Sunday, March 29, 2009

Winter Wonderland

[caption id="attachment_8" align="alignnone" width="225" caption="Butte playing in the snow with Brendan."]Butte playing in the snow with Brendan.[/caption]dsc04474dsc04490



I would like to first thank you for taking the time to check out our blog. This blog will hopefully be an easy way for you to keep up to date with what is going on here in the McFadden household. I will try to update daily, as there is always something going on. We are both very busy and while it might seem boring to others, I know that family has a certain way of appreciating things like this.

So, what has been going on? Well, here is a quick list of some things that have come to pass and a few others that we are looking forward to.

1) We have been married for almost EIGHT MONTHS!! Can you believe it? We can't! The time has gone by so quickly and we are happier now than we've ever been.

2) Brendan's brother, Kyle, married Martha on January 3rd, 2009 and the wedding was beautiful! It is really nice to have close family that are also newlyweds. We try to see each other about once a month. We were able to spend St. Patrick's Day together up here in Fort Collins and we all had a great time.

3) Butte and Tulo are doing great, as always! Tulo is our accident-prone child, as he hurts himself almost everyday. Usually it is due to playing rough with Butte, other times he is just a big klutz and runs into everything.

4) Brendan just got a new job with Aflak (yes, the duck) and will be taking his final test for his insurance license on April 7th. Please pray that he does well and passes! This is something that has great potential to help us our signifigantly.

5) I am still working at MacKenzie Place, a five-star retirement living campus. I love it! I feel like I have 100 grandparents! I am also going back to school to receive my teaching license. More to come regarding that...

6) We are heading to Cabo San Lucas in less than a month and we can't wait! We got an amazing deal on our airfare in January and it is finally just around the corner! This will be our official Honeymoon and I must say, we are both very glad to have waited until now to take this special trip. We are much more stable now that we were eight months ago, financially speaking.

7) We're moving!! Currently, we live in the basement of a house. We like it, it meets most of our needs, but it is in a basement! We hate living in the dark all the time and want to see the sunshine more. We found a great apartment in South Fort Collins that we are really looking forward to living in. We will know exactly which apartment it is near the end of April or beginning of May. Then we will start packing up and moving by the last weekend in May! Hopefully, we will be there a couple years until we buy a house.

That is about it! Of course there will be daily things to update on, but for now, keep those things in your prayers. We hope all of you are doing well. We would love to have your feedback via a comment so we know who is visiting. Thank you and enjoy!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

>Bad Wife of the Week

>We all have bad wife moments here and there, but I deserve the award for Bad Wife of the Week. You can try to trump my moment, but I bet you can't.

B is VERY allergic to all fish and I have known this since day one. Every time we go to a wedding or catered dinner, I am always asking the host right away if there is any fish-type product in the food to protect my hubs. When he was in high school, his mom gave him some acne medication that had fish oil in it and when he was sick for over a week, the finally discovered that the fish oil was making him sick. At this point, they knew of his allergy.

Three nights ago we went on a date and wanted to go somewhere neither of us had been. We both like Thai food and wanted to try a new Thai restaurant. We both ordered different dishes and as an appetizer, I ordered Cream Cheese Won tons. I have always known of these as Crab Rangoon, but because of the misnomer...I was totally thrown off and my fish radar was faulty. B had three of them--because they are that good! Not more than an hour later, he began to complain of a terrible stomach ache and nausea. He had felt fine all day, so the sudden discomfort was out of the ordinary. He began to sweat at his temples and I was feeding him Tums like candy.

Finally, after about an hour of discomfort, B asked if there could have been fish in any part of our meal. I quickly said "No, I don't think so", and reached for the last won ton and that was when it hit me. "Oh no, B, I think these won tons have crab in them..." He was shocked and I too began to feel sick to my stomach, but not from the food. I had failed as his protector from fish and this was only the beginning. I apologized profusely and B, of course, did not blame me and just held his stomach in pain. There was nothing we could do.

While B never actually got puking sick, he was on the couch for over 24 hours and this was also the day of our major snow storm. I was at work and he was at home and I was not there to take care of him. I felt terrible and I am still kicking myself! Dang-it! He has since recovered and feeling back to normal, thank the Lord!

