignore. I am very proud of how much fun we had, despite any issues, and Logan seemed to love it no matter what. That is what counts.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Dog Days

I am OBSESSED with Florence & the Machine. I LOVE HER! B downloaded her CD and Cosmic Love is a song that Logan and I dance to daily.

Logan has figured out how to climb up the couch. Yes, CLIMB. He won't walk but he will climb. Silly boy! He still struggles and I am really not encouraging it because the moment he masters it that means I can't go to the bathroom and leave him alone!

Tonight is the birthday party! I have a lovely batch of cupcakes baking away in the oven as we speak and dear friends, I am going to devote and entire post just to these lovely cupcakes. I am by no means a baker, but Martha Stewart sure as heck knows what she's doing!

I got a new vacuum. If you know us, then you know we go cheep on things and there are some things you really should not go cheep on, like a good vacuum. We were gifted a Dirt Devil and while I am sure it meant well, the poor thing just could not handle the amount of dog hair, even if I vacuumed everyday. So I got a new Bissell Pet Hair Vacuum and I am in Domestic Heaven!! I LOVE IT!! It works amazing and I love the bagless feature! I also did not have to spend and arm and a leg on it.

I am still in my pjs and I love that! Only a few more hours and I will doll it up for the party! I can't wait to see our friends and family! What a great way to celebrate a big boy!
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Thank you, Colorado Belle!

**A birthday post will be coming soon, I promise!**

See this handsome ONE YEAR OLD???

That big 'ol smile is possibly because he just had a bottle, or maybe it's because he is looking super fly in his new tie!

Miss Jen over at Colorado Belle had a small giveaway a few weeks ago and guess who won?? ME!! I have never won anything from blog land, though I will admit I am pretty picky with the giveaways I do enter. Anyway, Jen MADE THIS ONESIE!! Well, not the whole thing, but she did sew the adorable Valentine's tie onto it. I am SO IMPRESSED! I wish I had a sewing machine because I am pretty sure that she and I would make a great team making cute baby things! Go check her out! She also has a deep love for cupcakes, as do I so Jen, are you there? We seriously need to meet up and get our little guys together! Thanks so much!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

To Logan, on your Birthday


This time one year ago I was anxiously awaiting your arrival. You were rolling around in my tummy, reminding me every so often how great my love for you was even before our faces met each other. I spent most of my time walking, drinking lots of water and resting, knowing full well that any combination of these things could bring you into my arms.

When we learned that your due date was February 1st and we told Gama Lolly and Pop, Pop predicted that you would come on February 8th, his parent's wedding anniversary. I quickly dismissed his prediction because there was no way I would be a week overdue. Well, it seems that your great-grandparents had other ideas and sure enough your arrival began at 12:01am on February 8th. The moment you were placed in on my chest my heart exploded. I never could have imagined how much love I instantly had for you until that moment. Your father and I had our biggest dream come true to be parents. Having a son first was another part of that dream and your name had been picked long ago. We knew that you were for us, that we were for each other.

On your birthday I wish for you to always feel how much we love you, how much your family and friends love you and that you never doubt it. You are growing so quickly into a true little boy, loving your matchbox cars, Dinosaur Train, and any food placed before you. You are so close to walking. Your world is going to explode once you take your first independent steps and we know it won't be long! You are learning things like what all your body parts are, that your socks go on your feet, and that you favor mama and daddy way more than anyone else.

Thank you Logan for changing our lives. You enrich each day even more than the next and we cannot wait to see what your next year has in store. We love you and wish you the best first birthday ever!


Mama & Daddy

Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Nightmare

>I am usually not very good at remembering my dreams. But last night was different. First off, it snowed like a banshee outside for a good 30 minutes and quit before I had to come home. My anxiety of driving home in what was sure to be black ice gripped me. I arrived home safely and quickly made my way to bed with B. We were both exhausted and I didn't even crack open my book to read. My head hit the pillow and there I closed my eyes and waited. I waited for sleep to overcome me and take me away to dream land. It was two whole hours before that happened and around 12:45am Logan woke up crying. I tried to let him cry himself back to sleep for a few minutes but he just got more desperate for me to rescue him. He had vaccines on Friday night and our Saturday was a rough one (hence the exhaustion).

I rocked Logan back to sleep without feeding him and laid him back down. Thirty minutes later he was crying again. I made a quick bottle and he ate it quickly. At this point I was delirious. I had a head ache setting in and my eyes stung from the lack of sleep. I tucked myself back into bed and B said, "good job Sarah". I smiled silently and quickly fell asleep.

