Thursday, May 30, 2013

Currently...10 Days Old!!

Miss Evelyn is 10 days old!! The tee she is wearing here was mine when I was a newborn! I love some of the awesome vintage things my mom saved that were both mine and even hers as infants. Here are some random randoms...I keep remembering certain things about her birth and the first few days and I don't want to forget them...

  • She weighs 7.4 pounds and is 19 and 1/2 inches long!
  • Eats 2-3oz at a time.
  • Evie is so incredibly calm. Today is the most she has cried from gas bubbles and it wasn't even that much. When she wakes for a feeding, she just makes some grunting sounds and I do my best to feed her before she has a chance to cry.
  • She's a night owl...girlfriend likes to hang out with her daddy after I go to bed.
  • I'm still in absolute disbelief that she came out of me without any drugs! Okay so I had a few doses of fentenyl but if you know anything about the drug, you know it really doesn't do much other than make you feel loopy for all of 5 minutes. It wares off quickly and does NOTHING for pain. Thanks to no drugs and a very quick delivery, I have had an awesome recovery, physically. This has been night and day in comparison to my delivery of Logan and I am SO grateful.
  • HOWEVER, I woke up with a stiff neck and a massive migraine today. No bueno.
  • I'm starting to get a little bit more sleep. Last night I had 2 hour stretches between feedings/pumping.
  • I've lost 16 pounds so far!
  • Logan is in love! He played with his sister this morning before he went to school, though he has been in quite a funk. We are all still adjusting and he is no different. We are trying to give him extra love and attention.
  • We had our newborn photo shoot yesterday! Which may be the cause of my migraine....but it was so much fun! Here is a little teaser:

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

That's My Daughter

One week old!

Life is crazy right now! We are all still adjusting to this wonderful miracle.  Breastfeeding has been really hard but I *think* we are finally turning a corner. She is now 7.1 pounds and eating 2.3oz every 2-3 hours. We went the hospital today to a breastfeeding moms group where there are two lactation consultants to help in anyway they can. Evelyn nursed great and weighing before and after is how we figured out how much she is eating.

Me? I'm just hanging in there. Its been rough, no lie. Recovery this time has been amazing. I did not need to come home with pain meds. The only real pain I've had has been from engorgement and today, I walked a lot so I'm more achy. The rough parts have been dealing with the dip in hormones. I have shortness of breath and feel just off. It's worse at night when I'm totally exhausted and trying to fall asleep. My doctor says this is fairly normal, though I did not experience this kind of dip or symptoms after I had Logan. Just goes to show how different every birth can be.

Logan has been doing well. He has his moments but he loves his sister so much! When she cries he says, "It's okay sissy!" and that just melts my heart. He is not crazy about holding her very much, however...

He will hold her for a great photo op! These two...I just cannot believe how blessed we are!! My children are so healthy and beautiful. I feel so complete with my family.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

The First Baby I Ever Caught

...was my own. This is the birth story of Evelyn Taylor who made her way Earth side on Monday, May 20th at 5:39pm weighing 6 pounds & 14 ounces and stretching out to 18 and 3/4 inches. Her story begins on Sunday, May 19th...

On Sunday morning I woke up feeling tired, which was nothing new, but I could barely keep my eyes open. B headed to work and it was just me and Logan for the day. However, I knew I had to get some help with Logan so I called my parents and they gladly took him for several hours so I could sleep some more. As I was getting Logan ready I noticed contractions coming and going. This was nothing new as I had been in prodormal labor for weeks at this point. Of course I secretly hoped "today is the day" but all the false labor did not have me convinced.

I came home, ate some lunch and slept for a few hours through some mild contractions. Around 1:30 I woke up, feeling a lot more cramps in my low back. Again, I had been feeling these pains on and off for several days, but noticed they started off very close together, 2-3 minutes apart and rather uncomfortable. I updated my parents and B and tried to keep see if I could get labor going. I was still not sure if this was the real deal, but I figured walking and bouncing on the ball would help if it was.

