Thursday, November 29, 2012

le bump, 15wks (currently...)


So...I'm like, 40% DONE with this pregnancy already! Can you believe it? Because I can't. Seriously, no space of time has gone faster. I am so grateful to be flying through it, with an almost healthy card, but it could slow down a bit and I would be just fine with that.

I'm over the bump survey thing, so there is my personal version of that:

  • Eating: everything in sight! Especially ceasar salad, tomato soup, and any kind of pasta with vodka sauce. YUMMMM!

  • Wearing: Non-maternity clothes! I know, right?! 15 weeks and I fit perfectly into a pair of work pants that have hung in my closet because they've always hung weird on me...well not anymore! They fit perfectly and I don't need a belly band to hold them up. Also, no mat. tops either. I'm loving still wearing my regular clothes.

  • Baby is...starting to make itself known! The other night I was up with Logan and as I settled back into bed, I felt three distinct thump.thump.thumps! It was so sweet! And now, if I'm really still and paying attention, I can feel the flutters. This is 4 weeks earlier than the first time I started to feel Logan. Wow.

  • Differences: So far, this baby is right on track, whereas Logan was always nearly 2 weeks behind in size, which explains his 6.6 pounds at 41 weeks. My peanut.

  • Predictions: I think this baby is a GIRL and that I will deliver on time.

  • No fun: migraines and low back pain. I am seeing a chiropractor this afternoon and I cannot wait!

  • Way fun: Logan kisses my belly and if prompted, will say hi to the baby, whom he is now saying is a girl (before, for weeks, he kept saying "boy" and "brother").

  • Undecided: on a boy name. I hope that works out for us in the long run! ;)

There. That was a lot more fun.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday Social-Newbie Here

Sunday Social

I haven't done this before but I like how it sounds and I actually have a Sunday evening to myself to type it out. So here goes!

Name 4 jobs you've had in your life.

1. The first job I had in high school was working in a movie theater. I loved it. I had the best perks and, being that my entire family is pretty obsessed with movies, I had a blast. I was able to see any movie I wanted with my family, all comped, as long as the movie was at least 2 weeks old and not still selling out. This was all while Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and Star Wars were coming out. It was a fantastic job. I quit when I started college.

2. I had a job as a paraprofessional in a high school. I was one-on-one with a student who had a traumatic brain injury. It was a crazy school year, but I loved going to all his classes with him. The job was challenging, but I got to do freshman year all over again and it was great.

3. I worked part time at a chiropractor while I was working at the high school. I got free adjustments all the time, but it was a commute to another town and I was not available enough.

4. Now I work in a hospital and I love it. I get to see pregnant mamas in labor come in and then see them leave with their little babies a few days later. I love it. I am keeping my eyes open for something where I could have more patient contact as a unit assistant, something which does not require certifications and such.

Name 4 movies you could watch over and over.

1. Knocked Up. Best comedy ever.

2. The Notebook. Best love story.

3. Harold and Maude. Best black comedy.

4. Inglorious Bastards. Best action/war movie.

Name 4 places you have lived.

I have only ever lived in Colorado, except for a short stint in New Jersey over the summer.

1. Lavallette, New Jersey, summer of 2006. This town was hit so hard by Hurricane Sandy.

2. Grand Junction, Colorado. 3 years for college.

3. Steamboat Springs, Colorado. AKA Ski Town USA. Lived there for 7 years.

4. Current Town, Colorado. I keep this private.

Name 4 of your favorite foods.

1. Butternut Squash Ravioli.

2. Guacamole.

3. BBQ wings.

4. Vodka sauce penne pasta.

Name 4 things you always carry with you.

1. Phone.

2. Keys.

3. Wallet.

4. Baby bean. ;)

Name 4 places you have been on vacation.

1. Isle of Mann, June 2002.

2. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, May 2000 & April 2009

3. London, England, June 2002

4. New York City, New York, countless times.

I was hoping we'd talk about TV, so since we didn't I will just mention that I am curbing a migraine right now by watching the pilot episode of Gilmore Girls and drinking a cherry coke. It's working.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

eff off bob the migraine!

