Saturday, October 29, 2011

mish mash

EDIT: I cannot believe I forgot to mention that we had our first snow this past week! It was (and still is) insanity! Usually the first snow causes some broken three limbs here and there but nothing serious. Well on Tuesday night it started to snow just before I left work. It was beautiful! Big, white, fluffy snowflakes! There is something so peaceful and pure about the first snow. It's one of my most favorite days in the year. Anyway, it was coming down good and since about 1pm the temp outside just kept getting colder and colder so, surprisingly, it stuck to the ground and the roads. We were expecting 6-10 inches and depending on where you are in Colorado that is rarely accurate. By the next morning, a day I had to be at work at 6am, we had at least 10 inches and it was still snowing. I woke up super early to give myself enough time (yes, folks, I set my alarm for 430am!!). Logan woke up early so B got up to help. I brushed my car off and pulled out of the driveway only to be totally blocked by huge tree limbs in the middle of the road! I backed into our driveway to turn the other direction (thankfully, I was not totally blocked) and winded my way around tree after tree. It was very sad. I have never seen so much damage from a storm, as if a tornado came through. Today, people were out cleaning up their yards and pulling what they could out into the road. The city has offered to pick up all the damage if we do the work to put it on the side of the street. Our backyard took a good hit, but nothing compared to others'. The house was spared and no leaking roof. We are so lucky it wasn't worse!

We have been soooo busy lately! First up, our mac charger is on the fritz so most of the blogging I do is at home while Logan sleeps and now I'm resorting to down time at work (shhh). Trust me, on a Saturday night not much is going on.

Logan has had a cough now for an entire month. Man, when that kiddo gets a cough it's relentless. Two weeks ago we popped over to urgent care and gave him antibiotics. The green crap went away but it didn't touch his cough. In fact, over the last week it's only become worse so I scheduled an appt with his regular doctor. Sure enough, his left ear is inflamed, though not quite infected, and something upper-respitory is hanging around. She eluded to croup, but I know that cough and it's not there-yet. Logan started a 3-5 day steroid yesterday so **HOPEFULLY** the cough will hit the road here really soon. As of this morning, no dice.

I am still wavering in my stomach issues. The meds I'm using to keep the pains at bay is only taking the edge off. Two more weeks and I go in for my procedures. I'm nervous, but looking forward to getting answers.

B is on a major job hunt. He has been for a while now, but we are desperate for a 3rd income and until I get my doula certification (which could still be another year-finding those 3 births is HARD!) we need something else. The skin of our teeth is just not enough.

Tulo is doing awesome! His leg nearly healed. He walks without a noticeable gimp 98% of the time and even attempts to run and play with Butte. He quickly slows down, just proof he's still building up that muscle in the leg and around his tendon. B has been working on an awesome painting for our vet's office as a thank you for the amazing care and love we received during the entire experience. We cannot wait to present it to him and at that time I'll post a pic of his masterpiece.

Please don't forget to leave a comment or send and email if you'd like to participate in the Thursday 21 Questions feature I'm doing. I'd love to get to know you better and show you off to new readers. I have the next two Thursdays filled, but need more volunteers! Otherwise, I'm just going to pick on you. ;)

PLEASE, have a safe and fun Halloween weekend! I will post pics of Logan as a dinosaur next week sometime (that is, of course, if we can get the computer charged!!).

And lastly, I'm linking up with October Follower Fest hosted by a number of wonderful ladies!  Hello and welcome new readers! Wordpress still fails me in how to get a blog button to work properly INSIDE a post, so please follow the link and check out some awesome other bloggers!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

21 questions with Katie

This week's featured blogger is Katie over at Life With the Little R's. Katie is an amazing woman, friend, wife and mama! I have known her since high school (10 year reunion coming up GASP!). Katie has a full heart for her family and Jesus. Go check out her adorable kids and awesome hubby!

  1. What is your #1 bucket list to-do item? That would be to go on a beach vacation with just me and the hubs. Preferably somewhere all-inclusive! We didn't go on a big Honeymoon so I am holding out hope for a second one in the not too distant future!

