Sunday, November 30, 2008


>I am going to take advantage of the next day that I have off before going back to work and make this weeks dinner menu. This is what I have in mind. Please, feel free to comment or give out recipes. I am always looking for something new and fun!

Monday: Sloppy Joes!

Tuesday: Homemade pizza.

Wednesday: Left overs

Thursday: Spaghetti Squash with Lemon Chicken

Friday: Grilled Cheese and soup.

That is all I have for now. If you want any recipes, let me know!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

>tis the season for Adam Sandler!


VH1 ROCK HONORS Adam Sandler.jpg

I get such a kick out of Adam Sandler's Holiday songs. Happy Thanksgiving all!!


S & B

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


>I am a nurturer. It is what I do best and most likely the reason why I have had baby fever since I was 15. Before you go and freak out, what I mean by that is I have always wanted a child to take care of and love and nurture. Funny, though, I never related that feeling to being married and having a husband-until now. I always have a need to care for B: is he okay? cold? hot? hungry? tired? spontaneous? angry? sad? happy? These are daily needs I attend to as second nature and did so prior to getting married.

Now, my need to nurture cup is more than half full. I am in overdrive caring for B right now. He is sicker than I have ever seen him before. It's the first time I have ever heard him ask me to call to doctor twice in one weeks time and it pains me to sit her, at work, and not be there to care for him. I call him, religiously, asking if he took a nap and his next antibiotic and if he needs me to pick anything up for him. I love feeling needed but I hate seeing him like this. He is pale and lethargic and talks a lot less due to his inflamed throat. He looks at me with half empty eyes begging for it to just go away and it breaks my heart to only be able to offer so much. I can't cure him. I can't take the pain away. But I can hold him and make him grilled cheese sandwiches and put movies on and watch Weeds with him. And I know that he is thankful for that, though I am not totally satisfied with my nurturing. I want to cure him. So, as Thanksgiving approaches, I am SO thankful to have a loving husband that sees what I do as more than enough, who loves me unconditionally and smiles even when he feels like poo. He is the best thing in my life and I thank God everyday for his breath on my face in the morning.

Monday, November 24, 2008

>Snow, anyone?

>I used to hate snow. That is one of the reasons why my family up and moved from Steamboat Springs (where B and I got married, "Ski Town USA"). There was snow there for sometimes, 9 months. I remember when I was in 9th grade and it was my first homecoming dance and it was also our first snow of the season (you can't say year, because there was snow on the ground no more than 3 months ago...). It was great. It made the night magical an memorable.

Now that we live on the front range, the weather here is less predictable. It could snow in the morning and be 50 degrees in the afternoon. Or, take a day like my wedding day (up in Steamboat), where it was cloudy, but warm to start, then some drizzles about an hour and up until 5 minutes until the ceremony, then some beaming sunshine that gave me a distinct tan line where my v-neck dropped, and then some cooler air as we headed up the gondola to the Thunderhead and took more pictures with sunshine, then a CRAZY-ass lightening storm for about an hour with some rain (God's gift to us!), and a beautiful sunset and rainbow to top off the night. Amazing, and totally Colorado weather for you. Not typical though.

It is November 24th, three days before Thanksgiving and we have had NO SNOW! Not even a first snow, at least up here in Fort Collins. Loveland had a dusting a few days ago that never made it north towards us. It has been cold enough for snow, but nada. I was worried when we had no snow before Halloween and now I am really worried! I guess not really worried, persay, but just anxious for a big snow! I want to play in it with the doggies and just have a reason to be cold.

By the way, I love snow now. Even more when it doesn't come. I could never live somewhere that never got snow. No way. So, until we have snow, I am praying for it every night.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

>Life List: Inspired by my Closest Cousin

>So H, my closest cousin, posted a list somewhere else in cyber world and has inspired me to do the same. To start, I want to show you what what on the list when I was in high school. I made one and thought it is not in front of me now, I can remember key goals and aspirations.

List Made at age 15:

1. Get married. (big day was 8/8/08 and H was in my wedding, of course.)
2. Have children/become a mother.
3. Be a stay at home mom, if at all possible.
4. Graduate from high school. (May 2002)
5. Go to college and graduate. (Two colleges, two degrees, two dates: May 2005 and August 2007. AA in Business Admin and BA in English)
6. Meet Hanson. (well...I could have met them a few weeks ago at the concert, but it was satisfying enough to see them again in a very intimate venue. read: awesome!)
7. Meet Freddy Prince Jr. (not an aspiration anymore at all...I have met Frankie Munez and the entire cast of Malcolm in the Middle. cool enough.)
8. Travel overseas: England, Australia, South Africa, Argentina (I have been to England and the Isle of Man)
...These are the things I can remember.

