Monday, August 31, 2009

>face lift


What do you think?

Since summer is nearly over (it was only 75 today!), I have been thinking about doing a new background. The picture of the horse is of an old mare. I took it a few winters ago and have always been in love with her beauty. Every year she returns to this field near my parents house in October and stays until April. She spends her in between months up in Estas Park. Isn't she beautiful?


Today I had to call my insurance company and corporate offices to get the dirt on my maternity leave. First off, they don't call it maternity leave-it's called "Family Leave". Secondly, I had been hearing all these weird rumors at work that I needed to have settled once and for all. Turns out rumors are exactly that: rumors. No truth to anything I had been hearing, which is a HUGE relief. I found out I get a lovely 12 WEEKS of Family Leave! How amazing is that?! Three whole months with my babe and hubby and it starts the baby is born, not the day I leave work. Thank you Jesus! I had been worried that my leave would start, well, when I left. But it doesn't! Turns out the lovely company I work for values family and bonding time. She even said the word "bonding" on the phone. I was grinning ear to ear and can't wait to meet our munchkin! We are so blessed.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

>18 weeks

How far along? 18 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: According to my mom's scale, 10 pounds. But all scales seem to be different so I really don't know. Probably around 8.
Maternity clothes? my dear friend brought me some great shirts and a few pairs of pants on Saturday night. The one I am wearing in the pic is one of those.

Stretch marks? nope

Sleep: my bladder is shrinking. a lot.

Best moment this week: Popping out quite a bit.

Movement: more frequent flutters.

Food cravings: fruit, milk

Gender: B-O-Y...find out for sure in 3 weeks!

Labor Signs: nope

Belly Button in or out? in

What I miss: pants that fit. waiting on my next pay check to get some maternity jeans.

What I am looking forward to: kicks and hiccups!

Weekly Wisdom: Don't ever underestimate how awesome your husband can be while shopping.

So a friend of mine from college whom I have not seen in nearly 3 years came to visit me and B on Saturday night. She brought an arm load of maternity shirts and pants. Her beautiful daughter is 10 months old and it was great to finally meet her and her husband. He and B seemed to really get along well. It was a lovely dinner and I can't wait to do it again.

Friday night B took me shopping for a purse. I have been trying to find a new one for WEEKS and could not find anything I really liked and that was in my price range. I promised once we were done to go to Best Buy to play games. So off to Kohls we headed and there I search for a new purse. B just so happened to be in a very helpful mood and would literally throw purses at me he thought I would like and he liked as well. Surprisingly, every purse he tossed I liked! I would hang onto one for a few minutes and then he would throw another one I liked even more. So as I went through purses, I finally found the one. Actually, B found it. It is a super cute tote bag that is big enough for anything but small enough to carry around comfortably. I also picked out a cute wallet to match. It was fun having B get involved.

I feel like this week my belly has popped over night. I feel beautiful but also feel like nothing I own fits. I am very thankful for the donated clothing, but I really only have on pair of maternity pants for work and am not going to wear those all the time. My bella band is barely working anymore. I cannot zip my jeans up at all and the bella band rids up. So today I had a mini melt down about not having any cute things to wear. I will be buying some new jeans from the Gap after my next pay check. I can't wait!

Yesterday at work a really cute bird made it's way into the building. How, I am not sure. But my coworker is terrified of birds so I volunteered to help our maintenance guy corner the bird. We headed up to the 2nd floor and got the bird trapped in one wing. We opened an empty apartment and the bird flew into the room. Then we waiting. We shut the blinds and opened the patio door and just waiting for the scared bird to fly low enough out the door. This bird was really cute and I felt so bad for it! He was so scared and I know we were just scaring it more even though we were trying to help. After about 10 minutes the bird finally made it out the door. Needless to say, I had fun getting the bird out of the building.

There is not much else to report. I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

>A little bit about us.

>I found this on C.s blog Wedded Whims and thought it would be fun! Enjoy!

♥ What are your middle names? Mae and Matthew

♥ How long have you been together? 2.5 years

♥ How long did you know each other before you started dating? a few months, but we did take a film class together a year before that and never spoke to each other.

♥ Who asked whom out? B asked me to go out for coffee which turned into dinner. We count that as our "predate".

♥ Whose siblings do/did you see the most? mine. i wish we saw his more often.

♥ Do you have any children together? our first is cooking as we speak!

♥ What about pets? 2 awesome dogs and a fish. our fish is a beta and her name is bella.