I'm in so much pain. I'm going on almost 4 weeks of chronic headaches and a week straight of one, solid migraine that only disappears while I'm asleep. So I named him. Bob. Of course the migraine is masculine. And I've asked Bob to sweetly take a hike and never return but something is getting lost in our line of communication and I think it has to do with the pain that he's inflicting on me. But in all seriousness, this fucking sucks. I've never had  a migraine before and I am sure that anyone who has, no matter how sweet and well-mannered, has used foul language in describing one. I've seen my husband go through them and there are certainly different levels of pain and differences in intensity. B will actually get physically sick, while I am in just so much pain it hurts to keep my eyes open.

Unfortunately for me, there is really nothing I can take or do to rid myself of this migraine since I am with child. So I am trying every little trick I can and so far, no luck. I try drinking a ton of water and even some water with electrolytes in it to keep my energy up. B has been massaging my neck, I'm using a heat bag, drinking caffeine, and taking Tylenol. Nothing is working. My midwife even gave me a stronger version of Tylenol and even that is not working. So rather than taking medication that is clearly doing nothing, here I sit and suffer. I have dimmed the light on my screen so I can barely see the words I'm typing, but the light is just too intense. I laid in bed most of the day in the dark clutching my head and praying for sleep or the pain to subside. No luck today.

The only thing I can hope for right now is that this is a temporary 2nd trimester bump in the road that will/should subside in a few weeks. That day cannot come soon enough.

Friday, November 23, 2012


This has been a roller-coaster year with much to be thankful for. I am always giving thanks in the right circumstance, as often as I can. I pray and give thanks for everything we have and for everything that is yet to be had. But on Thanksgiving, the reflection is stronger. The realization of what we actually have to be grateful for increases and the importance grows.

This year, I am most thankful for:

  • My husband.

  • My son.

  • Our home. Buying our first home this year is a feat we are thankful for every time we walk through the doors. And I cannot say we are thankful for our home without giving thanks to the people who helped us get there: B's dad and his fiance. We love them so much and are so grateful for the help.

  • Baby bean. I'm so thankful that I have a body that is compatible with pregnancy, that holds onto healthy babies and continues to grow each day.

  • My friends. The friends, near and far, and those of you I've never met. I'm thankful for the bond we share.

  • My job. Any job, really, is something to be thankful for. I'm just extra thankful that I enjoy it.

  • School. So thankful for formal education so I can learn how to do what I'm so passionate about.

And so much more. Cheers to another year, day, minute of thanks.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

a little late


Tomorrow, I'm 14 weeks and officially in the 2nd trimester of this very fast-moving pregnancy! I really cannot believe how fast it feels.

The ups:

I feel like I am carrying this baby higher than I did with Logan. I can still wear my work pants and today, I just discovered that I really don't even need the belly band. Maybe I really did need it for the last few weeks, but the baby/my uterus has moved up some.

I look pregnant. People notice and comment. I love this stage where it is obvious and the attention to my belly is nice. I've always loved having a pregnant belly.

B and I had a date night on Saturday. It was amazing. I love him so much.

Heidi has found a house to move into! She and her kiddos should be making their way out of our digs in the next week or two. We are all so happy and excited for the next step in her transition here.

The downs:

I have been having pregnancy-induced migraines. I never had migraines prior to this pregnancy and they suuuuuuuck. I have a script for powerful tylenol and they're upping the dose because NOTHING is working. I am also scheduling a massage and maybe even a chiropractor adjustment. I'm even looking into buying a 10s unit.

Logan is in a weird phase, one which I am sure is going to last awhile. He cries over almost everything he wants and cannot have. It's exhausting.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Monday, November 12, 2012

Snow Day

This weekend we had a lovely snow. It started early Saturday morning as sleet and quickly changed into gigantic, wet snowflakes. The kids could not get their boots, coats and hats on fast enough before running outside to enjoy the white wonder. My cousins children have seen snow before, but not like this. Not Colorado snow! Heidi and I watched from inside as our children soaked up the cold fun!

one more week

One more week...and I will be in my second trimester with this baby bean.

One more week...and I will be on a hot date with my husband to a hockey game.

One more week...and then I might start feeling less tired and staying up past 9pm.

One more week...until I can get a real massage again.

One more week...of Logan waking up at 5am and I might loose all my marbles.

One more week...closer to Thanksgiving, my most favorite holiday.

One more week...of class and then I get a week off!

One more week...and I might need to upgrade to my black maternity pants on a regular basis.

One more week...and Logan and I will be back at the new children's museum. I'll be sure to take my camera this time!