  2. What is the worst injury/illness you’ve ever had? I have been pretty lucky in that department. I did get a really bad kidney infection in college though that landed me in the hospital for a few days. Not fun!

  3. Do you collect anything? Currently I collect "R"s. The monograms you hang on your wall. I am slightly obsessed and currently have a gallery wall in my living room of different "R"s.

  4. What is your guilty pleasure TV show? Guilty pleasure? For sure that would be whatever the current trashy reality show I am secretly loving is. Sometimes it is The Bachelor or Bachelorette. Most recently it was The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

  5. What is the most special thing your spouse has ever done for you? I can't really think of a super special "big thing" but my husband is very good at making me feel special in the day-to-day. When I call him at work if I am upset about something he never acts too busy and always makes me feel valuable and that means a lot to me.

  6. Do you believe in ghosts? The holy ghost? Does that count?

  7. What does your exercise routine look like? The fact that you said "routine" totally calls me out! I am horrible with routine! But, I do like to workout to DVDs at home, I have a gym membership and I like going to classes and I also like my treadmill in my basement. Basically, my routine changes every week!

  8. If you could witness an event past, present or future, what would it be? Hmmm... I am thinking I would love to witness Jesus performing one of his miracles during his lifetime.

  9. If you could change anything about your high school/college experience what would it be? I would have just enjoyed it and not worried about what other people thought and trying to be someone else.

  10. What season do you enjoy most? Fall. (Convenient, right?) I just love how life becomes so homey in the fall. And fall in Missouri is gorgeous. All of the leaves.... love it!

  11. What celebrity do you most look like? I don't know! Someone once told me I looked like Natalie from the Dixie Chicks... but I don't think she is super cute so it kind of hurt my feelings!

  12. What band/singer are you enjoying most right now? Sara Groves, her music says everything my soul wants to say sometimes!

  13. Do you implement any of the things your parents taught you into your parenting style? Absolutely. My parents always talked to us like we were adults when we were little. They never talked down to us and had real conversations with us from an early age. I loved it, and I love watching them have those same conversations with my kiddos now!

  14. What is/are your family traditions? We have a lot but one of my favorites that we passed on from my childhood is "unbirthday presents". That is where all the kids in the family get one present for their siblings birthdays.

  15. What is the best parenting advice you’ve ever received? I can't think of a specific piece of advice but when we first had kids I got tons of bad advice. Somewhere along the line someone encouraged me to just do what I felt was right and enjoy my kiddos and it really changed everything. unfortunately, that wasn't until after I had my second!

  16. What was the best gift ever given to you/that you gave? Probably my engagement ring! I loved it so much and was so impressed that my husband (fiance then) sacrificed to buy me such a beautiful ring while he was still in college!

  17. Have you and your spouse written a will? Yep.

  18. If you could change one thing about your wedding day what would it be? Um... everything! Except for the man I married! No not really, but that day was a bit of a disaster! Thankfully, it ended with me having lots of people I love there, amazing support from my family who worked so hard to put everything together, and at the end of the day I got to be married to my favorite person in the world.

  19. What have you done that you said you’d never do as a parent? Let my kiddos sleep in bed with me as babies. All of our kids did this for a little while as babies and it was a lifesaver. And, contrary to lots of "advice" I was given... none of them sleep with us now!

  20. How long have you been married? 6 years!

  21. Do you want more children? I don't think so... but, I want God's will for my life more than anything else so whatever He gives us will be exactly what I want!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dear Logan

My sweet boy,

You are 20 months old. I told myself that once you were 18 months I'd stop referring to your age in months but I just can't help it. You're over a year and a half and wow are you a busy guy! You make our hearts swell with pride in all the new things you learn and say every day. Your dad and I could not have asked for a more amazing kiddo.

Over the last few months your speech has increased dramatically. You try to repeat just about everything we say. Not all of it comes out clear, but your attempt is adorable! You have trouble with R, P, T, Y and L words, which is totally normal for your age. In fact, I cannot believe how much you talk now. I never expected to have a conversation with you on the phone at this age! I call your daddy at night while I'm working and he puts you on the phone. I ask you questions and you almost always answer with "uh-huh" as you have not yet said "yes". It would take me all day to write down the number of words you say which we can understand.