♥ Did you go to the same school? Yes. Best move ever!

♥ Who is the smartest? we are both really smart, but B is more book smart than I am. he is the best memory of anyone i know.

♥ Who is more sensitive? me, duh.

♥ Where do you eat out most as a couple? we have a few great spots in town. most recently we had awesome pizza at old cs.

♥ Where is the furthest you two have traveled together as a couple? we have been to cabo and also took a road trip to MI and OH a few summers back.

♥ Who has the craziest exes? he does, but we've never met and never will

♥ Who has the worst temper? i have a shorter fuse that he does, but he has usually calmed me down before anything gets too crazy

♥ Who does the cooking? I do most of it but he does it sometimes.

♥ Who is more social? Me.

♥ Who is the neat-freak? That'd be me again..

♥ Who is more stubborn? we can both be pretty stubborn. like this is no way around us not finding out the sex of the baby. he is very adamant about that.

♥ Who hogs the bed? neither really, but he gets all the covers sometimes

♥ Who wakes up earlier? he does, but i am right behind him

♥ Where was your first date? the 16th street mall in downtown denver.

♥ Who has the bigger family? him! his dad ha 14 brothers and sisters and he has about 52 first cousins on that side of the family alone.

♥ Do you get flowers often? hardly ever, but it is always special when i do.

♥ How do you spend the holidays? usually with family.

♥ Who is more jealous? neither

♥ How long did it take to get serious? within a month we were dropping the L word.

♥ Who eats more? i do! right now anyway.

♥ Who does/did the laundry? me and only. he helps me fold sometimes.

♥ Who’s better with the computer? we are both pretty savvy

♥ Who drives when you are together? usually me if we take my car and him if we take his truck.

Monday, August 24, 2009

>17 weeks

Just to compare my growth over the last 10 weeks, I put these two photos side by side. WOW! What a difference. I am so amazed at what my body is doing to house a baby. Wild!

How far along? 17 weeks
Total weight gain/loss:The doc said I have gained a total of 6 pounds, 4 of which were in the last 3 weeks.
Maternity clothes? nothing new

Stretch marks? nope

Sleep: I am thanking my lucky stars that my sleep has been so good lately! B got up in the night last night and I didn't even hear him.

Best moment this week: Heard the heartbeat on Thursday and that is always a great thing to hear!

Movement: not much

Food cravings: fruit, milk

Gender: B-O-Y...find out for sure in 4 weeks!

Labor Signs: nope

Belly Button in or out? in

What I miss: Shopping for hours on end without becoming too exhausted

What I am looking forward to: kicks and hiccups!

Weekly Wisdom: New underwear can make anyone a happy camper.

I did not really have a weekend as I worked both Saturday and Sunday. Today was my first day off in 7 days and it was nice. I slept in, went to an appointment, visited my mom, went shopping for new shorts for B and came home to rest. Then I spent an hour making some awesome enchiladas! I am so proud. I've never made them before and they turned out great! B loved them too, which is always a good sign.

Saturday night we went to a Rockies game and they won! It was really fun, however sitting for that long in those chairs about did me in. I was so achy and uncomfortable. Note to self: don't go to any sporting event pregnant.

I really can't believe I am 17 weeks already. It is going by so fast and in a month I will be half way done! I am just in awe. It is amazing to see my belly expand with such subtly. I can feel the pains once in awhile of my joints and muscles moving around to make room. It is such a miracle. I hope that if you are not a mom yet, that you become one someday. So far this experience has been so fun and interesting. I would do it again. ;)

Friday, August 21, 2009

>Haiku Schmiku

Just a quick hello:

Baby's heart did beat.
Hearing that sound made me melt.
Can't wait to meet you.

Okay so that was my attempted at a Haiku and well, it will have to do. The appointment went well. Found out I have some weird cells down there that are not alarming nor are they normal. Doc said to ignore it unless I start feeling otherwise. No bacteria or blood, so that was good news. I think my pelvis is expanding because my low back is giving me HELL right now. OMG. Sciatic down the leg and a dull ache all the way across my back. Sitting and Tylenol are the only things helping. Doc said that was also very normal and just one of those little "joys" that women can do. A joy? Are you serious? Yes, it is awesome that God has created me to birth babies, but seriously?? I could not help but laugh in disbelief. Oh Joy!

B and I are going on a date tonight! He does not know it yet, but we are going to see Inglorious Bastards. It's going to be messy, but I am actually looking forward to seeing it.

