Sunday, April 26, 2009

>Jimmy Buffett Style

>I am sure I have rubbed this in enough so....ADIOS! CAIO! HASATA LUEGO!

(if you're thinking my foreign language skills suck, then, you're right)

When I return...

...there will be LOADS of pictures (now, practicing my British accent...)

...a semi-detailed summary of our vacation (because you really don't want all those details...)

...and more. more of what? not sure...just hang in there. love you all!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

>This is Amusing...

>1. I have been watching MckMama's site counter all day. She is almost up to 10,000,000 and has promised a nice shout out to whomever can be the 10,000,000th visitor, snap a photo, and send it to her. Now, I know that my chances are slim to non, but my husband is working, our bags are packed and I really have nothing better to do.

2. 17 Again is so not worth your money. Save it for a free redbox rental. Seriously, Zach Effron is lovely to look at, but eye candy is really all you get out of this silly, predictable flick.

3. I noticed that most of you are enjoying nice weather today and here is what I have come to find out: whenever it is nice where you are, it is crappy here (rain or snow) and whenever it is crappy where you are, it is lovely, pleasant weather here. For example, today is rainy and cold, while the entire week was beautiful! Above 70s, light breezes, even a little sun on my skin. It was great! And now, I am back in a hoodie, jeans, and socks (I hate socks!).

4. I cannot believe that I will be in Cabo in less than 48 hours. Like, on the beach, enjoying a beer and that crab I mentioned earlier, sans socks (not even packing one pair!) with sand and salty in between my toes. Remember when I talked about firsts? Well, TWO of those will be marked off the list: Flying with B for the first time AND going out of the country with him. We are so stinking excited!! I have butterflies in my stomach!!

5. I am still a sucker for CSI on demand.

>Eight is Great

>Lil Woman was tagged for this fun game and while she did not tag me, I thought it looked too fun. AND 8 is my most favorite number so I could not resist.

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To:
CABO! Which I will be gone for EIGHT days!
Moving. Our basement is soooo depressing!! We can't wait to get out here!
Becoming a momma. Like, now.
Getting my teaching licence soon-ish.
Our 1 year wedding anniversary in August.
Eating Crab in Cabo!
Buying a house (someday).

8 Things I Did Yesterday:
Woke up late. Oops.
Went to my old high school and tried to get an exchange student placed.
Babysat the cutest kids!
Planted flowers with said children.
Took an HPT test.
Did my friends hair for her date with her hubs.
Took the doggies for a walk with a friend
Made a homemade pizza and then went to the drive in to see 17 again. Just skip it.

8 Things I Wish I Could D0:
Teach right now.
Buy a house.
Become a momma.
Go on a shopping spree with someone elses money.
Go home, not be working right now.
Meet some of my fav bloggers!
Travel all over the world with hubs and mini me in tow.
Grow a beautiful garden.

8 Shows I Watch:
Gossip Girl
One Tree Hill
Breaking Bad
The Hills
Real World
Anything on TLC
Anything on Animal Planet

8 Bloggers I'm Tagging:
Since I was not officially tagged, just go ahead and tag yourself if you find this fun. I did!! Happy (wet) Saturday!

Friday, April 24, 2009

>"..Try, Try again..."


One pink line.

There's always next month.

Or the month after that.

Chin up.

Attach smile.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Last Update Before Cabo!

Hello everyone!!

The last week has been very busy for us over on the Front Range. Brendan has been working very hard, learning all the ropes of Aflac (an insurance company), and patiently awaiting his official insurance license so he can start selling insurance to businesses in town.

Work at the retirement home as taken an interesting turn. We have been dealing with a flu outbreak over the last week with nearly 20 people, residents and employees, coming down with this illness. Our building has been bleached until our noses bleed, the restaurant is closed, activities and transportation have been canceled. I am doing everything I can to ensure that I don't become ill. Brendan and I are leaving for Cabo in four days and we can't wait! That being said, there will not be any updates for over a week. But be sure to check back around May 6th with pictures and a message about our vacation. This is our official honeymoon and we could not be happier to be taking this trip now. Please feel free to leave a comment.

Have a great week!

>And then I got High...