Your favorite word  is "light". Oh my stars! You are OBSESSED with the lights. Every where we go you have to turn lights on and off, point at street lights, constantly with your gaze upward. Your admiration with the lights is so humbling to your father and me. We take lights for granted and you, Logan, your entire body gets excited in the morning when we walk around the house and turn all the lights on. The smile on your face is palpable. Daddy and I talked about how the light is symbolic of Jesus' light and love for us. You are teaching us so much and we see Him working in you every day.

You no longer walk. You run. Everywhere. The only thing I can see slowing you down is the snow, which we just received over night nearly 10 inches of the white fluff. I want to start a tradition with you for the First Snow. I'm thinking hot chocolate and a movie of your choice. Of course, this can come after an hour outside!

You broke 25 pounds! I was not sure this would happen before you turned two since you're such tall, lean little man. You wear mostly 18-24 month clothes for both tops and pants. You're in a size 6-7 shoe and you have big hands. We call them your "mitts". You're still in a size 4 diaper and we're hoping to start some potty training with you soon. So far, you have no interested in the toilet and we're okay with that. We'll wait until you're ready.

You have a cough right now and kid, when you get a cold that cough hangs on for what seems like months. You don't seem too bothered by it.

Things you love right now: lights, talking, eating chicken nuggets, watch Sesame Street and Yo Gabba Gabba, playing with the dogs, reading Where The Wild Things Are, playing in water, running around naked, getting "chased" by us, playing in your cardboard house, sleeping on a big boy bed, and alas, your paci, which you now call your "bapie".

Things you hate: taking showers (which we find odd because you love water), most veggies (read: anything green), having your diaper changed, listening to us when you're doing something you shouldn't, and pooping.

You're an amazing kid, Logan, and we don't want you to ever think differently. You are so smart and learn things so quickly. I know those skills will follow you throughout your life. Your daddy and I will always love you, no matter what, and support you. Thank you for being the most incredible blessing we could have ever hoped for.



Thursday, October 20, 2011

21 Questions with Sarah

  1. What is your #1 bucket list to-do item? At the moment, to witness a live childbirth.

  2. What is the worst injury/illness you've ever had? I rarely ever get injured only because I rarely ever put myself in a position to cause injury! That being said I get sick often and usually weird stuff. The worst was when I had both tonsilitis and mono just before Thanksgiving while in college. I had to take pain meds to enjoy my Thanksgiving meal. Not fun.

  3. Do you collect anything? I collect ticket stubs from concerts, including the wrist bands if an official ticket stub was not issued. I have framed most of them on our collage wall.

  4. What is your guilty pleasure TV show? Hands down Teen Mom. That show is off-the-charts ridiculous and for whatever reason my prying eyes cannot look away. We don't have cable so on a quite afternoon while B is working and Logan is sleeping is when I get a chance to catch up.

  5. What is the most special thing your spouse has ever done for you? Tough question! For our "dating" anniversary last February B planned a pretty awesome date which recreated our 1st date. He arranged for his mom to care for Logan and made me feel so special.

  6. Do you believe in ghosts? Yes. Just over a year ago while working at the retirement community I found one of our residents dead. She passed away in her sleep at the beautiful age of 88. Since her passing she has haunted the gym in the building where she spent much of her time. I have seen her walk past me through the refection in a window only to turn around and she's not there. My husband has also witnessed her harmless haunting first hand.

  7. What does your exercise routine look like? Currently, it looks like I chase around a toddler and walk several miles a day around the hospital. As soon as I know more about what's going on with my stomach issues, I hope to have a better routine of light cardio with some strengthening exercises.

  8. If you could witness an event past, present or future, what would it be? I would have LOVED to have been in the Abby for Will & Kate's wedding AND at their reception. I can only imagine how beautiful and fun it was.

  9. If you could change anything about your high school/college experience what would it be? For high school I would have been more involved. I would have joined yearbook and taken photography classes, since I love taking photos and in college I would have gone into nursing rather than business and English. I'd be a freaking midwife by now! lol

  10. What season do you enjoy most? I am a huge fan of summer. While it can get pretty darn hot here, I love the longer days and late afternoon rain showers.