Happy Friday and Weekend!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

>16 Weeks

So it's a few days late, but here is my 16 week post.

How far along? 16 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: I am pretty sure I have gained a total of about 8-9 pounds now. HUGE growth spurt over the last week or so. I will find out for sure today at my apt.
Maternity clothes? I bought new black work pants that I love and no maternity shirts yet. The style right now is shirts with an empire waist so finding cheap, nice work shirts is not hard at all.

Stretch marks? not yet. I have been using a stretch mark cream after showers. feels good...

Sleep: other than my bladder waking me up mid morning, I am sleeping well.

Best moment this week: Felt a jab in my side the other night.

Movement: see above

Food cravings: sugar to the max. fruit.

Gender: thinking it's a boy--go vote in my side bar!

Labor Signs: no, but I had some bad low back pain yesterday. ugg.

Belly Button in or out? still in, but I can now see the inside of it.

What I miss: motivation to get things done. it is getting better, but not the same. also miss boobs that don't hurt.

What I am looking forward to: hearing the heartbeat later today

Weekly Wisdom: A mood swing does not necessarily going from happy to mad/sad in a matter of seconds. It means just being pissed off for no reason at all, even after spending time with the doggies.

As you can see, there is some progress going on in baby town. I am super proud of the weight gain. I know that sounds weird, but gaining weight, even when I was younger, has always been a challenge for me. I was always the tall, skinny girl that people assumed was going through some kind of eating disorder. Being healthy has always been important to me, especially having a friend go through two different eating disorders. Not fun. Tangent, I know. Sorry.
Anyway, lots going on in my head right now. While it is hard for me to make up my mind about finding out the sex of the baby, I know it is what I really want to do, deep down. We will wait with our next child. Other things going on up there are so chaotic I can't get it on paper. Not yet. Some baby related, some not.

Have a great Thursday!
Milestones: The jab in my side, gaining mucho weight.

Monday, August 17, 2009

>Plays and Music

PLEASE check out my side bar. I have created a poll to see what you're all thinking Baby Mac's sex is. I personally am convinced we have a boy on our hands (or in my belly). But what do I know? There were a few weeks in there where I was super convinced it was a girl. Why? I was babysitting a lot for baby boys and the myth is that if you hold a baby boy and he is content, without actually needing something (like to eat, sleep..whatever) then you're having a girl. If the baby cries and fusses then you are having a boy. Same thing works with a girl. Another thing was the first time we heard the heartbeat it was high, around 160BPM. So then the doc said it can/will get a little slower as baby grows. But how much truth is there to that?? Why do I think it's a boy? Well, have you seen how LOW my belly is? I had no morning sickness, and have very few cravings. Now you make up your mind. Go vote! You only have 4 weeks!

A photo update:

On Thursday night we enjoyed a date night to a playhouse dinner theater to see The Wizard of Oz! It was so amazing! Our seats were perfect, the costumes, acting, and set were perfect eye candy. I could not pull away, even though after 2 hours I was super tired.

Sunday we went to a town fest and saw our favorite band, Northern Way perform. They were great, as always.

I felt a thump last night that had me twitching because it tickled. I think baby was letting me know how much it enjoyed the awesome music. This was baby's 2nd concert and we already have plans to go see Hanson in November. I am sure there will be a few shows between now and then.
Have a great Monday and don't forget to vote!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

>Kind Words

>You're all so sweet. I love how encouraging you all are. You lifted my spirits and warmed my heart. Thank you. My anxiety has decreased significantly. I know Baby Mac is just fine, bouncing around in there. I have even felt a bump or two. Only a few more days and I will hear that
gorgeous heartbeat again and feel at ease. Sigh.

The last few days have been pretty good. I will post a few pics tomorrow from the best thing we did all week on Thursday night and well, that is al I am giving you. You'll just have to wait and see what that was. Last night we had a very nice dinner with mom and dad. It was great, just the four of us. Butte was sick all night two nights ago and since we were both working all day on Friday I did not want her to be alone so my parents had her for the night and sure enough she played with the cat and all was well. Spoiled girl. We have our small family back home and are going to try out a new church today. Not because we don't like my regular church, but because B wants to check out the other Catholic church in town. It will be fun.