After a few hours, I called B to come home a little early. I was beginning to think this was going to be the night and we had to get some things together. My parents had to drop Logan back off with us for a few hours before we left. I wanted to try and labor at home as long as possible. As of the previous Friday, I was 2cm dilated and 50% effaced with a very posterior cervix. So I labored away, contractions coming a little stronger and still every 2-3 minutes apart. Logan and I walked around our cul de sac as it was a beautiful night. The dogs ran around the circle with us and I knew this would be the last thing I would be doing with Logan before he became a big brother. Somehow, I held my emotions together most of the evening until it was time for us to leave for the hospital.

I was bouncing on the ball watching Bruno Mars open up the Billboard Music Awards. I had already called the triage nurse and was instructed it was time to come in. I called the hospital and everyone was ready for us. So I took Logan into my arms and told him his sister was going to be coming today, that he was going to be a big brother. I told him we were going back to Lolly and Pop Pop's so he could have a sleep over with Pop Pop and then tomorrow, Grandma Mac would come and play with him after school. He seemed to understand everything, repeating what I told him. My eyes filled and I gave him a huge hug and kiss. Logan hates seeing me cry so I choked back the tears and off we went.

We dropped Logan off with my dad and picked my mom up. She and B were going to be my birth partners, taking turns helping me through this birthing process. We had a 30 minute drive to the hospital. Contractions stayed regular. Everything everyone else says about labor in a car is true--it sucks!! I could not wait to get to the hospital!

We arrived at the hospital just after 8pm. I was still 2cm and 50% so I got into the tub to see if that would help relax me. It worked! After 2 hours I was nearly 4cm and was admitted. The first attempt to get a hep lock in blew my vein but the 2nd one was done beautifully. The best part was that I did not need to be hooked up to anything. I was drinking plenty of water on my own and it was "just in case" and hospital policy.

I love the midwife, Lani, who was there when I walked in but she was off at 7am Monday morning. At this point, I'm very vague as to the timing of certain checks, but I would guess that between 10pm and 2am we walked the halls, I got back into the tub, and prayed for progress. Labor pains were still manageable  but strong enough for me to stop and breathe. I was no longer able to talk through them. Around 5am I was checked again and made a little more progress, nearly 5cm with a bulging bag of waters. Up until this point, though I had been admitted, I had been laboring for over 12 hours and was making very slow progress. Both the nurses and my midwife talked about letting us go home to labor on our own, but I knew that was a bad idea. I knew my anxiety would shoot through the roof. I'd have no idea when it would be time for us to come back and that was another hour round trip in the car going through much harder labor than hours before. So when we found I was 5cm with a bulging bag, we all agreed that breaking my water was the best choice. At this point, I had been awake for over 24 hours and was really starting to feel exhausted.

After my water broke, we kept walking the halls. SIX hours later and I had made NO progress. I was so upset. At this point, I wasn't going home because my water was broken so we decided that if by 1pm I was still 6cm we would start some pitocin. I labored on some more, contractions getting much stronger. We all really thought this meant I was progressing and baby was coming down more.

Around 1:30pm, Cassie, my midwife, came and checked me again. NOTHING. Maybe some more effacement around 75%, so it was time for some pitocin. My body was in labor, but taking it's sweet time. Problem was I was so terribly tired I could barely keep my eyes open and I needed a break. Pitocin does not offer breaks! As they hooked me up to the pitocin, my nurse started things off nice and slow and I was given some fentenyl to take the edge off and help me rest. I laid in bed for about an hour. Contractions kind of went all over the place for a bit, but once the pitocin was flowing the contractions became really strong and very regular, about 2 minutes apart. Around 4:30pm I started begging for an epidural. My mom  kept asking me if I was sure and I kept yelling yes! A true sign of transition. ;)

Some fluids were hooked up and I was given another dose of fentenyl as there was someone in front of me for the epidural. I was starting to lose it. Everything was an absolute blur. I could not move in bed. I just sat up and grabbed both side of the bed, shaking my legs back and forth during contractions that were now nearly on top of each other. I was breathing hard and fast which made me feel light headed between contractions but I almost think that was a good thing. It was almost euphoric for a few seconds. This is where I realize now that the pains were not going to get any worse. With Logan's birth, I was saying "no, no, no!" over and over again. It was only moments before Evie was born that I started to say things like "no!" and "where is my effing epidural?!"