  11. What celebrity do you most look like? I've been told both Sandra Bullock and Julia Roberts. How flattering!

  12. What band/singer are you enjoying most right now? A few, because I am a music junkie and I can't just share one! Bon Iver has been on my spotify replay for a few weeks now. I love Skinny Love so much! Such a beautiful song! I also just discovered Grouplove and their song Colours.

  13. Do you implement any of the things your parents taught you into your parenting style? My mom is a preschool teacher and over the years in my own experience caring for children, the number one thing I've learned is to get down to your child's level. Never scold them standing up as that will not get the message through. Secondly, never fight with your spouse in front of your children. If B and I begin to get heated about something and Logan is in the room, we drop it immediately and wait until he's asleep to address the issue. Lastly, SHOW your child how much you love your spouse. I'm not talking about full on PDA, but hugs and kisses all around. My parents are not overly affectionate but I always witnessed my dad giving my mom a hug from behind while she cooked. Such a loving gesture.

  14. What is/are your family traditions? I'll admit that our little family of three does not yet have a specific tradition for any holiday yet, however, I hope to change that this year. Growing up we always cut our Christmas tree down. We will be doing that this year with Logan and I hope to do it every year with all our children. I also started making pancakes for birthday breakfasts. I love making breakfast more than any other meal and birthdays are so special!

  15. What is the best parenting advice you've ever received? I have two to share. One is to sleep when baby sleeps! I remember when Logan was just a newb and at first, I tried to get things done while he was sleeping but quickly gave into the advice to sleep while he slept and get things done later. Who cares about the dishes?! You being rested is way more important. Next, believe that you're a good mom and doing the right thing. Mamas are judged way too much and the last thing you want is to be worrying about what someone else is going to think about your decision.

  16. What was the best gift ever given to you/that you gave? The best gift I ever received (not including Logan) was my wedding. My parents paid for most of our wedding and it was by far the best day of my life. I'm not lying when I say that people are still talking about it. We just went to a wedding last week and the groom said something along the lines of, "Well, it's not your wedding, but I'm having fun". AHHH! What do you say to that?! Our wedding, without going too over the top, was exactly what I could have dreamed it would be. The best gifts I ever gave were hand-crocheted blankets to my parents. My mom's was finished several years ago and I presented to her on her birthday. Since then, my dad really wanted one of his own and just over a year ago I finally finished one for him. The letter he wrote me in thanks is framed on our collage wall.

  17. Have you and your spouse written a will? Not yet. But I really think this is important for us to do. Thinking about something happening to either of us is painful but we both feel that it is something we need to get done.

  18. If you could change one thing about your wedding day what would it be? CAKE! We never got a piece of our cake!! The entire thing was gone in a heartbeat, including the topper.

  19. What have you done that you said you'd never do as a parent? Oy...I'm totaly eating my words here. I said I'd never put Logan to bed with a bottle and without my knowing, B started to and once I found out, I let it go. He is off the bottle now so he doesn't have anything to drink with him now, but for a few months there, he did. I'm sure there's more....

  20. How long have you been married? Just over 3 years!

  21. Do you want more children? Heck yes! At least 2-3 more. Stay tuned...


Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Attention all my lovely readers!! I have a fun and exciting new thing I'd like to start. One of the best things about blogging is getting to know so many other mamas all over the world! It's the modern-day pen-pal, complete with regular updates and photos. Some of the friendships I've made through blogging have been so meaningful and once, I had the privilege of meeting one!

I would like to feature one of you every week. I'd like to take volunteers first, but just like getting called on in class I might be seeking you out as well. I have a range of questions, about 20, covering everything from where you were born, your goals, topics on blogging, motherhood, your child(ren), and more. I'm thinking Thursdays would be a great day for this feature to take place. This week I will answer the questions so you can get to know me a little better. Then I will feature someone new next week. Please email me if you'd like to be featured. Let's have fun with this! samama8 at gmail dot com (If you have my more personal email, you can send one to me through that one).

Saturday, October 15, 2011

just a few things...

  1. I will be guest-posting over at IN EVERY SEASON and I am SO excited! I'll let you all know when it's up. This blog mama is just lovely. Her little bean was born on our wedding anniversary...very cool!