Happy Sunday!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

>I Can See the Inside of My Belly Button

It's true people: my former cave-like belly button actually has an end to it that I can now see. So actual proof things are moving right along down there, no pun intended. ;0)

I have been a little down this week. I keep worrying that something is wrong, when I know in m heart everything is just fine. My mind is playing tricks on me. It is so hard going 4 weeks without hearing anything and since I am not yet at that stage where I can feel movement and learn when baby is sleeping and playing, I have no idea what's going on in there. I hate not knowing. I almost wish all pregnancies were textbook so that anything out of the ordinary would be easily predictable and my mind can be at peace. I know that my body would tell me if something is wrong, which it obviously is not. It has just been hard going so long without hearing that beautiful heartbeat. I go in next wednesday and know everything will be perfect. So tell me, have you mommy's out there felt like this before? Being a new mommy is so stressful! There is so much going on and I am trying to eat SO much more right now. I did manage to gain a pound and a half last week which is great. I want nothing more than for my baby to be healthy and for me to do whatever I can to ensure that happens. I know anything else is out of my heads and in His and while that is His plan, it is so hard to trust.
Okay, just needed to vent a little.

Here is my 15 week pic you've all been waiting for. We are going out with some friends tonight and I thought I would dress up a bit.

Oh and did you notice I got my hair cut? I mean, I got bangs?? I LOVE far anyway. It has only been 3 hours...

This is what my Monday looked like. The dogs and I camped out in the bedroom with the computer and tv and just relaxed. It took me two days to get all the laundry done and camping stuff put away and now, we have a decently clean house.

Oh and while we were camping, I invented a word. I told Bestie that I did not come "cashly" prepared. If you could see my screen right now, there is red under that word. I decided it was a great adverb and I will use it more often. YAY!

Monday, August 10, 2009

>1 Year Anniversary and 15 weeks!

Saturday, August 8, was our 1 year wedding anniversary! There was no post announcing this awesome milestone because we were off doing some of this:

Reading by the river...

Enjoying the scenery...

Setting up camp...

Fishing for nonalcoholic drinks for me...

Spending time eating and chatting with awesome friends...

Starting a fire to roast marshmallows...

Torching cigars with, none other, than a blow torch...

And watching our basket of items slide and spill not 10 minutes after I mentioned to B that it was rather precarious and that stops should come slowly...

Overall the trip was fun. We had never been camping with my best friend and her sweet boyfriend before and it was long overdue so we planned something fun for our anniversary. We went to a lake in Southeast Co and BAKED in the blistering heat and wind. That was the only downside to the weekend. Pregnant lady here cannot tolerate high heat. We made the best of it, of course. We played some games, swam in the river, took naps on the beach. Just the kind of weekend B and I both were needing.
We will be going out to a play soon, most likely the Wizard of Oz. My parents gave us tickets and we will celebrate with a romantic dinner as well. The past year has been the best year of our lives. I can speak for both of us because B told me so last night. ;) Sure there have been stressful times, but the great things outweigh the not so great things by ten times.
B's best moment was seeing our baby for the first time on the US and seeing the heartbeat flutter. Mine is when I actually held a positive pregnancy test and went out into the living room to show and tell B. I still remember the look on his face: priceless! It is very fitting that these moments are our favorites so far as we have both wanted to become parents for a long time, in God's timing, of course. We believe everything happens for a reason and this blessing of a babe is one of the best gifts God gives. Thank you Jesus!


This week's update is going to be without a picture. I am not feeling pictures right now, of me that is. I am not even sure that there is a difference from last week so here is a short update.
How far along? 15 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: 3 still and yes, the docs are asking me to pack on the pounds so hello peanut butter, cheese, milk and meats.
Maternity clothes? I ruined my maternity pants in the dryer so I am off to the mall today with a gift card from my parents.

Stretch marks? no, but i also will be getting some cream to start applying to my belly

Sleep: Like a baby! Aside from our first night camping, I have been sleeping just great.

Best moment this week: B and I had a great date night last week.

Movement: Flutters here and there.

Food cravings:anything sugary. cupcakes, candy, circus cookies. yum!!

Gender: still feeling like its a girl, although sometimes i switch.

Labor Signs: no way.

Belly Button in or out? in

What I miss: alcohol. hanging out with all my best friends and they get to drink and I don't? torture! so I tortured myself more by smelling their drinks.

What I am looking forward to: My prenatal class starts on Wednesday!!

Weekly Wisdom: Pregnant camping, even early on, is not as easy as it sounds. Even with an air mattress, my hips and joints were so sore!

Milestones: More frequent flutters!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

>A New Perspective

So remember about a week go when I talked about how I am trying to be more of a Godly woman and wife?? Well, to be totally honest, not too much has come out of my behaviors and whatnot, but I did discover something just now as I was sitting here listening to Sara Groves.