My nurse Marilyn was amazing. She was so calm and supportive the entire time I labored. At one point she suggested she better check me because 2nd babies come faster. I was 8cm and fully effaced. She set everything up. Cassie came in to check on me and said she'd be in the OR training but as soon as I needed her she would be there. Moments later the anesthesiologist walked in. I said, "Thank you Jesus!!" I wonder how many women say that to him. ;) He started to work very quickly. There were no breaks for me anymore and I was certain I was dying. Obviously, I wasn' was just only a few moments before baby would come. He had me sit up and lean over a table. The change in position must have been all baby needed to really come down because I was suddenly pushing and could feel her head right there! The anesthesiologist had placed the cath and administered a small dose, but there was no relief and before I knew it I was screaming that I couldn't stop pushing. I leaned over, almost on top of all the needles and things needed for the epidural.

Nurses filled the room and Cassie was still not there. Another doctor showed up, ready to deliver the baby and I yelled for someone to go get Cassie (which I know someone already had). She was really the only one I wanted to catch my baby. Then, she was there. She sat on the side of the bed. She made me look at her and she coached me through 3 of the most intense pushes and pain I have ever experienced in my entire life. I even remember yelling "I feel everything!!" and she said that was how it was going to be. As baby crowned she had me breathe her head out. I felt the ring of fire and remember telling myself it was for just a few seconds. Baby's head would be out and the fire would go away. One more push and baby slid right into my hands. Cassie helped her head out and I reached down and caught my baby! I pulled her up onto my chest. She had a short cord so she laid mostly on my stomach. I spread the legs apart, B standing just to my right and together we saw she was a girl! We exclaimed with joy that baby was a girl and we all started to cry and laugh! I knew she was a girl and Logan especially knew he was going to have a sister.

Evie was covered in vernix. She had it in her ears and all over her little body. She was slow to pink up so she had some O2 placed over her face. She was so calm, barely cried. We waited for the cord to stop pulsing before B cut it. Evie pinked up quickly and the O2 was removed. She stayed on my chest for an entire hour while I delivered the placenta. I recall thinking, "oh yeah that thing has to come out too..." and it did easily. Cassie fixed a small tear with a few stitches and soon enough I was cleaned up and just enjoying my baby girl. Logan and B's mom came by. Logan was a little overwhelmed by all the lights and instruments around the room, but he did take a few moments to say hi to me and his new sister. He gave me a "Mama" necklace and Evie a pink monkey. Their visit was short but just what I needed to get through the rest of the night without my first born.

It was a few hours before we were moved over to women's care. I was able to get up and go to the bathroom on my own, something which I had not been able to do for several hours after Logan was born due to the epidural.

Putting this birth into words is hard. Yes, I wrote out as much as I could but to capture how truly incredible it was feels impossible. I'm still in awe that I gave birth naturally, without an epidural and so quickly. We figure my labor was just under 20 hours and less than 5 minutes of pushing. As far as a 2nd birth goes, the only part that seemed typical was how quickly she was born and I am so grateful that when she was ready, she came.

We are so happy and beyond thrilled to have our girl Evelyn apart of our family.

Friday, May 24, 2013

We have...

A four day old daughter!! Born Monday at 539pm. 6.14 pounds and 18.75" long. Super long labor but worth every second. I'll have a birth story up as soon as I stop staring at her. We are both doing great.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

oh dear...embarrassment

Oh man. Sharing my most embarrassing moment? That's a tough one. I think I embarrass myself regularly but not in the I-need-to-hide-under-a-rock kind of way. I shake it off, laugh and move on. HOWEVER, there is one time in particular where I really wished I had been able to crawl up under a rock and pretend nothing had happened. (total TMI--turn away now if you don't care to know)

One of those pregnancy and post baby things that NO ONE seemed to mention was how little control you have of your bladder. Sure it gets worse through pregnancy, but I never actually felt like it was that bad. It was like jumping on a trampoline before going to the bathroom--you stop, pee, and carry on. Well being that Logan was a posterior sunny side up baby, he did quite a number on the area down there and controlling my bladder was nearly impossible for the first week or so. Big deal. I was dealing with everything else post birth and I just rolled with it. 