Here are more to add along with the things yet to accomplish:

*Own my own home and furnish it the way I want without worrying about cost.
*Pamper myself at least once a month (something we can budget for)
*Live life like my dogs: carefree, loyal, unconditional love and a playful spirit.
*Maintain a healthy lifestyle: exercises regularly, healthy eating habits, practice doing things that make me genuinely happy.
*Grow spiritually with B and our family.

I will add more later, of course. Enjoy!

>Female Icon Quiz

You Are a Marilyn!

You are a Marilyn -- "I am affectionate and skeptical."

Marilyns are responsible, trustworthy, and value loyalty to family, friends, groups, and causes. Their personalities range broadly from reserved and timid to outspoken and confrontative.

How to Get Along with Me
* Be direct and clear
* Listen to me carefully
* Don't judge me for my anxiety
* Work things through with me
* Reassure me that everything is OK between us
* Laugh and make jokes with me
* Gently push me toward new experiences
* Try not to overreact to my overreacting.

What I Like About Being a Marilyn
* being committed and faithful to family and friends
* being responsible and hardworking
* being compassionate toward others
* having intellect and wit
* being a nonconformist
* confronting danger bravely
* being direct and assertive

What's Hard About Being a Marilyn
* the constant push and pull involved in trying to make up my mind
* procrastinating because of fear of failure; having little confidence in myself
* fearing being abandoned or taken advantage of
* exhausting myself by worrying and scanning for danger
* wishing I had a rule book at work so I could do everything right
* being too critical of myself when I haven't lived up to my expectations

Marilyns as Children Often
* are friendly, likable, and dependable, and/or sarcastic, bossy, and stubborn
* are anxious and hypervigilant; anticipate danger
* form a team of "us against them" with a best friend or parent
* look to groups or authorities to protect them and/or question authority and rebel
* are neglected or abused, come from unpredictable or alcoholic families, and/or take on the fearfulness of an overly anxious parent

Marilyns as Parents
* are often loving, nurturing, and have a strong sense of duty
* are sometimes reluctant to give their children independence
* worry more than most that their children will get hurt
* sometimes have trouble saying no and setting boundaries

Friday, November 21, 2008

>bad wife moment: #1

>...because I am sure there will be more.

So I got tickets to the midnight show of Twilight a few weeks ago and had asked B to go with me. He said yes, but did not show any other form of interest in the movie. In fact, he would make fun of me and the characters when I would watch the trailer (everyday!) and so I thought that if I found someone else to go with me, he would not be upset, relieved actually. So I asked a friend at work and she said yes. I went home and told B and he was SURPRISINGLY bummed! He wants to see Twilight (what??!!). Even though he had been making fun of it, he was all hyped up to see this "superhero chick love story movie". I felt guilty and quickly took back my invite to my friend (sorry Dani!). She was, of course, okay with it and we went to the movie last night. Poor guy, B has a bad sore throat and fever and he still wanted to stick it out. We did not get home until 3am and I will soon be off to Denver to see J and the movie again! Go Team Edward!

Monday, November 17, 2008


>i think the most loving gesture to come from my husband is when he points things out to me that i would not have expected him to notice.

like this beautiful sunset.
he knows how much i love a good sunset.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

>We Need MAJOR Support!!

>Over the last few months, B has been trying to find a new, better job and the economy is so bad here, it is just not happening. I am so thankful to have the job I have with a consistant paycheck and something to expect every couple weeks. This is not the case for B. Sometimes he can make $300 a week and sometimes it's less than $100. Serving is just not a reliable source of income which has lead me to seek other options for us. I am not going to quit my job (though I have felt like it the last few weeks with this new manager...). I am, however, looking into doing want I ultimately want to do and that is to teach. B has never been crazy about the idea of being a teacher, but when I threw this idea at him, he was all over it. Are you ready??


Yes, you read me right. I have found a really great Christian-based organization that places teachers in different countries all over the world to teach conversational and written English to kids K-12. We have only been talking about this for a few days and it is like a fire has been light from underneath us! We are so excited to explore this into more details and set it up. If all goes well, we plan to leave for 1 year starting in June 2009. We are praying that this is a direction that God sees us taking. My heart is filled with the desire so much so that I can't really see another option. It is as if He placed it there in my heart Himself. Thank you Jesus!!