Now, what are some of your bad wife moments??

Friday, March 27, 2009

>Women's Health Announcement:

(Thanks to my MIL!) :)
Do you have feelings of inadequacy?
Do you suffer from shyness?
Do you sometimes wish you were more assertive?
If you answered yes to any of these questions,
ask your doctor or  pharmacist about 
Margaritas are the safe, natural way to feel better and more confident 
about yourself and your actions. 
Margaritas can help ease you out of your shyness and let you tell the world that you ready and willing
to do just about anything.
You will notice the benefits of Margaritas almost immediately and with 
a regimen of regular doses you can overcome any obstacles that prevent 
you from living the life you want to live. 
Shyness and awkwardness will be a thing of the past and you will discover many talents you never
knew you had. 
Stop hiding and start living, with Margaritas.
Margaritas may not be right for everyone. Women who are pregnant or  
nursing should not use Margaritas. However, women who wouldn ' t mind 
nursing or becoming pregnant are encouraged to try it.
Side effects may include Dizziness, nausea, vomiting, incarceration
Loss of motor control
Loss of clothing
Loss of money
Table dancing
Dry mouth
And a desire to sing Karaoke
WARNING: The consumption of Margaritas may make you think you are  
whispering when you are not.
WARNING: The consumption of Margaritas may cause you to tell your  
friends over and over again that you love them.
WARNING: The consumption of Margaritas may cause you to think you can 
WARNING: The consumption of Margaritas may make you think you can  
logically converse with members of the opposite sex without spitting.
After careful research one has learned that red wine and champagne may 
be interchangeable with the product - Margarita. 
Please pass this on  
to your wives and girlfriend s. Don' t let that inner shyness and low 
self esteem go untreated. 
Try Margarita, little salt and lime 

Thursday, March 26, 2009


That's right, baby! Bring on the heat! Now, I think you are all SUPER hot and that is why I love your blogs! So, here is a special award that is for anyone who is feeling super hot, which you all should, and that your blog is just on FIRE! All I ask is that you tell me WHY your blog is hot, post the award on your blog, and attach a link to my blog in your post of you giving out this special award to other hot bloggers. Easy, right??

Thank you to Confessions of a Semi-Slacker Mommy...your blog is really fun and cute!

Have fun! I can't wait to read why you all think you're sooo hot!! I think I am hot because my husband says! Also, I try to be confident in who I am and I think that out weighs my looks...what do you think? ;)


>It is finally DUMPING on us and I am SOOOO HAPPY!!! You don't even understand...most of you folks have had a lot of snow this year and well, our town is in a rut and we miss snow a lot of the time and here it is!! Blowing around all over the place and we are expected to have over a foot!! Thank You God!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

>I Farted On my Husband

>So I have a couple prayer requests, but I want to tell you a funny story before we get serious here. Last night, B and I were watching Bolt (which you all should go an watch-so funny!!) and I was rubbing B's neck. We were sitting so that he was leaned into me to make it easier. Well, my mom called to talk about some plans we might have for today and as I was talking, B was still sitting on me. I felt a rumble in my tummy and just could not hold it any longer. I let out a HUGE fart and B was sitting on top of me the whole time! He could not move or get up! We both started cracking up, B was BEYOND disgusted and I had to tell my mom what happened. Before we hung up she said, "Please don't fart on your husband anymore." She was laughing too. 

B and I have always been open with those bodily functions. We laugh about it and move on. But just so you all know, I don't do that in front of other people. I reserve stuff like that special for B. Needless to say, it was very funny and I have a "Dutch Oven" coming my way when I "least expect it". OOoohhhh I'm shaking in my boots!


Prayer Requests:
* I am going back to school to get my teaching license!!! This is HUGE! My parents have offered to help pay for this to happen and we could not be more excited! Don't worry, this is not going to screw up our TTC...haha, no pun intended there! And within this prayer, I am also applying for a teaching job at a charter school in town. You do not need to have a teaching license to work at a charter school, you just have to meet the minimum requirements.

* B will be taking his insurance test on April 7th and if you could all pray that he can be focused when he studies and passes his test perfectly, that would be great!!