That is, until my 6 week post partum visit. I was still having a few leaky issues, but nothing too bad and I really just assumed that was normal (it is). So as I was getting ready to have a check up with my OB, I lost my bladder. There was no stopping it and I just started bawling because I felt so humiliated and embarrassed that I could not do a basic human thing--control your bladder! The office was ill-prepared (weirdly) for something like that. No chucks in sight. B was being so sweet and helping me out and my OB really made no comment about it. Didn't ask me if it was always like that or how I could improve those pelvic floor muscles. I had to get all that advice from some close mama friends and google. That is not at all how it should be. Even my midwives have warned me that it could happen again. I'm prepared this time. I know what to expect, but heck, that was by far one of the most embarrassing moments in my life. Le sigh.

Saturday, May 18, 2013


Ahh. Advice. This is a tough subject. I am always willing to give advice if and when someone asks for it. None you asked for advice so my advice is:

Don't give out advice unless someone is seeking it. 

This is so true for moms. We are all filled with so much information and our own experiences about raising children and parenting that it feels almost impossible to not pass on all this wise advice we are filled with. Problem is, we all do things differently. I wrote a post wayyyy back about unsolicited advice in which I gave just that and I learned a big lesson: even if you don't intend to ruffle feathers, you will. And you have to be careful about how that advice is delivered. I try to not judge others. Sure there are things I raise an eyebrow to, but does it warrant some "advice" about how I disagree with what you're doing? Probably not. (unless you're leaving your small children UNATTENDED at home...yeah--skip advice and straight to a CPS report-). 

Even when someone is asking for advice (I see this a lot with several of my mama friends on FB), I still do my best to be gentle with my words and really, if I just can't muster something worth saying, then I don't say anything at all. Even though I may not be judging the thought or question, I may still have a totally different view or approach, one which may or may not make things work. So use desertion. 

a moment

He looks SO MUCH like his daddy right here. And he has an Iron Man sticker on his cheek.

Friday, May 17, 2013

What DO I do?!

If you're fairly new to the blog, this is what I DO:

  • I'm a wife and mom.

  • I am a part time student (nursing school --> midwifery).

  • I make people.

  • And I work in a hospital. I do general and bedside admitting for outpatient and inpatient services. I WAS up on the birthing center and I loved it, but change is change and you just have to roll with it.

For Anne...

Anne and I met via blogs almost 4 years ago! I'm not even sure when that happened exactly, but I know it was before I was pregnant with Logan (which was 4 years ago!) and when she and her husband were TTC. I added her to my prayer list, as I knew how deeply she desired to be a mama and the road was rough-going.

Then over 2 years ago our family made a trip out to Michigan for a week. Logan was 8 months old and on the evening we were supposed to meet at the hotel and *officially* meet for the first time, her son G decided to make his appearance right then and there! (not in the hotel, just the night we were supposed to meet). So we made plans to meet the following morning. I could not believe how willing she was to meet me after just having given birth! It was a short, but lovely visit. And since then we have kept in touch! She blogs over at The Makings of an Ostie Family. She just became a mama to a little girl and I must say that even though distance separates us, it is really awesome to have such a close mama friend who can give me the 411 on being mama to two kids! And a million other things. We talk almost every day and not just so she can check in to see if I've had a baby yet--she knows she will be one of the first people I text when REAL labor kicks in.

So thanks, Anne, for being one of my best friends!! Thanks to blogging and the 20th century version of pen pals. Love ya!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

We Are For Each Other

My most favorite quote is what helped create this blog title. e.e. cummings is my most favorite poet and I used this line in my wedding vows to B. The entire line reads:

"Then laugh, leaning back, for life is not a paragraph, We are for each other"

I love this so much that it will someday be tattooed to the inside of my foot.


I'm highly sensitive. I have a strong enough conscience big enough for two people and I die a little inside at the thought of disappointing someone. I also wear my heart on my sleeve and cannot hide embarrassment, joy, sadness or anger very well. So what makes me uncomfortable??