  2. I'm also trying to create a button for my site and one that can be used for sponsoring. If any of you have super awesome graphic skillz I'd love some help! I'm almost done, but not entirely satisfied.

  3. B is looking for a 2nd job...please pray that whatever he finds works for us and our schedules.

  4. Logan talks all.the.time. In fact, last night I had an entire conversation with him on the phone. It was to die for! My heart melted ten times over...he's growing up!

  5. My desires to become a certified child birth instructor are still strong, however I believe I have found a better way to meet those needs before I can go back to nursing school so...I'm looking into becoming a DONA certified Doula...anyone have experience with a doula? Are you a doula? Let me know...I'm excited and nervous all at the same time! Eventually I hope to also become a Bradley Method instructor, but for now this seems like a better option. I'll be writing more over on my midwife 101 blog and will link up as I do.

Monday, October 10, 2011

on correcting someone else's kid

Touchy subject, folks.

Every mother parents differently. Every choice one makes is based on her own personal experience, research, opinions, morals, and values. We are constantly judged for those decisions and most of the time those decisions fit into the mold of whatever society is leaning towards at the time. For example, vaccinating your child. This subject has only seemed to intensify since I was pregnant and deciding if I was going to get a swine flu vaccine. At the time, it was one of the hardest decisions I was making because not only would this be affecting me, but also my unborn son. Now, the right to waive vaccines has blown up and to some degree, is out of control. But this has nothing to do with vaccinating your child. That's a whole other post. ;)

I've been around several friends who have children and as we chat and supervise our kids there are certainly moments when things might get out of hand, like a disagreement over a toy or misuse of a toy (for those older siblings). My comfort level in correcting the child(ren) solely depends on my interpretation of how the other mother might feel if I said something to her child. In general, I have no issue redirecting a child away from a situation that is causing a problem. Redirecting is all I do with Logan. His world grows bigger and bigger every day as he learns a new motor skill (climbing) or verbal skills (mine! no!). B and me are on our toes with Logan as he runs circles around us. But when another child is around, what do you do?

I happen to have a wonderful relationship with a friend of three boys. When all four boys hang out, issues are bound to arise and I find my mommy instincts naturally kicking in. On the occasion that has happened I have instantly apologized for correcting her children and without hesitation she has given me permission to do so. In turn, she has permission to correct Logan. We both understand that in no way will our methods of correction include a physical consequence. But we raise our voices just a touch, change the tone, and the children listen. With other parents this is not as easy, but I am finding my way around that very fine line of when it's okay to correct someone else's child and when to keep my mouth shut.

Bethany Joy recently posted about correcting a total stranger's daughter on the street. You can read it here. In short, she scolds a tween throwing a fit in the street over something so silly her mother was hardly paying any attention. Then, once mom heard Joy correct her daughter she snapped at Joy. Being defensive is one thing, but not taking responsibility for your child's actions, no matter how old, is just inappropriate.

Logan's latest fit was at church. It was during a children's service, thankfully, but I don't tolerate his wanting his way in public very well. He either listens or we leave and at this age I know the expectation for listening is low so we left. He was unhappy in the nursery and wanted to wonder through the pews during the service so I had no other choice than to leave. (I mentioned a few posts back about whether or not to let him cry it out in the nursery and I'm not a fan-yet).

On occasion I have corrected that rowdy child in the waiting area who keeps tapping on the fish tank loudly proclaiming "Look at me fishy!" or the child who bolts so fast out our front doors that if he kept going he'd surely get run over by a car in the drop off lane. I'm constantly paying attention to how my own child affects others around him and it baffles me when other parents don't do the same. The child yelling at a fish was nearly stepping on an elderly woman and mom was deep into a magazine. The child who dashed down the hall and almost out the front doors tripped before I could stop him so in a way, his consequence was natural. Mom was several feet back, hardly paying attention. These kinds of situations I just can't ignore and if mom wants to get up in  my face about it, so be it. Thankfully, that has not happened yet.

Now what do you do? Please share if you are the correcting type or do you let it go? Ignore the situation?