* Do you know MckMamma??? She does the "Not Me! Monday" blog circus....well her young son Stellen is not doing so hot right now. His little heart is beating too fast and too hard and it is not looking good. Please help pray for lowered levels and stabilization, strength for his mother, siblings, and father (among others), and that God's plan for the little mister is understood, no matter what happens. This family has an incredible faith and I know that while it would be devastating to lose him, they would know right where he went. 

* Our trip to Cabo is just around the corner and prayers for safe travels is wonderful! I know everything will be fine, but I am a nervous flyer. 

Thanks all! Have a great HUMP day!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

>Weekend Road Trip

Our weekend was awesome!! We ended up having to leave late for Junction. We arrived just before 2am and Ash was up watching Twilight waiting for us! We quickly got ready for bed and I hardly slept a wink. B had the music up loud while we were driving to help keep him alert and my brain would not turn off! We got up early, but after a small cup of coffee and some hot sunshine, I was ready to go.

We packed up the car and headed to the Monument for a 2 hour hike.

This is just one of the many amazing views we enjoyed. There had been a fire a few days prior which is why the sky is really smoggy looking. The hike was very steep and we all slipped along the way. The red dirt was easily broken beneath our feet so B kept a hold on my rear end most of the way up, which I am sure he did not mind doing. ;)

Ash and her hubs are SUPER athletic and so this hike was a breeze for them. She even had her son in a back pack the whole way to the top and did not complain once! Now that is super woman for you. I just love her!

The trek down was a little scarier. There was a lot of loose rock and we could have quickly lost our footing without carful steps. Ash's son was getting verrrrrry tired and cranky on the way down and both B and I were VERY impressed with how well they dealt with a three year old tantrum. He was calm after a few moments and we were back to talking.

My butt is really sore today from this awesome hike! It has really inspired B and I to do more of it around here. We love being outside and both our dogs are great hikers.

After the hike we went home and took showers. I even laid down for a quick nap before heading to our friends, K and K's, house. They just had their second daughter and so I was beyond excited to meet this new person! I had made a baby blanket for her and could not wait to see K open it. She was so thrilled we almost cried!

K showed off the blankie for the camera. It is the only picture I took, surprisingly. They made us a really nice spaghetti dinner with chocolate chip cookies for dessert. We played a card game and then went back to Ash's to *hopefully* watch Twilight.

Does B not look amazing with a baby in his arms?! I was so proud of him! He was not nervous or anything and he even put her to sleep. What a guy!

When we got back home, Ash's son was playing with Tulo and we found them hanging out in his kennel. They became best friends and I know the little man was not happy to see us leave.

This morning we had breakfast at a diner and then went for a walk around downtown. There are some of the coolest statues and sculptures and here is one of them. We are VERY ready to pull our bikes out of the shed!

After breakfast, we walked down the empty canal. B climbed hills with the dogs and Ash and I had some great conversations! It was such a beautiful day and I was getting sad that we were leaving soon. Before we left, Ash took us over to her classroom and has been really helping me figure out what the best route to teaching is for me. She is so smart and understanding. I am scared out of my pants to teach, but I can't wait!

The little man found lots of dead crawdads and would crunch them. There, in his hand, is a baby crawdad and he was so sweet to keep it away from my face! Crazy kid!

He wanted to drive and I would have let him, had he not changed his mind about coming back to the fort with us. Oh well, maybe next time.

Before leaving town, we stopped in Palisade at the St. Katheryn winery. Have you heard of Palisade Peaches?? Well this is where they come from! Not to mention the wine here is awesome!! We picked up a bottle for my parents and B's dad.

Of course we had to taste it and make sure they would like it. YUM!

We made record time coming back, 4 hours and 6 min! Usually it takes at least 4 and a half hours. But I am not complaining! We had a wonderful time with our friends and we can't wait to see them all again!