I am a spiritual person, that I knew. I am also a loving, caring person who seeks the Lord's love and forgiveness. This I also know. What just dawned on me was that I feel the Spirit most when listening to songs, and not necessarily worship songs, but songs about love, Christ, marriage, and life that have deep, meaningful lyrics. Take this beautiful words in Sara Groves' song You Are the Sun:

I am the moon with no light of my own
Still you have made me to shine
And as I glow in this cold dark night
I know I canĂ­t be a light unless I turn my face to you

Those words speak straight through my heart, through every nerve in my body and down to my toes to the point of feeling so joyful that I might tear up or start to feel anxious by how overwhelmed the Lord is making me feel, in a good way of course!

There are a few worship songs that do that to me as well, but not the same way. Heard of Foolish Things? They were a local Denver band that did get signed to a major Christian label (which is why there is a chance you've heard of them). I became good friends with the guys in the band and the last album they put out before "retiring" to focus on their growing families had some incredible lyrics! Take these lines from Who Can Compare:

you drew the lines where the sea would meet the shore
the sky would meet the floor
(who can compare?)
you showed the sun just when to pass the time tonight
and when to come back bright
who can compare?
needer of nothing, giver of all
every living thing survives
by the strength your boundless love supplies
and lord of power beyond compare
the universe, it's in your hands
eternity is where you stand

Seriously?? This words are just so true that I get chills every time I hear it. There was a point where I would play the song over and over in my car and literally cry and pray and thank Jesus for everything.

So I am not feeling as faulty as I thought I was. We all have different ways of becoming close to Jesus and this just happens to be my language, if you will.

I hope I have inspired some of you to check out the music I have presented here. If you are anything like me, you will devour what these artist have to offer.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

>Bday Recap

A HUGE HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who sent in birthday wishes. You ALL rock! I had such a nice day. It was great. Once B came home with food, we headed down to the picnic area to eat, drink and chat.

These hot fellas you see here are not swinging the other way, just showing off their hot stuff. These guys, minus B in the middle, are in an AWESOME band called The Northern Way and you should go check them out. They are incredible and such great friends that they made it to my party.

Me and my mommy.

After tons of food, everyone but my family headed out. You know how guys in bands are...busy! So I opened a few presents and the album I am holding here is from my grandparents. It's pictures of when I was a baby and into my teens. So cute! I love it!

This is the Willow Tree called "Cherish" and it is a pregnant woman holding her belly. I am in LOVE with this! I nearly cried. It's from my parents and they also got us some baseball tickets and some tickets to a play. Can't wait!

B opening our anniversary gift, the play tickets. 1 whole year is on Saturday! I can't believe it!

Us. B has defiantly had a few drinks here!

This is a frame for an ultrasound pic that B got me for my birthday. I love it! And he also gave me some beautiful earings for our anniversary.

Overall, the day was just lovely! First time in years I did not cry on my birthday!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

>Birthday Dancin...

Well, since I won't be drinking, I might as we dance, right??

I feel like my baby popped out today so I thank you, Baby Mac, for making a more obvious appearance. I am sure your grandparents are going to go bonkers over your new bulge.

Plans? BBQ in T-minus 1 hour! Just waiting for the hubs to come home with some food to organize. I am going to make some beer-seared sauerkraut. I will let you know how that turns out. Until then, party on! If you can take a drink, have one for me!


Monday, August 3, 2009

>14 Weeks!!

I can't believe I am already 14 weeks! And my 25th birthday is tomorrow! This summer has gone by sooooo fast! While I think pictures make my belly look nice and round, I don't think or feel like it is that big right now. This past week was great. No nausea. No issues with food, other than having a few cravings. I have been feeling slight flutters here and there which has been awesome! Only a few more weeks and those flutters will turn into kicks and I will just be beside myself with glee! Lol, that sounds so lame but it's true. Today I weighed myself and am not gaining enough weight. No, I did not come up with this on my own. I was at a doc's office and need to fatten up so lots of milk, cheese, meat and peanuts.

Over the weekend I headed to Denver to see my MIL and best friends. We had nice BBQ Sunday night. I was so happy to see my bestie and BIL and SIL. It was just the night I needed. Earlier that day my MIL took me to a fabric store and I picked out a paisley print for a body pillow I wanted to make. See the awesome results below!