Sunday, October 9, 2011

i heart faces-hands

Check out all the other awesome hand photos below:

(For whatever reason, I cannot get the button of a direct link from the photo to route back to iheartfaces so please follow the link below the picture. THANKS!)


Thursday, October 6, 2011

linked up

Let's be honest, friends. I love my job but omigawd it gets slooooooow in the afternoons. I'm sleepy, have a headache from staring at the computer all day, and have heard the same 5 songs on the radio about 18 times now. So here is how I pass my time. Enjoy!

  1. The Wiegands: I literally just discovered this awesome mama blog thanks to Top Baby Blogs. The photos are awesome. Which is mostly why I'm linking up. She has two beautiful children. Need I say more?

  2. Short & Hat: These are my friends, yo. And this is their travel blog. They're crossing the country in their little white subi and uncovering all the local awesomeness of just about every little town they run into.

  3. Hello Giggles: I learned just today that this awesome site was co-created by Zoey Deschanel. I love her. And one of my most favorite bloggers Bethany Joy has been guest blogging over there for a few months now. So fun.


show us your life: pets

Check out all the other awesome pets over at Kelly's Korner.

I have always had a family pet in the home. I grew up with a cat and a dog. When that dog, Katie, died I set my little heart on becoming a vet. I was six years old and that cat was nearly 8...and lived until she was twenty! The last two years of her life she was in and out of kidney failure, a common death sentence for cats. I gave her sub q fluids in the neck twice a day and that kept her somewhat perky. I was 16 when she died and my desires to become a vet had faded away.

Since then, we have had one other family dog who died almost 6 years ago. After she died I went the longest I'd ever gone without a dog in our home. Nine months was all I could take.

After a summer away on the Jersey Shore and nearly a month after my birthday, the family headed to Boulder to pick up this little gem:

Butte was named after the hill near my parents house and honestly, we just loved it. She is a ball-o-fire. She looks like a Sheba Inu, acts like a shepherd, and loves like a lab.  She feels no pain, we are certain. Unlike Tulo, if she sustains an injury you'd never know it. The girl insists on throwing the ball and running around no matter what. She's afraid of lightning, fireworks, and the vacuum.

Butte loves long walks, running, raw-hides, treats and loads of love. But more than anything she LOVES Logan. She was not a fan when he was an infant but now that he can throw a stick or ball for her, she smothers him all day long. While he naps she sleeps outside his door. Once he's awake she starts dancing around in circles and lick-attacks him. He loves her too. Just this morning he crawled into her kennel and just kicked back in her bed.

Butte has always been *my* dog, but she will forever be loved by my family since the first two years of her life we lived with my parents.

Now, you all know lots about Tulo. He's a greyhound and enjoys jumping out of windows and causing lots of damage to wallets and windows. I kid. I found Tulo on craigslist. B had been asking me about getting another dog, well before we were even engaged! I knew we'd get married and he had a soft spot for greyhounds. We were intending to adopt a rescue, but I just so happened upon an ad for a greyhound PUPPY!! Unheard of, really. I made a call and off we went. B was so surprised and turns out there were TEN puppies to choose from. B chose Tulo and named him after Troy Tulowitski, the short-stop rookie for the Rockies who'd just won the National League Championship.

Tulo wears his heart on his sleeve. He has the most expressive eyes and ears. You know just how he's feeling by looking at him. He hates getting wet/taking baths and going outside when it's cold (like 50* and he's a wimp). He loves car rides and running in fields with Butte. Hopefully he will back doing that very soon! He too loves Logan and did so from the first time they met.

We are a pet family. Sometimes it's really hard having pets, like when we want to go somewhere for the weekend we need to find someone to watch them or board them. They are SUPER expensive! In Tulo's lifetime, we've paid just as much for him, maybe even more, than we did to have Logan. Wow. Add that to all the yearly visits, shots, upkeep and dog food. They are just two furry family members and we would not want it any other way.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Here's what we gots going on:

  • My appointment yesterday with the gastroenterologist was great, aside from the 45 minute wait to see her. Seriously, 30 minutes in the waiting room and 15 to see her. Not only was I in pain, but hungry and anxious to get to work early.