>When I was in high school, I was one of the most naive kids you could have come across. My parents were very strict and while my mom talked to me about sex, drugs, and alcohol, they did an even better job of teaching me how wrong those things were to get involved with at a young age. I never touched a cigarette, had my first kiss at 16, never wore mascara until I was a freshman in college, and did not have my first alcoholic drink or have sex for the first time until I was 20. I am very proud to say these things. I also know that my parents were just trying to keep me from getting in trouble with the law and I made sure that my friends were not interested in those things either. That being said, I stayed away from parties and drugs my first three years in college.

When I met B in college our senior year, I knew that he smoked pot. And he knew that I was not a fan. He reaaaallllly liked me (who couldn't!) and brought his habit down to only smoking a few times a week. I never wanted to be around him if he smoked and this alone made him want to smoke less so that I would come over and hang out. This was never a huge issue until right before we got engaged. I was feeling like he should have quit by now. I had never tried pot before and could not understand how he could be addicted to it, even after only doing it maybe once a month by then. 

I got to the point where, if it was a special thing and he was hanging out with his friends, I would just blow it off. But still, in the back of my mind, I was hoping he would eventually just stop craving it.

Our wedding brought many of our friends together, even the ones B used to smoke with. Before leaving, B was handed a gift from a friend in the form of pot. I was unaware of this exchange until we were in our honeymoon suite and I am proud to say I was not even close to upset or offended. I was actually excited about trying it! I sound like a hypocrite, but I am most worried about getting caught with it and I knew camping was the perfect time to smoke for the first time.

Honestly, I don't get it.  I don't like it or the way it makes me feel (or not feel...) and I hate the way it smells. I am bringing this up because we continue to have mini issues about this subject. B wants to smoke and I don't want him to. Do I have the control to make him stop? I am being totally unfair and out of line? Should I just let him do whatever he wants to do? My main concern is that we want children soon and I want this habit kicked BEFORE our mini me shows up. He says he can do that. I know he can, but I don't think he really wants to. "But what if I go play poker with the guys? What if we go camping again? What if it gets legalized? What if..." all these senarios try to pull into acceptance of this habit and I am not going there. Not gonna happen. So, most recently, we have a compromise: B can smoke if I drink more than 2 alcoholic drinks. I rarely drink more than 2 so this is going to work out. B even feels good about it and that the longer he goes without it, the easier it will be to say he is totally done with this drug. 

I know it could be worse. I know that pot is next to harmless. But it is still illegal, it is still inhibiting, and it makes everything smell bad. I know most of you have tried this or even are regular smokers. That is fine. I am not here to judge and in fact, I really don't care. That does not change how I feel about someone (obviously). I love B and I know that he loves me and wants to make me happy. I want him to be happy too, so I am torn. It seems like the easiest answer to me, but B does not see it that way (yet). He will. I suppose I am wondering if you have issues with your husband/boyfriend on this level? It could be drugs, alcohol, caffein...whatever. Any suggestions and/or encouragements would be great! I feel like I am being a mean wife and I know that B does not think that, but I am a bit self conscious about it.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

>The One Where We *might* Be Pregnant

>B and I have officially been TTC now for two months. I will not know how this second month has worked out until next week (when we are in Cabo--are you for real, AF?? I mean SERIOUSLY?!?) So, I would LOVE to be "with child" for a thousand reasons, one of which just so happens to be NOT having a visit from AF while lounging in my super cute bikini with my super hot hubby on the beach for seven days. How this was planned, I am not sure, but God, I am sooo not laughing at this joke. Unless, of course, the above is true... 

How do I feel?? Well, not too different. I have been more emotionally healthy this month, thinking more positive thoughts, being just happier in general. I have felt extra tried the last week or so, but work and planning for our trip could be the culprits. I feel like this is a true/false question on a test. "You are pregnant: true or false? You are not pregnant: true of false?" I obviously have no idea and will probably cave and take a test before we leave...just in case. I do have margaritas on my mind. If that happens, regardless of the answer, we are not telling anyone...we want to enjoy our trip without worrying about what everyone else is thinking.

If it comes to one pink line, then we will actually go on a little TTC hiatus. B has a new job with an insurance company with awesome maternity insurance and requires that the plan is active for 2 months prior to conception. I can handle that. I suppose I am filling you all in on this so you don't get worried or anything. I am the first to think those negative thoughts, but I am not letting those thoughts in. We will have a baby when the time is right for us according to His plan.