What came next was more than just a bad dream, but a nightmare. I was driving around with B somewhere in Denver. It was somewhat familiar and we were suddenly on a roof, sitting in chairs under dark lighting. He was leaving me. I was desperate. I kept begging him over and over to stay with me. I never asked why, which is odd when there did not seem to be any reason. All he kept saying in the dream was "no, I have to go" and I could not stop sobbing. Though the setting was odd, the dream felt horribly real. Logan woke me from the dream around 6am and I felt so confused. I was confused, waking up next to B, realizing the falsehood of the dream. I tended to Logan once again and he went back to sleep. I snuggled in closer to B and told him right away what I had dreamed. He instantly comforted me, telling me it's okay, nothing like that would ever happen and I know that is true. He would never leave me. I would never leave him. But for some reason the dream took a hold on my consciousness that defined my attitude all day. I was snappy and cranky with B and almost mad at him without any good reason. I had to stop myself several times and tell him how sorry I was, that it has to have been the dream that has caused me to be so grumpy with him. He was so understanding and sweet. I have the most incredible husband and I hate that I had such a horrible dream.

Project 31; Day 9 Virtues

>What virtues do I value in myself?

This is one of those questions that are hard to answer because it is hard to dig deep into oneself to figure out all the positive things that others see. It's so much easier to pick apart the things we don't like, the things that make us cringe when we act or say something that is so out of character. So I'll go ahead and dig deep here:

  • Honesty/Integrity: (in my mind, these two go hand in hand) I am an extremely honest person, to a fault sometimes. And I don't mean that I will say something very bluntly, I mean that I am honest about who I am and what I believe. For example, since we have had the house under contract we have been showing the property off to a few of our family members. The first time, our realtor gave us the code to get the key, which is a big no-no. So I was freaking out that we would get caught. Well yesterday we were taking my parents over there and I told B that I was worried people would report intruders and my dad said, "Sarah, just tell them it's part of your inspection." B then started joking around about how I just can't lie about something like that. Thankfully, nothing happened and all is well. There is a small chance I would have gone with that story, but we'll never know, will we?? ;)
  • Loyalty: I am so incredibly loyal to my family and friends. I have been hurt a few times because my loyalty causes me to fall hard and fast for people. I don't mean "in love", I just mean that feeling you get when you make a new friend and it seems super awesome and special, whether it's for 1 year or 1 month. I am the one always calling the long distance friends to keep in touch and sending out picture updates. I have tried to go a few months without saying anything but these friendships are way too important to me.

Sweet Little Logan and his Monkey


Friday, February 4, 2011

The Birth Story Revisited

>I have been in a writing funk this past week. Not a lot on my mind all while so much is going on. Things are great! I am just buzzing around the house and running errands to prepare for my little monkey's first birthday (EEEEKK!!). I cannot believe he will be ONE in just 3 days! So, in honor of Logan's birthday and because I have several new readers, I thought it would be nice to share his birth story again. This version of it is edited from the original post I made just a few days after he was born. I feel like this is a better representation of the whole experience. Have a great weekend! Enjoy!!

My due date, February 1st, came and went. I laughed at the irony of my doctors actually fearing pre-term labor. I knew my body and I knew my baby. At our 29 week ultrasound the tech did measure him small, around 27 weeks but everything looked good. So when I went late, I was not too surprised. He was taking his time. The night of Super Bowl Sunday I was especially tired and having some crazy BH contractions. We went home and I cleaned the house. B worked for a landscaping company and in the winter they did snow removal. We were expecting snow so he went to bed early. My first contraction came at 12:01am and that was it. I was in labor! I didn't wake my husband and tried to get back to sleep but they started coming hard and fast, enough so that I got up and took a bath. That must have woken B. He came in and helped me get through a few contractions before I was ready to get out. We live in a tiny apartment and being that it was the middle of the night and had just started to snow, there was no way I was going outside to walk. So I paced our halls back and forth, stopping to lean against it for a contraction. Around 4am we actually started to time them and realized that they were coming every 3-4 minutes, lasting over a minute and by 6am, had not let up one bit. I called my doctor and they were ready for us. At this point, I wish we would have stayed home longer. I thought 6 hours was pretty long to labor at home, but I had no idea what we were in for. I realized early on that I was having back labor and I attributed it to having a tilted uterus. No one told me this was a sign that he was posterior and that we should do some poses, etc to get him to turn more (not even in Bradley). 

We arrived at the hospital just before 7am. My parents came and I was admitted right away. I hear about other moms having to go to triage first to be checked and see if they would be admitted, but this did not happen to us. I was 2cm when we got there and was surprised that they kept me! Must have been the crazy contractions that convinced them I was labor. The morning was very rough. The back labor was debilitating. I tried everything from slow dancing with my husband, walking, the bath tub, shower, hands and knees, birth ball--everything! And nothing relieved it. I think I got way too hung up on the anticipation of the next contraction. I remember thinking about the next contraction while the current one I was having peaking and how I convinced myself there was no way I could go on like this for what seemed like forever.

My nurse was great, but she was not very helpful in getting me to try different positions. She also insisted that I keep the monitor on at all times. While I was in the tub, she put a waterproof one on. This was not apart of our birth plan and maybe it was the pain from the contractions that kept me from sticking up for what we wanted (although my husband knew what we wanted too), I think we were somehow easily persuaded by the fact that these were the professionals--what do we know?? The one thing she did not do was ask me if I wanted pain relief, which I had told her I did not want and if I did, I would ask for it. 