  • Writing about things that make me uncomfortable
  • Being put on the spot 
  • Giving public speeches
  • Forgetting to brush my teeth
  • Attending a party where I know absolutely no one
  • Shoe shopping
  • Flying
  • Having anything really sticky on my hands

Story of a Girl

This is the story of a girl...

  • Born and raised in Colorado, a true native here!
  • Lived all over the state from Denver to Steamboat, Grand Junction to Fort Collins. I've visited Southern Colorado (Pueblo, Mesa Verde, West Cliff).
  • Skier since age 3.
  • Big sister.
  • Wanted to be a vet most of my life until age 15.
  • Went to college for a business degree, graduated with an English degree, and am back in school for nursing!
  • My parents are still happily married! Almost 32 years and going strong.
  • I was mostly a wallflower in high school; no sports, no clubs...just academics.
  • Married B at 24, mom at 25, homeowner at 27.
Life is good!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Blog everyday? HA!

Yeah, I suck at that. I would be better if I just wrote and wrote and scheduled posts, but even that seems to be a feat. I noticed several of you lovely bloggers doing a "blog everyday in May" link up and so I'm really late to the party (what's new?!). I'm waiting for a baby and sometimes writing prompts are helpful and hugely distracting from what I'd really rather be doing (you know, snuggling a newborn). Reflecting on life and sharing it with you all is rewarding. So here we go!

I know a lot about....

Childbirth. That is no surprise to most of you who have even spent 5 minutes hanging around this blog space. The thing is, however, that when I'm in the thick of pregnancy and awaiting delivery, I seem to forget everything I know! It must be a mix of pregnancy brain and natural, human doubt that I really don't know anything at all! Truth is, I know way more than I am willing to give myself credit for right now, especially since I'm not only studying childbirth as a future profession but heck, I've done this before! I know what to expect and even more of what the unexpected could be. 

So how would I educate the masses quickly about childbirth? Easy. YOU need to educate yourself. Trying to conceive? Pregnant? Read read read! I cannot encourage women enough to read up, ask questions and learn everything they possibly can about the marathon they are about to embark on. Nothing drives my brain more batty than when I hear women say "Oh I don't need a class or to read--I'm just going to wing it and get some pain meds, no problem!" Those births, unfortunately  usually end up causing a lot of confusion for mom (complications, interventions, etc) that she had NO IDEA could happen. 

Bottom line, though, is that all women need to know that childbirth is nothing to fear. It's natural. Our bodies were created to give birth. ALL births are natural (even c-sections). Women should NEVER be judged for their birth choices and instead loved and supported through the process. 

39 weeks!

How big is baby: At least 6 pounds.

Weight gain/loss: Lost 4 pounds last week, so still 40.

Stretch marks: Just a few from last time on my upper legs/hips.

Sleep: Non-existant. A true reflection of what's to come! I sleep in 2-3 hours spurts, if I'm lucky, and am awoken every night by strong contractions and sometimes a lovely migraine.

Diet/Cravings/Aversions: Burgers! The weather has been so incredible so B has been grilling.

Labor signs: I thought last night was going to be "THE night" but alas, nothing today.

Movement: Very active at night, mellow most of the day.

What I'm loving: Not working!

Symptoms: Everything. You name it, I've got it.

What I'm looking forward to: Meeting this baby!! I have an apt on Friday morning so hopefully we will learn something positive.

I am a emotional, hormonal mess.The false/practice/early labor is making me crazy. So I got out of the house today, had a yummy Starbucks drink (NEVER happens), lunch and found some summer clothes for Logan. Tomorrow I hope to wake up more positive and get out again.

Monday, May 13, 2013

My Mother's Day

I barely slept the night before (see previous post).

Logan slept in until 815!

B dashed off to work a little late.

Logan and I watched Tom and Jerry in bed.

Then we went to church.

He played in the nursery and snuggled on my belly.

I was prayed over in church.

We went home and ate PB&Js, then Logan checked on the baby.

We tried (I TRIED) to nap; Logan decided to party instead.

We took a ride around the block. He stopped half way around and ran back inside to get Muno (Yo Gabba Gabba).

It was a lovely, sunny 80* and this very pregnant mama was sweltering!