On a completely unrelated note, I got rid of facebook a few days ago after a five year loyalty. I can't say I miss it, yet. I do miss seeing new pictures from friends. That is the ONLY thing I miss. But I knew I would not miss it enough to keep my account. Facebook is nothing like wine. The older it got, the worse it tasted!! The newsfeeds drove me up a wall. I do not care about what you said to someone else who is not my friend. Why would anyone want to see that kind of stuff? I also did not like being notified that someone else, whom I don't know, commented on a friend of mine's picture that I also had commented on. Hello?? Pointless!! I went through this with myspace. I grew up. I don't need those internet social networks anymore. I am happy here at blogger and it is private enough that I feel good about my safety. I love reading all of your blogs and learning from you. I hope that you take those kinds of things from my blog as well. I realize that I have been a terrible writer lately and I feel it is out of stress and boredom with writing that I just don't write. And when I do, it is poo. I am going to work on this over the next few weeks. Please be patient with me. This is something I truly want to be good out, so I am going to make an honest effort to be better. Not just to make you smile or laugh more, but to grow as a writer and learn more about myself.

**Praying for Stellan!**

Monday, April 20, 2009

>Sunny Day

>First and foremost, thank you to all of you who have entered the giveaway. Sorry about my brief moment of self-pity. I suck, but it worked! lol...thank you to all of you who were honest, too, about not being "hat fans" or "playboy fans". I myself am not a huge playboy fan but I thought the hats were just too cute and not scandalous at all. 


Despite having to work all weekend, it was great! Sunday was the best. B and I drove up to Estas Park. That is where the Stanley Hotel is, a YMCA camp, and herds upon herds of elk. Oh yeah, and big horn sheep too. 

This trip was super spontaneous. I was making breakfast and said, "Hey, B, lets drive up to Estas today and take the dogs." B, my go-with-the-flow guy, was on board in a heart beat. We quickly showered and loaded the dogs into the car and hit the road before noon. It took us less than an hour to get there, which was great and despite having a huge snow storm Friday night, it was a beautiful day. Warm, sunny, light breeze. PERFECT!

We walked around town, had some pizza, watched some guy get plowed from snow sliding off of a roof, let the dogs meet other dogs, let the dogs kiss kids' faces, and visited the Hotel. It was awesome! I had been there before, even spent the night. B had never been there before and so we enjoyed a beer in the bar. There was a picture frame on the wall that I was looking at and all of a sudden it changed. It was one of those digital photo slide show things, but it was in an old frame. Freaked me out at first. We then tried to tag along on a tour, but you had to pay for it.

After a few hours of a great afternoon, we headed home and I went to work. It was a great day, great weekend, and now I just can't believe that I will be in Cabo one week from today!!

Happy Monday!

Also, please keep Stellan in your prayers. He is having MAJOR surgery tomorrow and will need all the prayers he can get. Is it weird that he was in a dream I had the other night??

Sunday, April 19, 2009

>Wow...Did I Miss Something??

>I am not at all getting the kind of response I was hoping for with this giveaway. Is it too risky?? I don't get it....I almost feel like just canceling the whole thing and I know that sounds lame and you might stop following me, but that is not at all how I thought this would go. It is supposed to be fun, and I feel like it is not getting a very "fun" response. I will keep it up for another day or so, but if the response is not very good, I might just take it down and do it in the fall when you might actually want a winter hat...hummmm....

Check out the giveaway here.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Weekend

We had a very nice weekend with the family. Sunday morning we went to church early with mom and dad here in Fort Collins. Jason met us there, which was quite special. We then had brunch at MacKenzie Place where I work. It was very yummy! Lana was able to join us for that meal and then both Jason and Lana were able to come down to Patty's with us to have Easter Dinner down there. It was amazing! Patty made twice baked potatoes and they were to die for! I made a yummy artichoke dip that everyone seemed to enjoy. In all, there were 13 adults and 5 dogs. It was a crazy celebration of our Lord and we all had a wonderful time.

Brendan has been doing some training this week in Denver for Aflac. He is learning all the ins and outs of the job and will hopefully make some sales here in the next week or so.

I have become a Local Coordinator with an international organization called CIEE. Check out their website and you can get a better idea of what I will be doing. I will be placing international students in host homes here in Fort Collins for the 09-10 school year. If you are someone you know is interested, please let me know. I can get that set up. I am very eager to begin this job as I feel it will be very rewarding.

I hope you all had a great Easter!