By 11am the contractions were so hard and the back labor was so painful I could not even stand as the pain radiated down my legs. I was stuck on the birth ball and nearly passing out. They put oxygen on me and that did not help much. I remember looking in my husbands eyes and he was so scared. He was so frightened by the pain I was in and he could do nothing to help. It was at this point, now around 4cm, that I started talking about the epidural. I was crying and mad that I was even considering it. This is the only thing I did not like about Bradley--it made me feel guilty for even considering the idea of pain relief and this is something I would not want my students to fear. We discussed it as I went through several contractions, each getting worse and each time getting more faint. My anxiety got worse as I became more faint, fearing that I would pass out and they would rush me off to a c-section. Finally, we decided that I should get the epidural. I felt so defeated. I wanted to have an unmedicated birth so badly. I was only one of a handful of other mamas in labor that morning and getting the epidural was quick. The relief was a welcomed blessing and within 20 minutes of getting it and relaxing, I jumped from a 4-8cm. I know this is not typical of people who get epidurals and I also know that this is the only reason I am okay with the way things turned out. However, shortly after dilating so quickly by water broke. There was meconium in the waters and my sons heart rate dropped so dramatically that my OB rushed over to the hospital from his office. I had 6 nurses in the room fussing over me and the doctor insisted on an internal fetal monitor. I was so freaked out by how freaked out they were that I said do whatever. They also gave me a shot of medication to stop the contractions to let my son rest, but this of course stopped my labor for almost 2 hours! My husband was eating and refueling up on coffee while all this happened which is why he was not there to advocate or ask questions.

I was frustrated, but I took advantage of it by resting and waiting. Around 4:30 I was ready to push. My OB was great in that he did not leave from the moment I started to push, which lasted 2 hours. I was on my back. I hated that I could not get up on my feet and squat, which is what I wanted to do from the very beginning. Logan was born at 6:37pm and I wish that I could say the chaos ended there with a happy, pink baby on my chest who nursed right away and roomed in with me. Nope. Didn't happen. They placed Logan on my chest and let me hold and kiss him. He was crying and his first breath actually caused him to pop a hole in his lung called a pneumothorax. His breathing was labored and within minutes he was rushed over to the warming table and then off to the nursery. My husband went with him while I was cleaned up. I had a 2nd degree tear and some abrasions. I made sure that he did not cut an episiotomy and he respected my wishes. The placenta delivered perfectly and I would tell everyone to make sure they take a look at it! What a crazy thing to sustain the life of your baby. So cool!

I was in a blurry haze for what seemed like forever. The nurses told me that Logan only needed some extra O2 before coming back to me and that would not be more than an hour. After an hour and a half, Logan and my husband had not returned. When my husband did come back to the room, he came with the on call pediatrician who explained what had happened. Logan's first breath was so strong he popped a hole in his lung, something that happens in about 1 in 100 births. They determined this through an xray and he was admitted to the NICU. Once I was settled in my post partum room I had my husband wheel me down to the NICU to see Logan. He was so precious! He was not crying and the nurses were so sweet. We met his neonatologist and she explained what they were going to do next. At 10:30 he had another chest xray to see if the hole was healing on its own and it wasn't so they went ahead with a needle aspiration. Luckily, it worked the first time and he did not need a chest tube, which is the usual outcome for most babies. Logan spent 5 days in the NICU. They treated him for an infection, just to be safe and did a 2nd aspiration to ensure the air was out. 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Project 31: Day 8 Beauty Secret

>Have a beauty secret? Share it!

If you know me in real life you know that I am a very simple person when it comes to beauty. Yes, I shower. Yes, I brush my teeth and when I work or have something special to do I will put make up on. Other than that, I am a PJ-pony-tail-make upless-sock wearing-food scarfing-kinda girl. I don't hold back on the things I love (ie: food!) and only in a great while do I shave. I hate it. I know I say that a lot. But I do.

Anyway, there are two things I really love love love when it comes to my personal beauty.

  1. Moisturizer: I don't wear foundation because I also don't wash my make up off before going to bed. I really don't see the point. However, I apply my Cetephil moisturizer every morning. It feels so good, has 15 SPF in it and keeps my skin hydrated in this crazy-dry Colorado climate. 
  2. Air-dry your hair. I rarely ever use a blow dryer unless I am going for more body on top, then I will let it air dry for awhile and then go flip my hair over and blow dry the roots upside down. This especially important if you are also going to straighten or curl your hair. Think of all that heat damage! I love letting my hair air dry and I never go to bed with it wet. Now that I have a new work schedule I usually shower in the mornings anyway and give myself plenty of time for it to dry before I straighten it or put it up.
So there you have it. My simple girl ways to stay super gorg.