Logan played outside in the freshly cleaned up back yard (thanks to B) and I listened to some lovely tunes on our new to us love seat just inside the back door.

B came home from work and we went over to my parents condo for dinner and Survivor.

Logan asked us to go to bed around 730 so he crashed on the floor in their room.

We all rooted for Cochran to win; he did!

I had contractions all evening, as usual, to no avail. 

We came home and B gave me a awesome foot massage, focusing on pressure points, and I was ready to pass out!

I slept great.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

On the Eve

10 minutes shy of my 3rd official Mothers Day and I cannot sleep. I can't find one comfortable position to lay in as my ribs are bruised and my pelvis is aching and I'm contracting every 7 minutes, as I have been all evening. B is sleeping soundly to my right and Logan is fast asleep in the basement. All week, whenever asked, he has confidently stated that yes, this baby is a girl. It's hard for me not to start swooning instantly over the thought of having a daughter so I just smile and say, "we shall see!" Literally any day now. 

Being a mother has been the greatest dream come true. The only thing I knew for certain as I grew up was that I was going to be a mother. Now my role as a mom is about to increase and I could not be more ready. I'd love to have a Mothers Day baby. In fact, I spent the last 20 minutes just praying for Gods timing and patience, while also encouraging some heavenly control to make that happen anytime in the next 24 hours. Hey, prayer is prayer so why not? :) 

I must also say that I have the most incredible mother. As I've grown up our relationship has only become stronger and even more so as I have joined the mom club with her. No one has better advice and love for me when it comes to being a parent and this is just one of those things that I would never have learned until the moment Logan was placed on my chest. I do not take what I have for granted, especially my own relationship with my mother. I pray every day that my kids and I will be just as close. 

One more mother in my life is my mother in law. B's mom is a gem. I know how rare it is for In laws to get along and I feel so blessed that I have such a lovely connection with her. She's another woman I can lean on and share with without any reservation. 

So on this (now) Mothers Day, I wish my mom and mother in law the greatest day of love. And I wish each of you amazing mamas the same. I am so happy to know many of you just through blogging. Being mothers truly does connect us in a way no other title can. Love you all!! Happy Mothers Day!!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


  • Just to have it documented, I am doing everything I can think of today to kick start labor. I have been having 2 full weeks now of prodormal labor (false/practice) and I KNOW my body is ready to rock and roll but the contractions just aren't kicking up in strength. Depending on what happens later today or tomorrow, I may or may not write about what I'm attempting. 
  • I started my maternity leave on Monday. Friday I saw my midwife to check on baby, just to make sure he/she was tolerating all of these contractions okay. Baby looked awesome, but the contractions keep on keeping on and it's just way too difficult to work through. Even as I was on a walk with the dogs yesterday I had to stop and lean on the fence through each contraction.
  • And I suck at writing daily posts. I don't even know why I try! lol So this is all for now.

Monday, May 6, 2013

31 days: Day 3

Describe your relationship with your spouse:

Wow...are there even words? I am so insanely in love with B. We both fell hard and fast for each other; the longer we're together the more I fall in love with him again. We've been together for just over 6 years now, celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary this summer. Six years sounds like a long time, but it feels like a split second. We have had a rather spontaneous relationship: married after 18 months together, pregnant 9 months after we were married and parents just before a total of 3 years together. Since we became parents, we have had two family vacations, moved twice, bought a house and decided to have another baby. ALL that in just 6 years! I know others who have moved faster than we have in the having kids department, but this pace just seems to be how we roll.

One thing I love about our relationship is that we rarely ever fight. We both hate conflict, but are not going to be push overs either. We argue and discuss things and sometimes, it can get a little heated (and worse when I'm pregnant). But overall, our relationship is based on a massive commitment to communication. The more we communicate, the less likely we are to have miss understandings and conflicts. I've always been a talker; B not so much, however in our six years together we have been able to voice our concerns, joys, ect with open hearts.

B and I, we are best friends first. Though our relationship began quickly and continues to sail on the fast track, we never forget that we are each other's best friend. That alone makes our relationship more fun and comfortable. We joke around; I'm less sensitive to his sarcasm (most of the time) and he humors my weird quirks. We keep a balance of fun and function in our relationship.