One more week. Hang in there.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Currently...12 weeks


Anticipating...the day my cousin moves out. That sounds bad, but it's not. She's anticipating it too. We are all ready for her to be on her own and continue taking the right steps to starting over.

Buying...some maternity shirts and some new black boots! Let me say this: I hate maternity shirts and hope that I really only need them in the end. They are gigantic and unflattering. I was able to find some nice shirts that were just more flowey and non-maternity. Love those shirts much more!

Needing...a year long nap. I mean really, bears know where it's at with their hibernating business. I have been so tired lately I can barely function into the evening. Been going to bed around 830!

Thinking...about what books to read when school is out for winter break! I have a few new ones on my kindle, only one of which is pregnancy related.

Ignoring...all the political out-roar, both out in public (a car said "RIP America") and on FB. I know most people have been pretty tame, but wow. Some have been downright mean and I'm not going to give those folks the attention they're seeking.

12 wks with Logan, braving a bikini!

How far along? 12wks
Total weight gain/loss: +8.2 pounds
How big is baby?  Size of a plum!
Maternity clothes?  sometimes, still trying to make the belly band work as my work maternity pants are just too big right now.
Sleep: Meh...I have been going to bed really early and while I am exhausted, it still takes me a little while to fall asleep. But then I stay asleep.
Best moment this week: We heard an amazingly strong heartbeat this morning! Right at 170BPM.
Movement: none yet
Food cravings: peanut butter, smarties, pasta, anything with tomatoes
Food aversions: none
Gender: Team GREEN!
Labor Signs: na
Symptoms:  very tired, some round ligament pains here and there.
Belly Button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off?  On
Stretchmarks? none
How are you feeling? So tired. I know, I keep saying that but seriously, I've been happy and in a pretty good mood most of the time, minus some stress here and there, but very VERY tired.
 What I am looking forward to: DU hockey game on Saturday night with B.
What I miss:  WINE!!
Weekly Wisdom: Going to bed before your child is okay.
Milestones:  Heard a heartbeat! Almost out of the 1st tri!
Pregnancy Moments: So happy that B was with me this morning to hear our baby's heart beating away!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

On Sleep and Other Things

Sleep. I'm been pretty lucky to have a kiddo who has always bee a pretty good sleeper. Sure, we've had our challenges now and then and sleep is always worse when Logan is sick or going through a weird phase in his growth.  But I'm lucky enough to get a full nights sleep and if we all went to bed at the same time, I'd easily have 10 hours of solid sleep under my belt. I know that is not so for everyone, even with toddlers who should, ideally, be sleeping through the night by now. But some kids are just different and we're going through a very challenging sleep stage with Logan.

For the last several weeks, Logan has been fighting his naps and the process of going to bed at night with every fiber of his being. At daycare, he has no problem (of course!) but at home, he will fight it until we're both red in the face with frustration and confusion. We try everything by rocking, reading, singing, and saying goodnight to everything in sight. He is aware it's bed time but refuses to stay in bed. Now he needs his closet light on, which is only so he can see his toys better. The most extreem thing he does to get attention is...poop. I know, I did just say that!! But is anyone else's toddler doing this, or has done this? I mean, he will go three times before he's "done" and find new excuses to get out of bed. It takes almost an hour every day to get him ready and staying in bed. Once he's asleep, he stays asleep, but there have been a lot of tears as we try to maintain control, discipline  and care while enforcing the time for going to bed is NOW.

I realize that this is also a critical time in Logan's life in which he is learning how to express himself with words, actions and less than desirable behaviors to get what he wants. It is so easy to give in. But we don't want to set an example that he can have whatever he wants when he wants it. The time change this morning was not actually as bad as I thought it would be. He ended up sleeping almost an hour later than he normally would have (thanks to the darkness!) but has since been super cranky after his nap. We've been cutting an hour off his nap time to help him be more ready for bed by 8pm. So far, no difference, but I'm hoping that adjustment helps us all go to bed happier.

So, any advice veteran mamas??


In other news,

  • my belly has popped this weekend. WOAH!

  • I have done more than 6 loads of laundry today and there are stil 3-4 left to do.

  • B cleaned up the yard yesterday, pruned all our bushes and mowed for the end of the year maintenance--it all looks amazing!

  • I'm obsessed with Smarties and blueberry muffins right now.