Sarah and Brendan

>Playboy Bunny Giveaway!!

>The giveaway you have been pinning over is FINALLY HERE!! Really, I get on your racing shoes because this is gonna be a doozy! Here is the super cute, super sexy prize!

{Playboy Bunny Snow Hat. Cream-colored with gold bunny threading and braided tassels}
How stinking cute is this?? I know that it is almost summer, but I love getting winter clearance items in the spring so I have something cute to look forward to next winter.
The hubs got me a very cute pink one for Christmas. I didn't put put it on all the way because I did not want to ruin my hair. ;)

 So, you want as many chances as possible to win?? Here is what you do...
* Leave a comment and follow me (if you already follow, please note that) 1 entry
* Post announcement of my giveaway on your blog AND link to this post (be sure to note that you did this in your comment). 2 entries
* Now, tell me something sexy! This is a Playboy Bunny Hat that, I must say, is very warm and comfy and still makes you look like that super HOT ski bunny on the slopes. So, tell me something about yourself that is Playboy-esk. It could be anything from, "Hey! I met The Girls Next Door!" to a bunny tat, or something more. Whatever! No holds bar here! Make it juicy, if you must. Have fun! 2 entries
That means you have the opportunity to have FIVE entries. Good luck!!

This giveaway will close on Monday, May 4th (the day we get back from Cabo. This way, everyone will have a great chance to enter).

Monday, April 13, 2009

>All You Need to know...

>Short and sweet:

1. First and foremost, April over at is having a saaaaa-wweeeeeetttt giveaway. Check her out! Her blog is so cute and fun. I love reading up on her!

2. Friday was a day full of family drama that I will not be sharing here. All you need to know is that it has since resolved and we are happy again. *big grin*

3. Saturday I woke up early, thinking I was going to have telephone training for a mini job that I will be partaking in here soon. More details to come... But the training needed to be rescheduled so...there. I was awake. So B and I got up and hauled our behinds over to the apt. complex he have had our eyes on now for two months. We gave our awesome lady the go-ahead and yay! We are moving May 16th!!

4. We spent the rest of Saturday just hanging out and I later went and had dinner with my parents. Always nice.

5. Sunday we were up bright and early for church at 8 and then headed to where I work for a lovely brunch with the fam. Both events were very nice. Then B and I headed to D-town and spent the day with MIL. She had my parents and a whole slue of other family over for an Easter dinner that was sooooo yummy! I am still full from all the food we ate! Also, there were FIVE dogs there. Crazy-town!

6. The evening was nice once folks headed home. B and I had a great chat all alone about the things that are coming up and brought us that much closer.

7. Today, I went to a fabric store with MIL and we ordered a pattern for some window benches we are going to make for the two bay windows that are in our apt. Pics to come later!

Overall, I great weekend with lots of fun, food and family. I would not have wanted it any other way. Thank you, Jesus!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

>"Ask me no questions, and I'll tell you no lies!" Part II

>*Ding, ding!* Round two! (I always wanted to be a ring girl!)

1. Who are the bloggers you would love to meet and why? Well, Mrs. Stilettos, I would LOVE to meet you! And the lil bun in your oven! I would also love to meet the girls who have been faithful blog readers/followers: Lil Woman, C., Hooper, Tarryn. So many of you!

2. How did you find this blogging community? Funny story! I was actually in the middle of an internet scam through craigslist and googled one of the names that was on a fraudulent check I received and that was when my search brought me to a blog where the person was talking about the exact same scam! It was crazy! I think one of my first blogs ever is about what happened. Check it out HERE. I have since stopped following that person's blog simply because he stopped blogging.

3. Do you think you'll have your blog five years from now? I am not sure. If not this blog, then something like it so that I can continue to write. That is what is most important to me. I want to have a "journal", if you will, of my married life and the things and life events that have shaped and continue to shape who B and I are.

Danielle asked:
What is your favorite and least favorite thing about being married? My favorite thing about being married is having my best friend with me everyday. We go through the good, the bad and the ugly together and come out stronger no matter the situation. I cannot see myself without B, ever, and the thought of him not being there makes me want to throw up. I am so madly in love with him. My least favorite thing about being married is dealing with the chores and delegating them. This has brought us to our worst fights yet and for now, and hopefully for awhile, we have come to a compromise that seems to be working out really well. I just hated feeling like I was the only one doing anything around the house and it was hard communicating that without B feeling defensive about those allegations.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

>I've Been Dying to Ask You...