By the way, since B has steller caregiving skills, I am feeling MUCH better. AMEN! Have a beautiful day!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

>On Living Together

>After three months of marriage, B and I could not be more in love. I know that sounds cliche and nauseating for some, but seriously. The sheer excitement of having someone to take care of and vis versa with pure and selfless love is amazing. I can't say that I never thought that could happen, but I am a bit surprised. Because of this, I am so glad B and I did not move in with each other before we got married. Prior to the wedding, I would have given anything to move in with him. Living with my parents was becoming so elementary and I needed to be free. However, the only difference I see from living together before getting married and waiting until after marriage is a piece of paper and rings around our fingers. I love getting to know B through living with him as his wife. I take my wife-dom so seriously I am not sure I could have grasped that before the wedding. Yes, it was killer waiting until the wedding to finally move in and sleep under the same roof without feeling guilty about it. But I am proud to say that the 9 months wait didn't threaten our love and had in fact made the moving in aspect of marriage so much more enjoyable. I completely respect those of you who did/do live with your partners prior to marriage. Hell, if I had it my way, B and I would have moved in long before the wedding but I am sure you don't have a father threatening to not pay for the wedding if you did move in together. That meant a lot to B and I, to have the privilege of our parents paying for more than 90% of an incredible wedding. Just ask anyone who went: it was the best wedding most people had ever been to and that is not me just being biased. Survey says, so there. All I am saying is that the last three months have been amazing with B and we are so happy. Sure we have disagreements and argue about how to discipline the dogs and what to eat for dinner. But that is the fun and expected part of being married. I would not change one thing. Our happiness grows everyday and I would not be who I am today without B. I would also not be who I am without the love of our Lord. He has really been showing himself to me lately and I am feeling like our marriage needs some more spiritual support. We both seek it and want it. It is just a matter of finding what exactly it is our marriage and person needs. I am hoping to find a couples Bible study or something along those lines that B and I can engage in together. We want our home to be solid in our faith and spirituality before we bring another person into the world. Right now, it needs work. Nothing we can't handle, but it needs work. Thankfully we have a great support system of family members. It is the support system of our friends that we feel is lacking. Not any one person in particular, just in general.

B is taking care of me right now since I am sick and it is so sweet to see. He hates seeing me like this and I, likewise, hate to see him sick but he insists on kissing. Silly man. So far, he is in the clear and I hope it stays that way.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

>opposites attract

>b and i have opposite schedules. 
on days i work at night, he works during the day, and when i work during the day, he is off and works at night. there are only a few days, maybe 2, that we get to sit down and have dinner together, go on a date, or take the dogs to the dog park. it sucks. when i have to work the next day at 8am, i usually go to bed by 11 and b is usually not ready to go to bed then. i want to stay up with him but i also want some sleep. nights like tonight, b worked the eagles game and is on his home now (it is 10:38pm) and i don't have to work until 3 tomorrow so we can spend some time together tonight. i just hope he can find a job soon that will work with my schedule so we can be home and together at the same time. it works for now because that means the dogs don't get left alone for very long at all which is really good. i just can't help but be a little selfish.

i love him more than my mind can fathom. it surprises me so much every time i look at b and see him smile and fall ten times more in love with him and who knew it was possible? i am so lucky and i thank God everyday for him. he is my best friend and i could not be happier.

there is your "newlywed" blog. pretty mushy, i know.

Monday, November 10, 2008

>Hanson Photos


I PROMISE that after this post, I will do what I said I would do a few days ago and start writing more "newlywed stuff". Promise. Eat your heart out. I know I did!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

>HANSON never fails me

>Talk about amazing. Like I said in my last post, it has been 10 years since the last time I saw Hanson in concert. It was July 18th, 1998 and I was almost 14 years old. The albums they had out were "Boomerang", "MMMBop" and "Middle of Nowhere" and a few singles. The following Christmas, "Snowed In" came out. Since then, they have released three live DVD's and 4 more full length CDs. They are also all married with at least one child. WOW! And they still want to grace their loyal fans with their friggen awesome is that!

The show was so great and I had a lot to drink, but not too much. I still remember everything. Hanson played for almost 2 hours and I could have easily gone another 2. I have no voice today and I am very proud of that fact. I have surprised myself. Not until I was there and Isaac, Taylor, and Zac took the stage did I realize how true a Hanson fan I am. I missed them. I had not been paying much attention to them, just hearing every once in a while that someone had a baby or got married. It was so great and just refueled my passion for them. That is all I am going to say because there really is no way to describe how great the night was in words. You had to be there, so pictures will come soon.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

>guilty pleasure, here i come...i hope

>so i did what i normally never do when it comes to concerts-i waited until the last minute and actually got lucky. a friend of mine had to leave town and gave me her one ticket to the hanson concert tonight. wonderful, right? here is the problem: a) i don't want to go alone so i have asked my mother in law to come with, b) the concert is sold out (who the eff knew that would happen....???), and c) we may not go if we can't find a ticket to scalp. here is the thing: i was not that excited to go to the show until i got the call yesterday about the free ticket and now that i have the opportunity, i am super excited and now super worried that we won't be able to find another ticket. i am not going to make mom wait for me and i am not going alone (hello! colfax is not a place to be alone!). ticket gods, if you're there, please bless us with the opportunity to go! thanks!!