Now, how was your weekend?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

>three day vaca


I will be off on the other side of the mountains for the next three days. I will see Ash and her hubs, our friends who just had a baby, and another friend who just got engaged! We plan on keeping things low key, maybe going on a hike Saturday. The weather has been so nice!! We are taking Tulo with us and I know how much he is going to love the nature and having one on one time with us. Here are some fun pics to keep you occupied! Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

>The Irish Recap

>(pictures coming soon)

Wow! Where do I begin? The day was great. I worked until 4 and at 2:30 my SIL called and said she was on her way up. Her hubs was already in town for work and would meet us at the house later. She was in town by the time I got off work and we both arrived at my house at the same time. This girl, my sister in law, is sooo effing amazing! I love her to death and am so glad she is the gal that married B's bro. Seriously. She comes running up to me, hugs, and then pulls a HUGE bag of cookies out of her purse.

"I made cookies! Want one?!"

Of course, I cannot resist a peanut butter cookie with M&M's on them! No way. They were/are awesome. Still getting munched on in our kitchen. YUM!

We headed inside and I started dinner. We chatted about the last two weeks, since that had been how long it had been since our last time together. It was so nice. I am finding great appreciation and fondness in fellow married women that are my friends. SIL is more than a friend and it is great to talk to her about anything. We are both feeling the struggles on finances and what that means for shopping, eating out, and all that. I know everyone is, but it is nice to have someone next to you sharing those same thoughts.

SIL's friend M came up from Denver as well. Once he was there, he and B just drank themselves silly and by the time dinner was ready, BIL (brother in law) was there. We caught up on the newest Breaking Bad episode (amazing!! you have to check it out...). The girls got ready, did our make up and changed clothes. We were out of the house by 8:30. Prior to leaving, we invented a new drink. The boys bought us some Rasberry Smirnof (I know what you're thinking--I gave alcohol up for let, but if you're Catholic (I'm not) it is a "le-way" day). I did not have any craberry juice, but I did have some frozen fruit and some OJ so we blended that all together and came up with the M&M, representitive of our shared last names. It was soooooo goooooooodddddd!!! OMG, soo good! We had a few of those, some shots, and then left with the boys, knowing that we would not need to spend any more money on drinks.

We went downtown and it was so fun! No too crowded, which was nice. We were able to go to a bar that had a dance floor which was really fun, and the reason why my foot is still killing me. My shoes kepts slipping off, dangit!

We were home and in bed by 11:30 and I am still recovering. Tummy is not feeling so hot and just overall very tired today. I know I will feel much better after a sober night of sleep and cuddles with hubbles.

>Kreative Kids

Hey everyone! I hope St. Patty's Day was just as fun for you as it was for me! I am at home now, recovering, and catching up on shows I missed the last few days. ALSO, Miss Jessica over at A Bunch of My Nonsense gave me a super sweet award!! She is so kind and her blog is just adorable! Go check it out!

The Rules:

List 7 things that you love, and then pass the award on to 7 bloggers that you love!Be sure to tag them and let them know that they have won. You can copy the picture of the award and paste it on your sideboard letting the whole world are Kreativ.

1. B, my hubs, is the most amazing person and my very best friend. I love him more than anything, so he can really just use up the rest of the list. But I suppose I can humor you and just keep going...

2. My doggies: Butte and Tulo. They are the sweetest dogs and have the best personalities!

3. My parents and B's parents: I am so blessed to have great parents and in-laws!

4. My camera: it's pink and sassy and I love how well pictures turn out on it. It is my way of being a little more Kreative!! ;)

5. Taking a bath: I took one a few weeks ago at my MIL's house for the first time in over a year!! I can't wait to move into a place that will have a bathtub!!

6. Water: I drink so much of it now and can totally feel it when I am not getting enough in my day.

7. The bloggers below. Seriously, you all keep me sane and I just love coming into this little world and making new friends.

THE List.

1. Baby Hooper: You know how much I adore you and your blog! The last few months have been great getting to know you. You rock!!

2. C:Your blog is so fun and I love all your lists. It cracks me up! :)

3. Nicole: Your blog is so fun and I love al the pictures of your little man! He is just adorable!

4. d.a.r: Someday, I will be a runner like you and if not, well then I will be at the finish line with water! HAHA, you are an inspiration and I really do want to run, I do.

5. Another Day in Paradise: We share a love for Gray's and that is something not to be messed with.

6. Leah: your blog is awesome and I can't wait to see your little person! I think you are super brave for sporting a bikini while pregs...I will be doing that someday as well! No shame in that.