  • She has a number of diagnosis she wants to check out including celiac, crohns and irritable bowel disease (NOT IBS)...all to be determined (or ruled out) by a lovely upper endoscopy AND

  • B came with me to the apt and kept me company. I love that man.

  • I weigh 122.4. Mkay people THIS IS NOT GOOD! I can't remember the last time I saw that on a scale. I'm thinking just before or right after starting college and I sure as heck know B has never seen me this thin. I asked him if I look hallow and he said no, so that's good I guess.

  • I'm losing weight for a number of reasons: it hurts to eat so I don't, even when I'm hungry and I have a wicked-fast metabolism so match that with when I actually do eat, not much is being absorbed in a healthy way.

  • A lot of my clothes hang on me now in an awkward, baggy fashion and that makes me sad.

In other news:

  • Logan was the reason why we left church early on Sunday. This could be a whole post on its own but honestly I just could not bear to hear him scream for me as I walked away and left him in the nursery. Sundays are "our" days. B works so we get to do whatever we want and I certainly don't want him sad and crying for me. I wish we could have stayed longer, but clearly the Lord intended for us to instead go play with Amy and take a long nap (four hours people!).

  • Semi-house hunting...we're keeping our eyes out. We LOVE the house we currently rent. Really, we do. But we know how quickly July is going to be here and how long the home-buying process can take. At the same time, we also know how fast things can go so we're treading lightly on the subject. We have a new realtor and I skim over new listings every few days. We've only seen 1 place and it was no good (right next to an apt complex...nothankyou).

  • Work has been great. I still enjoy a varied schedule. I keep checking for Labor and Delivery tech positions but the turn around here is super low, which is awesome, but that just means it will be even harder for me to get a job over there. Still, I try.

  • Logan's favorite words are "no" and "mine". He even taught a friend how to say mine. I can't help but smile only because when he says it, the kid has the deepest voice!! It's to die for so all I can do is say "yes, that is yours".

  • Shows I'm loving right now are Parenthood, Revenge (still unsure, but like the appeal), Grey's, Private Practice, and someday soon One Tree Hill will premier. I've moved from being a CW girl to an ABC girl. I checked out Heart of Dixi...not a fan.

  • B has been painting a lot more and I love watching him create new fun pieces.

  • I have an awesome photo ready for the i heart faces contest next week..can't wait to share it!

  • Have a wonderful Hump Day.


Sunday, October 2, 2011

I'm staring at the curser here trying to come up with a suitable title and I just can't seem to come up with one. Tuesday, I see the gastroentinologist regarding my on-going stomach issues. I wish I could say it's become better and less frequent but that's not true. The pains seem to come and go. I can go 3-5 days without any episodes, as I call it, and start feeling as if whatever is effecting me is subsiding and resolving. Then something sets me off. The pains return. The cramping increases and just the thought of eating hurts. In fact, I become so hungry the pains increase and I just "give-in".

After nearly two months of thinking more consciously about what I'm eating and if there's an ingredient in it that might upset my stomach, there seems to be no clear answers. Not any one thing makes it all go away. Avoiding something like whey, which is in just about everything (processed, restaurants, chips, etc), is hard enough and I can tell that it helps, but it's not the solution.

Now that I work in a hospital I feel like I am aware of more than I should be. I see so many things happen to people every day, good or bad, and the outcomes are uncertain. Just yesterday a mama was rushed for an emergency c-section and nearly bled out. The doctor had to do a total hysterectomy to save her life and stop the bleeding. Baby was fine and after some blood transfusions and lots of rest, mom should be fine too. All this to say I feel so aware of what will most likely happen on Tuesday. I'll see the doctor and tell her all about my history, the pains, diet, etc and then she'll check me out and order more tests. More blood work, maybe an ultrasound, endoscopy and the dreaded colonoscopy. UGH!! I'm nervous. Only because I've never been referred to a specialist for anything and the relief of finding some answers is certainly encouraging, but to go through all this and maybe not get any answers would be just as frustrating. I don't know if I will have all or any of those procedures, but chatting about it certainly has not gotten me anywhere. I'm certain the anticipation of all this may be worse than actually going through with it.