J (my bestie) gave me a yoga matt. I start my prenatal yoga class on the 12th and told her that was what I needed. That is how we are. When holidays and birthdays come up, if you ask for it, you get it. That easy. Unlike my parents who beat around the bush with what to get us, trying to throw us off, and get us either what we asked for or something different. No big deal, but with J and I, there are no surprises and while I love a good surprise now and then, I love that we don't need to have that all the time.

Here is the crazy-huge body pillow I made. Not quite what I had envisioned in my head, but I am very happy with the results. So comfy! And how cute is that print??! We made an insert for the stuffing so that if I needed to wash the outside I could take it off. There is a zipper at the top, which is the only thing my MIL helped me with. First time using a sewing machine since 6th grade!!

My MIL spoiled the hell out of me. She gave me this gently used front Snugli pack for baby. TOO CUTE! She also got me a beautiful rocker that I still have in my car and will post pics of once it is in a good spot. I hope everyone had a great weekend! Tomorrow I will have to work but afterward I am having a BBQ here with some fam and friends for my birthday. Pretty low key. But HELLO 25!!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

>The Great Cloth Diapering Debate


Since finding out about my pregnancy, I have wanted to be an organic, natural mama. Before we became pregnant, I had given up alcohol and caffeine for Lent. Caffeine has always been a little harsh on my stomach so that was not too difficult for me. Alcohol was also something that was not too hard to do. I rarely ever drank until I was drunk and if I did drink it was casually with family for dinner parties or a nice night in with B. When we made the choice to start trying, Lent was almost over but I still felt that eliminating those drinks would still be beneficial to my overall health and it was! Two months later we discovered how fertile we both are. All this to say that becoming pregnant has really changed my frame of mind in being a healthy, natural mommy.

Today’s topic is cloth diapering. I was cloth diapered as a baby, as I am sure most of you were as well. Cloth diapering has come a verrrrryyyyy long way since 1984 safety pins and plastic covers. Eew. I feel sorry for the messes they had to deal with. On that note, I know that regardless of cloth diapering or using disposal diapers it is a mess. I get that. Over the last few months I have been doing a TON of research on cloth diapers. I know that it is so much more cost effective in the end but the up front cost is a bit steep. I wanted to know about different brands and styles, pricing and accessing each one thoroughly. Here is what I have come up with BUT I REALLY want your help here as well!! If you have ever used cloth diapers, especially most recently, PLEASE give some insight to this list I have compiled. I really have no idea what I am getting myself into as I have never even babysat for someone who used cloth. So, here we go.

Bum Genius 3.0: I have loved what I have head about this brand since day one. The only thing holding me back was the price. I could not fathom spending 17 bucks on a diaper! I am not interested in the all-in-one. That seems more messy and more washing that I am trying to avoid doing that as little as possible. I really like the one size that comes with 2 inserts, 1 newborn and 1 infant. This size goes all the way up to 32 pounds which means we could make it to potty training without buying new diapers and worrying about what size to move up to, which of course moves up in price. I am thinking with 2 inserts that I would purchase 12 diapers and about 2 dozen extra inserts. The total cost for everything is about $300. That does not include the purchase of a wet bag, detergent, and toilet sprayer which is about another $100.

Thirsties Duo Wrap: This diaper is right up there with Bum Genius in price. The down size is you need two sizes, 6-18 pounds and 18-40 pounds. For convience sake I really don’t want to purchase two different sizes. It seems that I would in fact double the cost due to the two sizes but like I said before, I have no idea what the hell I am getting myself into. The other down size is they don’t come with inserts and they are pricy! Almost 4 bucks each! That brings the single cost of one diaper over $18, which is more than the BG. Let’s just say, I am not sold.

IMSEVIMSE Cloth Diapers: I discovered these on MckMama’s site. All organic. Very effective and she loves them so they have to be good, right? Right! The only catch is the cost. Everything is sold separately: the diaper, the cover, and the inserts. The contour diapers alone without the inserts costs just as much as the BGs with inserts. Problem is I have fallen in love with the style and material and success others have had with this brand! However, I am not willing to fork over $500 for Just those three things, without the added cost of the wet bag, sprayer and detergent.

So what have I decided to do?? Not sure yet, but I am pretty sure I will be going with BGs. For our lifestyle and considering the fact that we both hate poo and mess, this seems to be the best diaper for all of us. The best part is that B is so on board with this! He has been from the beginning and his support means so much! It means I am making a good decision for both of us and that is so rewarding.

Now it is your turn to chime in on this debate. Have fun!