7. Krystle: You also have a great blog and again, I can't wait to see your little one! I love your decorating ideas and reading up on baby stuff!!

8. (I don't like odd numbers and 8 is a lucky one for me so...) Heidi gets this one. Love you and HUGE congrats to you!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

>Not Me! Monday


1) I definitly did not have my Christmas Tree laying around in our back yard for almost three months. And I did not get enjoyment from watching the dogs tear at it and then stare at me to throw it, as if that were even possible.

2) I did not spend all day yesterday in my sweats, putting off blowing up the air mattress, putting sheets on it, and making the room tidy for our week long visitor, B's brother. No, I definitly did not ignore the call of duty and instead play Zelda for 3 hours. Not me!

3) B and I are definitly NOT TTC. No way. It was not me to "forgot" to take those tiny little pills or talk B into the idea of something baby-like. It was also not me who was soooo excited to find out that there really was no reason for me to cry about it, because he is/was just as excited as I am/was to get the ball rolling, no pun intended!

4) There is no way in HELL that I spent $55 on a hair cut. And I also do NOT feel the least bit guilty about it. Of course I know you get what you pay for and of course my hair looks great and I suppose I will admit that it was worth it. But really, I so did NOT have to spend that much money on this mop.

5) It was not me who, last night at 12:45am, went to bed, closed my eyes, and quickly had a panic attack that I might be working this morning, instead of Monday night. I did not get out of bed, check the schedule and drop my jaw to the floor when it was confirmed that yes, I was to be at work in less than 8 hours, leaving me to get maybe 6 hours of sleep. Oh no, not me!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

>Productive Pity Party

>Well, since my last post I have settled down and moved on. My job may present moments of fear and shock, but those moments are so few and far between that how I feel about it has not changed. I still love my job.

While most of you were out, especially last night celebrating St. Patty's Day, I was at home, having a Gilmore Girls Marathon after a two hour deep clean of my house. It was nasty. But now, the carpet is shinning it's so clean. B was at work and the dogs and I just bunkered down and had some nice alone time. Sometimes, I love being alone, doing my own thing, not worrying about sharing the remote or eating healthily. However, while I made do with the night, I was a little lonely. We were going on three days of literally having opposite schedules. Sure, we sleep together and that is nice, but last night B told me that he does not like holding me because I wear a hoodie sometimes and it makes him too hot. Opps. Yes, my night attire is boring and sooo not sexy, but our BASEMENT IS FREEZING most of the time. Anyway, I have been missing our time together and B is yet again, gone working. :(

So bored. So tired. So...blah. I want to do something else but my options are limited. Oh well, this pity party is just for me. You don't have to join in if you don't want to.

Friday, March 13, 2009

>Gettin' Pushed Around-Scary

>I work with old people. Part of our building has a secured area for Alzheimer's and dementia folks. It looks just the same on the inside as it does from the outside, public areas. Have you ever worked with a person (people) who have this horrible disease? It is really heartbreaking. Most of the time, it is nice to see these folks. I try to stop by once a week or so to say hi. Most of these people are very nice, some of them don't talk at all, and then a very select few just want out. I don't blame them. I would not want to be locked up away from my family and the other amenities our place has to offer. But that is how bad this disease can be. So, so sad.

The first night I worked here, I was doing the 10pm-8am shift and the girl who trained me told me about an incident where one of the men in memory care (what we lovingly call it) had attacked her with a bar from the gate outside and how he had escaped. I know that sounds so funny and, yes, it is kind of funny to say, "Oh yeah, such and such escaped today!" but really, it is a very serious, scary thing. Since then, I have done my best to avoid those kinds of situations and unfortunately, that situation did not avoid me tonight.

I was heading into MC to pass a call onto one of the nurses. The call was on my cell, as I had been away from the phone and forwarded it. As I pressed the security code into the key pad, turned the handle and opened the door, I was greeted immediately by a resident who is very well known for being quite the escape artist. He instantly thrust his body into the door. One of my managers came up behind me and held the door solid. Somehow, I was thrust through the door before it was shut and the resident was still secure inside. It all happened so fast, I am not even sure of those smaller details. I just remember thrusting the phone at the nurse alerting her that our head RN was on the phone, probably hearing me the entire time telling this person to back up. It was scary and the first time I have felt like my safety was in jeopardy. B doesn't know yet. This just happened. He is at work, I am at work, and well, I will tell him when he gets home.

