Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Higher Education

>I am going back to school in 10 months and I can.not.wait. It is amazing how I have been out for over 3 years now and how much I truly miss education. It's ironic, because I have always been a fairly average student. School has always been something I have had to work hard for. I averaged Bs most of the time, but there were always the one or two classes I really struggled in and one or two I really excelled in. I believe that I will do even better, no matter how hard the classes, because I am so focused on something I am truly passionate about. I cannot wait to learn how to teach, how to make lesson plans, how to manage a class room, and to have my own classroom.

My trek back into school began a month ago. It hit me that Logan has a mother who works at a front desk, who is not using her degree (specifically), and who does not particularly find it challenging or rewarding (job wise, not people wise). I wanted right then and there to figure out what it was I am so passionate about and get on with it. Teaching has always been on my radar, it has just been a matter of time and I'm sure, several anxious thoughts, that have kept me from doing it right away. But now my heart and head are so ready to get my career started for the next 30+ years. I love children, teaching, learning, and will be so proud once I am doing all that.

So join me in prayer and joy as I begin my journey into the teaching world and start making a difference in little peoples' lives. I know that there is nothing and on one stopping me now, not even the anxiety, thankyouverymuch.

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