>You all have great questions! Here is part one:

KLC asked:

1. What's your dream vacation? My dream vacation would be a cruise around the Greek Islands! I have always wanted to visit Greece, even though they are not too fond of American's anymore. Their culture and the colors are just brilliant! I will have an ocean blue and white bathroom someday!

2. What's your favorite article of clothing of all time? I am a creature of comfort and sleep in my "Team Edward" tee-shirt almost every night (I know...totally gets us in the mood! ;)). I love that shirt. But all time? I would have to say my wedding dress! I know that is so cliche but really, I loved wearing it. I felt more beautiful in that dress than I ever have in my life and I only wish I could wear it more! However, at the same time, it is very sacred that I have only worn it on that day (and several days leading up to that day, locked in my bedroom!).

Lil Woman asked:

1. If you could have any job in the whole world, what would it be and why? My dream job is, always has been, and always will be, to be a mother. I have longed for the day to finally say "yes! we can start making a family!" Outside of the household? To teach English to middle schoolers, which is what I am persuing right now. This is something I will do, even if I become a mother. If it works out for me to be a stay at home mom, then there is no contest at all.

2. If someone holds the door open for you, do you hold it open for the next person? Always! I held a door open for a guy yesterday because I got there first and then he returned the favor with the next set. I may be a woman, but I don't see why we can't do the same! ;)

3. If you could meet up with your bloggy friends, where would we go??(drinks, dancing, chatting in a cafe?) If we went somewhere, I would want to go to a favorite local resturant and have some drinks, maybe dance a little, but mostly talk and get to know each other better. I would also love to host a dinner party. That would be the best!

Lucy Marie asked:

(C. also asked this question)1. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? I have thought about this before. In all honesty, there is NOTHING I would want to eat solely for the rest of my life. There is no way I could do that. But if I had to, then I would say penne vodka pasta. The best!

2. What is the best place on earth you've ever been? I am going to answer this with a question for you, readers: I know most of you to be Godly women and even if you're not, you may be able to relate. Have you ever been somewhere or with someone and you felt the strongest sense of peace and joy and you recognized it as God wrapping his arms around you, saying, "Child, this is what happiness is. Breath and I will take care of everything." Well, I felt this standing on the edge of the Irish Sea on the Isle of Man. The quaint island is just off the coast of Ireland and England. The day was sunny, but cool from a breeze right off the sea. The sea was raging-mad, fiercly throwing waves against the jagged rocks, which remained unmoved. I closed my eyes, thinking of a song I had been listening to on the ride to the spot and instantly began to sob. Not because I was sad or lost or lonely, but because I was so happy. I had never felt so happy and carefree in my life. It was the most I have ever surrendered to God, something which I try to do each day, and I pray to return to that very spot with B and maybe a mini me in tow. Who knows?

3. If you had to choose 5 movies to watch for the rest of your life, what would they be? This is easy: Knocked Up, The Notebook, The Darjeeling Limited, Finding Nemo, and Lady & the Tramp

4. If you could only read one novel for the rest of your life, what novel would it be? Surprisingly, it is not Twilight. I have only read it three times and I really don't have the urge to read it again anytime soon. So, I would love to read The Catcher in the Rye over and over. I learned something new about Holden every time and it is a great novel. Love it!

Shanny asked:

1. What song is in your head right now? Do you like it or is it just annoyingly stuck in there? Since the radio is playing right now, it is hard to tell if there is a song "stuck" in there. But often before I fall asleep there is something ringing in my ear, keeping me from my slumber. Lately it has been the new Britney song "Circus" and I am OBESSED with Muse so a few of those songs are rolling around in there. Is it annoying? Not when I am driving to work, but yes when I am trying to fall asleep. I had that "You spin my head right 'round right 'round" and any time of day that is super annoying.

Great questions! Keep 'em coming! I will post another round tomorrow.

>Entertain me...

>...with your questions! I am so bored here, peeps, at work. I have seen some of you making posts about questions others ask you and well, I have not had too many inquiries come my way. Nothing wrong with that, but I thought I would open up the can of worms and let you have at it! Of course, I will use my own discretion as to what I will or will not answer, but as far as what you want to ask-ask me anything! PLEASE! Have fun and then maybe play this game yourself. Lets learn more about each other! Have a great night and I look forward to answering questions.