Needless to say, I still have my heart in my stomach and my adrenaline is through the roof.

*heavy sigh*

edited to add one hour later:
They called 911. The took this person away, strapped down, fighting to be free, to the hospital. Never in my life have I seen anything like this before. How naive of me...

>To My Friend Elin

>Dear Elin,

As I perused blog land last night, I was inclined to see how you and baby were doing. Yes, I follow your blog (duh!) but have lately been missing your posts because, well, I am just not checking often enough. So I clicked on the link where you are featured on my blog. I was so sad when it redirected me to a page stating you're a private blog now. Cue HUGE sad face. I LOVE your blog and I am sure I will still be able to read it when you post and it is on my reader (right?? I am not even sure if that is me out here blog pros!). However, if not, then I will be sad to miss all your little bean updates and pictures. Don't tell anyone else (OPPS!), but you're, like, my favorite! And I miss you. So, if we can change this than let's do it. I will *secretively* give you my e-mail addy and make all well in this blog land of friendship. Thank you in advance. I heart you and well, that is all there is to it. ;)



Thursday, March 12, 2009

>The New Hair is In!




(best hair cut ever! and most expensive! totally worth it!)

>Another Awesome giveaway

>A bloggy friend, Andrea, is having an awesome give away over at her photo blog. It's a Love Thing is the name of the contest and all you have to do is tell an awesome love story! Have fun.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

>Audrey Wait! Book Review

Hi Friends.

Wow, did it really take me two months to finish this book? Well, it did. Truth be told, I only read at night before bed and not every night. So, that is my excuse for a two month read.

Moving on, the book was fun! I would not go as far as saying it was "great", but it kept me intrigued, I did not have to think too hard to understand the plot. The author is very creative and funny. I was laughing out loud on several occasions. I could also see, visually, in my head what was going on. That, for me, is great when an author can put those pictures in my head.

The best part about the book actually has nothing to do with the story. My best friend Ash gave me this book and upon it's arrival, she told me how much the main character, Audrey, reminded her of me, and how her best friend, Victoria, reminded her of herself. As I read, it was so true! If only Ash and I could have gone to high school together! I think that is why the book had a little more meaning to it.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes young adult reads (my SUPER guilty pleasure), someone who likes stories about best friends, music, and boys. Now what's not to like? If any of you pick it up, please let me know so we can chat about it!

K, now I know that is not the best book review ever, but this is not Wall Street Journal, people! This is just for fun. Have a great night!

(hair pics coming soon!!)

>Awesome Give away!!

>Southern Belle is having an awesome give away!! Go check it out! She has a great little blog that is always fun and has me laughing. Also, she is celebrating her 100th post! What a great idea.

Thanks all!

>Picture Tag and Hair


I got a picture tag a looooong time ago. Sorry it has taken me so long. Here goes!
1. Go to your desktop and in your file folder for pictures, pick the 6th folder with the 6th picture.

2. Tell a story about that picture.
3. Tag 5 others and pass it on. Make sure you let your 5 know!

So this is the inside of a garage that is attached to an apartment we looked at a few weeks ago. We are not going with this place and you might think we're crazy, but we would rather pay the same price for a two bedroom without a garage and a one bedroom with one. I was hoping that my picture would be a lot more exciting than this. Oh well.

I want to tag anyone who has not done this fun little game. I know several of you already have done this, so I don't want to double tag you.

Also, I am getting my hair cut today so keep an eye out tomorrow for a post with before and after hair. I can't wait!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

>Oh Wow

>I really don't have much to say other than I am in love with the most incredible man God could have blessed me with. I was talking to his mom last night, catching up on the past week, and we started talking about babies. Yes, she wants to be a grandma and we are more than willing to bless her someday with a few. Then we talked about us, me and B. B was conceived two weeks after his mom and dad got married. Obviously not a planned pregnancy. I was not an "accident" so to speak. However, my mom miscarried a few months before me and had that pregnancy continued, I would not be here. The coincidences and our faith in God's plan just kind of dumb-founded us. B and I were born to be each other's soul mate. Can you get any more basic than that?
So I dedicate this post to my loving husband who never fails me, always loves me, and shows his love and gratitude daily. Love you, B.