Thursday, November 1, 2012


(11wks with Logan)

As I've already said, this pregnancy has been so different than my first with Logan. I know all pregnancies can be different but I am truly surprised by how night and day they really are. First of all, I cannot BELIEVE I am already 11wks. Feels like just last week we were finding out! This time did not seem to go as quickly with Logan. I remember the 1st trimester dragging on and on and that that the 2nd trimester was much quicker. Secondly, all my cravings, symptoms, etc are just different. Most of the morning sickness is gone. Only every so often will I feel yucky and like nothing sounds good to eat. Also, the fatigue is wearing off, which is nice (though as I type I am really tired--must be from getting up early to do my face make-up!). Last time I feel like I was tired forever. All the time. Staying up past 9pm has been nice.

And can I just say WOW to my bump?! I seriously had to go back through my photos to see what I looked like last time (thank goodness for those photos!) and this bump is more defined, for sure. Click the link above to see for yourself. Another major difference is how laid back I am about all the aches and pains that are normal. I feel like my experience and education in pregnancy and childbirth has eased my mind. I know that if the pain is sudden and goes away, it has to be round ligament pain, which I had lots of last time. I know that if it sticks around, I can call my midwife and she will tell me what to do. But guess what? I have only called her ONCE this entire pregnancy when I had food poisoning. Last time, I called the nurses all.the.time. I knew them all on a first-name basis. Maybe it was a first-time-mom worry or just that I did have a few issues. I have not had any spotting whatsoever, cramps, or anything else which might be concerning. I feel so lucky this time. I feel so blessed that I know what my body is doing and is capable of.  Do all second timers feel like this?

Our lives are in such a different place this time, which must be why it feels like the weeks are just flying by. My cousin is living with us, I'm in school, working full time, and dealing with a toddler who fights his naps and doesn't go to bed until 10pm (more on that later). Whatever these differences mean, I feel positive that all is well. We should hear a heart beat next week (Thursday) when I'm 12wks.


Total Weight Gain: 4.5 pounds. I lost a pound somewhere in there last week. I'm sure after all the candy I've been enjoying that my weigh in on Monday will be different!

Continuing Symptoms: fatigue, though less often.

Maternity Clothes: I love maternity pants. The belly band is working out fine, but not having to readjust it every so often is nice!

Sleep: sleeping well!

What I’m Eating: I am a walking cliche: I ate 3 pickles without stopping last night.

Cravings: salty things, smarties, BBQ chicken, spaghetti

Movement: none

Labor Signs: n/a

Special Pregnancy Moments: When a co-worker pointed out how cute my bump is looking. I love getting to that point where I finally look pregnant and not chubby!


Logan is currently...

Loving his dinosaur costume and plastic pumpkin bucket. He was very excited to take it to school today and he carries his pumpkin around the house and puts odd items in it like socks and a stuffed kitty.

Looking at everything out the car windows. He is constantly telling me "Mama, look at that ______!" Fill in the blank. Car lights, moon, orange sky, school bus, name it.

Cooking water. The kitchen is not the most kid-friendly arena in our home right now. I feel like once the space is just our own again I will let him in the kitchen with me more. But for now, he is obsessed with taking my egg beater/salad dressing maker and filling it with water and ice and then passing the water between the cup and other bowls. He loves water play!

Catching a cold that's been caught. We're going on almost 2 weeks now and his cough is just terrible, however he has no other symptoms and just has to ride it out. We treat it with benedryl at night to help him sleep and the same if he's extra snotty in the morning.

Missing his grandparents. He talks about them every time we are in the car. His memory is amazing. I picked my mom up one day and took her home. The next several days after he kept asking if we were going to pick up Lolly. I hate meeting that question with a "no, not today honey".

I am currently...

Loving being pregnant again. I loved it the first time and I love it again. I love the experience and how growing a baby simplifies the important things in life.

Looking for boots and some damn leggings!! I've looked everywhere. I think I tried on 30 different pairs of boots this weekend and NO place I went had a decent pair of legging. I'd like to live in those for the remainder of my pregnancy and one pair is not going to cut it.

Cooking very little lately. I'm not much for cooking anyway and even less so while pregnant. The microwave is my friend. And my cousin, who's an amazing cook.

Catching up on Call the Midwife! I did not realize I'd missed three episodes! So I caught up yesterday and oh, how I love that show!! I love how ever birth is depicted with real, raw labor and pushing and that not every birth is dramatic (as shown in TV and movies so often). I could go on forever.

Missing my family out East. There little beach town is under water and sand right now. I wish I could be there to help clean up.