Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sick Puppy

>July 22, 2010

So the start of the week was fairly normal. On Monday, Logan and I spent the day with his BFF H. She’s adorable, is she not? Her momma and I have known each other for years, but really only become friends throughout our pregnancy. H is 4 days older than Logan and they are so sweet together. Her momma and I love being able to share what is going on with them, being that they are the same age. It is amazing how they can be at different stages and the same age. For example, H started sitting up a few weeks before Logan and now he is almost a master at it, whereas Logan was rolling over a little sooner than H. Now they catch up with each other. I know that these two will be friends for a very long time, as will her momma and I!

Tuesday I worked, but let’s back up a bit. On SUNDAY, Tulo, our greyhound, began to show signs of diarrhea. Yeah, not fun. So we kept an eye on it. That happens from time to time and he works it out no problem. Sometimes we try and give him some pumpkin or yogurt and that will help. Done deal. Not this time! By Tuesday it was getting worse, then on Wednesday, it was seemed to be letting up. On Monday, he vomited once but that was the only time. Didn’t think much of it. On Wednesday afternoon, I laid down to take a nap while Logan was napping after work and in that time, Tulo have FOUR episodes in our house. While I was on the phone with the vet, he puked alllll over the floor! It was so nasty! The clinic would keep their doors open for us so I loaded Tulo and Logan up and drove to the vet hospital.

There, he was way out of it. He had lost 5 pounds in the last week and a half (I only know this because he was at the vet a week ago for heart guard stuff). Anyway, they did a fecal sample and found that he has clostridium, a bacterial infection of the intestines. Poor guy!! They loaded him up on meds and IV fluids and unloaded my bank account. Over night was not too bad. They did a recheck this morning and he could not even hold down 1oz of water without spitting it up and the diarrhea was continuing so they hospitalized him for the day. What a change that has made! Tulo is feeling so much better!! He got a ton of fluids, as he was very dehydrated, antibiotics, and some other meds to numb any pain he was in. When we went in this morning, his heart was racing, a sign of pain and distress. Tonight, he is home and doing sooo much better! He has eaten a few times and held it down okay which is awesome.

I am sooo tired! I get to sleep in the next three mornings as B does not work and Sunday is my turn to sleep in. I LOVE it!!

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