Monday, March 9, 2009


>* This time change is killing me, and I have not even gone back to work yet! What the heck??

* B and I saw Watchmen on Thursday night, midnight, and it was not as good as we were hoping it would be. Wayyyyyyy too long and for me, a little boring. Oh well.

* Friday I was super stressed at work with a party and then picking up other employees' slack. I hate that!! I am not the kind of person to just stop doing my job because someone else is not doing theirs, especially if their lack of work falls on me. I will not stoop to their level, but let me tell you, I was soooo close to just not cleaning. However, I am glad I did, because the job I am doing is being noticed in a positive way.

* Worked all day Saturday and had a lovely evening with a friend. I made a chicken and veggie dinner and we watched a movie. Always fun!

* Sunday, the day of rest! Rest we did. The time change knocked us on our feet and all day we were very tired, lazy and did nothing until we went to have dinner with my parents. We watched Rocknrolla and that was pretty good.

*This morning when I woke up:

Me: B, I am going to be anti-domestic today.

B: Does that mean you're going to destroy the house?!

Isn't he funny?? I did go grocery shopping, but will not be doing any laundry or cooking today. Nope.

How was your weekend?

Friday, March 6, 2009

>Security Blanket

>Did you have one?

I did, but not until I was older. As a baby/toddler, I had a blankie, but I was not attached to it. If it was not around, I did not really seem to care.

When I was seven, my grandmother gave me a stuffed dog for Christmas and I named "her" Jesse. I loved stuffed animals. Everytime my dad went out of town, he would bring me back a new one. This particular stuffed animal did not spark my fancy until a year or two later.

One night I was feeling like I needed something to sleep with. Under the moonlight, I sat in front of my shelves of stuffed animals and carefully looked each one over, as if I was picking America's Next Top Model. Jesse was situated on the end, bottom shelf and once I saw her, there was no second thought. I pulled her off the shelf, climbed into bed and feel asleep. It stayed that way until last year.

Yes, I said last year. I was 23 years old when I weened myself from my "security blanket". With B and all that, I did not want to sleep with Jesse anymore. B did not even care. He even thought it was cute. I did it for so long because I got so used to falling asleep with something against my chest. When I started to ween myself, I thought it would be easy. It wasn't.

But like anything else, over time it did become easier and soon enough, she was back on the shelf with everyone else. I miss sleeping with her. Yes, B is a wayyyyy better security blanket, but without Jesse, it is true proof that all that childhood stuff is gone. So I will save her for my children, along with all the rest of my stuffed animals, beanie babies and all.

Isn't it ironic that it was harder for me to give something up as an adult, than as a child? Weird.

Have a happy weekend!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

>New Layout??


What do you think? I have been messing with it for quite some time. I have wanted something that I can be happy with for more than a week and I think this is it. Comments welcome! Thanks loves.


>Edwards would be impressed. B and I CANNOT make up our minds regarding this whole baby making business. Yes, we want children. But now? Yes for me, maybe for B. Yesterday, I kinda broke down with overwhelming emotion regarding the whole baby thing. I have always wanted to have children, but yesterday was the first day that my emotions were so disableing that I could hardly look B in the eye. He was wrecked with sympathy for me, which I had not intended, and I in turn began to feel guilty. The last thing I wanted him to think was that this was my way of manipulating him into condeeding and allowing us to try. He made sure that I knew that was not at all how he felt, which was great, but I still felt bad. Do I really want to have a baby right now? Well, yes. But there is a part of me that is in total limbo that I cannot even frame words around it. So, here is what I am going to do. Ready?