history lesson
i have been a hanson fan for 11 years now. how long have you been a fan of something?
i used to buy every magazine with pictures of them in it and plaster them on my wall (next to JTT of course).
i saw hanson last at red rocks 10 years ago...i would say it is about time i graced them with my presance again.
taylor was always my favorite. his voice is so....ahhh-good.
i never bought their latest cd, but i still know all the songs.
i have a box that b might burn with i am not home that has all my hanson memorbelia in it.
i love to play hanson songs on my guitar because they are easy to learn.
my mom wants "with you in your dreams" to be played at her funeral someday.
hanson is doing amazing work in africa and no one is recognizing it...damn brangelina!
they are a guilty pleasure and i am now proud to admit that i am a hanson fan.

Friday, November 7, 2008

>goodbye fall

brrrrr it's cold outside.


>i love the color yellow, but hate the color brown even though it is not that far off a color.
i hate odd numbers except for the number 1 and any combination of 1s (ie: 11, 111)
i hate running yellow lights and get a sick feeling in my stomach when i do, thinking a cop might catch me.
i love it when the dogs lick my toes/feet.
i enjoy watching sunrises more than sunsets, but i would not get up just to see the sunrise unless i had to.
i met all three of my favorite girlfriends in grand junction.
i really don't like reading a book more than once unless it is amazing.
amazing books i have read more than once: are you there god, it's me margaret, twilight, and a book of short stories.
i hate it when the person i am calling goes straight to voicemail. it makes me think something is wrong.
i hate when i mess something up when i am cooking.
jimmy eat world is my feel-good-calm-down-because-i-am-home-alone music.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

>we are cran-apple juice

b likes cranberry juice
i like apple juice
mixed together, we are cran-apple and it was on sale at the store today.
b is at the store right now getting eggs so that we can make my late grandma boots a birthday cake. 
she would have bee 81 and it has been one year since her passing.
that is right, she passed the day after her birthday.
(happy birthday grandma!)
this week has been hard and happy at the same time. 
i miss her so much, but i see her in so many people.
people she didn't even ever know.
but that is the way she was.
i have meatloaf in the oven and used the last egg.
that is why b is at the store.
i didn't want to ask ar for another egg.
actually 3 eggs.
b is so wonderful that he is spending this evening with me instead of watching the broncos game.
(we don't have cable)
that, in my opinion, is true love.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

>3rd post today

>...but I could not wait until tomorrow. I had a smack-in-the-face moment: the title of my blog is "a little bit delirious: confessions of a newlywed". well, I think I need write more about newlywed "bliss". I know I have in the past and then I go on tangents about running and man-dogs. SO, starting tomorrow, my posts will focus more on the marriage side of me/us and occasional tangents. so there you have it. end blog.

>a series of FORTUNATE events

>Monday (two days ago..): date night was moved to Monday due to the Election. We went to Bisetti's and it was awesome! Then we had coffee and walked around in the nippish air. I hope it snows soon!
Tuesday: Election day started off weird. My favorite radio station had some serious interference from another station. Then the fitness room at work flooded and THEN a resident's room flooded. awesome. When I got off work, B picked me up and we went to my parents for taco bar and election night. Obama? Really? Humm...okay.
Wednesday: tried to run, will work in a few hours and come home to go straight to bed.
Thursday: work all day and enjoy dinner with the hubs.
Friday: meeting before work, work, then sleepies.
Saturday: head to denver to visit the mom in law. maybe go see hanson...
Sunday: work and then relax!!

>i am so not a runner

>B and I have tried, for the 4th time, to go running. I think our ambitions are just a little much right now. I can go about a quarter of a mile before I need to stop and walk. That is when my chest starts to burn and breathing is painful. I am hoping all that just means I need to run more to work up that physical stamina I am clearly lacking. My fear, though, is that I am not supposed to be a runner. What if it is activity-induced asthma?? It freaks me out a little, but B and I are going to try a routine for a month and see how it goes. If all fails, I might go to the doc and see what's up and then resort to other forms of exercise I actually enjoy doing: biking, lifting, ab workouts and dancing.
The first days of November have been quite promising. It seems that B and I are getting out of that financial rut that poked at our sides. Our comfort level is upping and it is making for great date nights (Tuesdays!) and more flexible shopping trips. We were able to have an great Halloween party that was perfect in size and people. The remainder of this blog will consist of pictures, since it has been so long since I posted any. Enjoy!

beautiful day at the dog park

butte the bumblebee and tulo as the bad spiderman

bella the vampire love her joker

date night at cafe vino!