It's hard to find more words to describe our relationship. It is ever-growing and changing. Pregnancy certainly throws a wrench into our lifestyle and even certain aspects of our relationship, however we do our best to keep the love alive. Last Friday night my parents offered to take Logan over night and just 24 hours alone with my B was so reviving for us both. We had so much fun watching an awesome movie (Room 237), eating amazing food (PF Changs), and talking about how much we love each other and how we cannot wait to see what being a family of 4 will be like. A fire was lit under us again and while pregnancy and a newborn shake things up, I know that with all we have, we will be just fine, even better.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

31 Things: Day 2

Explain 3 Legitimate Fears You Have

  1. Falling. So you won't ever catch me bungee jumping or sky diving...I get nervous just being in a Ferris wheel! The weirdest thing about this fear is that it developed after I had dream that I had fallen off the side of a cliff in the Black Canyon. We had just been there visiting as a family and after I had the dream, the fear stayed with me.
  2. Losing our house to fire. I am so hyper-aware of what it means to be a homeowner now. I am so thankful we bought a newer home, rather than trying to update a much older home with questionable electricity.
  3. Losing my kid in a crowd. This has happened before for what felt like an eternity and was more like a minute but I cannot even describe the panic than runs through your body when you can't see your kid right in front of you in a crowd of people. I felt like passing out and throwing up all at once. And for this reason, I will never be able to watch The Deep End of the Ocean ever again.

31 Things: Day 1

I am going to attempt to keep up with this really awesome way to blog every day. I'm having a baby (oh wait, you didn't know?!) so I'm sure there will be days where I won't be posting, but for now, let's knock out the first few days. The full list is over on The Baby Making Machine

20 Random Facts my Kids Should Know About Me

  1. I'm very spontaneous.
  2. I hate ants.
  3. I've lived in Colorado my entire life.
  4. I have been an avid skier since age 3.
  5. I can play guitar better than daddy. ;)
  6. I hate being cold.
  7. I have a huge fear of falling.
  8. Yellow is my favorite color.
  9. I have no known allergies to food: just sensitivities.
  10. I want to be a baby catcher (midwife) by the time you guys are in grade school.
  11. I love ketchup and put it on almost everything.
  12. Your daddy and I want to adopt another child someday.
  13. I hate driving in bad weather and at night.
  14. I love scary movies, but not when I'm pregnant.
  15. I grew up fishing with Pop Pop; we always stopped for Reeses Pieces and worms.
  16. I'm an awesome swimmer which means you will be too.
  17. By the time you read this, I will have 3 college degrees.
  18. I've never broken a bone.
  19. I'd rather eat cake than chocolate.
  20. When I was 20 years old, I was a junior in college and it was the first time I'd ever had an alcoholic drink.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Currently...FULL TERM!!

No photo this week. I am a zombie. I don't even think I was this tired in first tri. But yay! I'm full term! 37 weeks...I must say I am quite surprised I made it this far with how much false labor I have going on. In the world of midwifery, some midwives don't even refere to it as "false", just practice. So, lots of labor practice going on. As well as.... midwife. I admire them all, but the time I spent with one in particular on Monday still has me in cloud 9 and ready to face this labor with confidence and no fear. I can only pray I am the kind of midwife she is someday.

Caring...for myself. It's really hard for me to be selfish sometimes as that is not in my nature, but I have had to really take time to just rest and relax and care for myself these last few days. My body is so achy and tired, so I'm trying to listen to its needs before I get too stressed out. The last thing I need right now is to get sick. amazing husband. He has been so caring, patient, and wonderful. He allows me to take care of myself and helps me however and whenever I need it. I don't know what I would do without him. I'm so happy to be going through this life and parenting adventure with him...LOVE YOU B!!! funny you should ask. You'd think by now that the nesting would have kicked in. Not so much. I cleaned last week when a friend was coming over and I did the dishes a few nights ago. We started to paint the nursery and other than that, no cleaning going on.

Creating...a space and place for this baby! I doubt the nursery will be done before baby arrives but that is not important. We have everything we need now...except a little outside baby.