Imagin that, eh? That's right. I am just going to give it up and see what happens and hopefully, this is what B will want to do as well. We have not had a lot of time to talk further about all this since I have been working quite a bit, but seriously, this is what we need to do. I am not talking some kind of Dugger family business here, just seeing what God has in mind. It is so hard to just give up, in a way, and trust 100% that He knows when and where and how all this will work out and I know that is even harder for B to do. He is such a go-getter guy that needs to know every detail so that nothing is skipped over. While this is hard for me as well, I am finding that it is easier for me, in this situation, to just let go and let God. This is another life we are talking about here and we both want this decision to be made without any doubts.
Help us out, internet. Please and thanks in advance. You are all so wonderful and I will keep you posted, as always.
Edited to add: I just put "baby making" under my interests on my profile. LOL!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

>5 years

>I did not know B five years ago.

five years ago
was a sophomore
in college. B was
taking a break from
he got in trouble.
his parents pulled him out.
while he was 
in school, he worked
and played
with his friends back 
was one of those
friends. on a
regular night out,
was driving around with a friend
and a
drunk driver
crossed over the median
He was B's
best friend.
i never knew
but i feel like i did.
he has been in
for five years now.

>To Be or Not to Be

>Thank you Little Miss Pissy. Here is what she has inspired me to do...

I am

...not afraid to die.

...wishing I was pregnant.

...hoping B's job is a HUGE success for us AND that he likes it.

...not praying enough.

...watching CSI on demand. It is my guilty pleasure.

...happy most of the time, but sad today.

...confused about my job and where I want to be a year from now.

...unmotivated to workout. desperate need of a new hair cut.

...not putting ketchup on everything anymore.

...bummed I can't go into the studio with Set Forth. LAME!

...sick of craigslist. Over it.

I am NOT

...going to wallow anymore.



...a normal person.

...going to give up on my dreams.

Your turn.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

>This one time, in Denver...

>Good Afternoon!

This weekend was so fun! I love when I wait a few days to blog and then I have a TON to tell you all about! That makes this so much more fun and relaxing for me.

Saturday after work, I drove down to Denver and enjoyed some time with MIL before heading to dinner with Ash, her hubs, brother and son. B had to work and we all missed him. Ash's bro is a student coach for OU so naturally, I am a HUGE OU fan. It is really the only football I like following and it was so much fun to catch up with him after their crazy season!

Dinner was nice. It took forever for us to get our food but it was worth it. We spent the time chatting and catching up with things that are hard to talk about over the phone. B's brother and sister in law came to meet up with us for a little while. The only person missing was B.

Once dinner was over with, B texted me that he was coming down! But he would not be there until midnight so he would miss seeing our friends. We headed over to a bowling ally with an arcade in it. Ash's son was super enamored by all the lights and sounds everything made. He just ran around pushing buttons and laughing. It was adorable and made me want a kiddo that mush more! ;)

I bowled horribly. I don't even think I broke 70, which is REALLY bad for me. Usually I can make it into the 90's but not this time. I even had two strikes, but I gutter-balled it most of the time. Oh well. It was fun anyway.

I got to MIL's place and just after midnight B showed up with our furry kids. We quickly went to bed and relished in the thought of sleeping in. Sleeping in for me, is now between 8 and 9. I am just ready to be up and I hate wasting daylight. B slept until ten, so MIL and I made him breakfast. It was fun cooking with her. She let me borrow this super soft, super warm bath robe that I meant to bring home with me, but forgot.

We were cozy all morning and before noon, we took the dogs for a nice walk down the canal. I managed to throw the frisbee into someone's yard that B later retrieved on our way home. It was beautiful outside! Much like today: warm and in the 70s! We then went shopping and found some nice clothes on sale for B since he is staring his new job and he needs to look suave. When he gets all decked out, I will take a pic and post it. :)

We had lunch with some other friends. One of them had just come back from Florida which made B and I super jealous! We can't wait to sit on a beach and drink margs!! Less than two months til Cabo!!

I came home early yesterday for a dentist appt which went well. No cavities! I never have any, which is great, but I have VERY sensitive teeth and she FINALLY prescribed me some toothpaste that will help strenghten my teeth. When I got home, I took a 3 hour nap! I did not even know I was that tired, but the dogs were sleepy too so that worked out.

I woke up feeling like a new woman. I cleaned out my car, which was a disaster. If you have dogs, you know what I am talking about. I took it down to this place that has free vacuums. It is not perfect, but much better than it was! Once I was home, I cleaned up and made dinner, which was ready for B when he got home from his class for this new job he got.

The weekend was great and I LOVE having Monday's off.