>Happy As A...yeah, you get it. HAPPY!

>Thank you for your prayers! Seriously, this week has been great and I even feel great. I told B last night that I was so happy, content, excited. Nothing was in my mental path, gnawing at my insides and telling me to freak out or worry about something. NOTHING! I worked both Monday and Tuesday and both days were drama free! I had yesterday off so B and I decided to pick out the apartment we want in the complex we have had our eyes on. This decision has been 2 months in the making and it is a HUGE step for us. We are wanting to move into a place that we can see ourselves in for a few years and this really seems the place to be. I could feel God pulling us in the direction, but if you know me at all, I still needed to see what other "fish" were out in the sea. I found a place online that looked and sounded great, even though it was out of our price range. We were so excited to see and and even drove by it in the morning before our appointment. Come 4:30, we walk in and all hope and excitement is left on the door step, or even further away in the car with the dogs. The please was A DUMP! It was so nasty and not well-cared for! Nothing was clean, boxes and clothes were strewn everywhere! I know that the process of moving is stressful, but they had plenty of time to clean up a little! EEeeewww! So, needless to say we were instantly turned off and God said, "Now stop looking and trust me! This place you have picked out is THE ONE!" Okay, fine. ;)

B had to work the lunch shift and I took the time to take a nap, read a book, clean the kitchen, and play with the dogs. The day was beautiful and warm! Today it is a little cooler, but the sun is still shinning. I can't wait for Easter! We are going to have a huge family get together in Denver and I can't wait! I also will have a glass of wine--or two--as my Lent will be over! HAve a great day!

Monday, April 6, 2009

>Contest Coming Soon....

>It's true! I am getting ready to launch my FIRST EVER contest and it need to totally rock. Since B and I are POOR AS DIRT right now, you will lovingly receive something that has been with us for some time now...what that is...not sure yet. But, I guarentee it will be fabulous! We are moving in a month or so and over the next few weeks I will be putting something awesome together.

In other news, oh yeah, HEY, we're moving! Haha, can't wait to get out of the ground! I know this will take me out of the rut I am in, even with work stuff. You know how sometimes just the place you live in or the people you live with can affect your ENTIRE attitued? Well, hey, that would be yours truely! I will be WAY more fun here in a month, promise.

PLEASE keep praying for Stellan. His button is at the top of my page. Poor guy is hanging in there I know he will get through this--pray for answers soon!

Did you know that I wear a uniform to work? Well, it is so disgracefull that I am ashamed to even post a pick (going off to find one....)....the uniform is so terrible that they DISCONTINUED the line we wear! HORRAY! Also, the internet could not even come close to representing how "Mrs. Doubtfire" our uniform is. And yes, someone has said that to me, on a number of occasions by a number of people and no, I DO NOT wear this dreaded thing out of my house. Eeww.

Have a fab night.

Weekend Wrap-up

**I would just like to point out that it is purely by chance that I have titled almost every blog with a W, making quite the alliteration. :)

We had a great weekend in Denver!

We arrived Friday evening and made a yummy taco salad.  Kyle and Martha joined us with one of their friends. After dinner we headed to the Gothic to see Marc's band play. They were amazing! And totally stole the show! Saturday we spent the morning just lounging around and being cozy. It was snowy and cold. In the afternoon, we headed over to Jerry's for a Final Four game. Michigan State won and so the boys went out and bought cigars. Brendan's coat still smells bad. ;)

Sunday we hung out again, going out for breakfast and then visiting Patty's soon-to-be new home. It was so cute and cozy! Brendan and I would LOVE to live in a little home like that. For now, we will have to stick with apartments. :/

How was your weekend?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

>Did You See My Last Post??

>If not, go HERE.

Let me know if there is an issue with my google reader. Thanks!


>Indifference and an Update

>What a great weekend! Since I got my new phone on Wednesday, things have been pretty good. The phone is a keeper! I set up my voicemail, GPS, and got a few ring tones over the last few days and have really fallen in love with this phone! It is so easy to use and convenient. We upgraded our plan so we have unlimited EVERYTHING. Literally. And our phone bill went DOWN, believe it or not. What a score!

Thursday I worked and spent the evening making some chicken in the crock pot. I don't even know what it tastes like yet...we didn't eat it then since it was not really ready until we went to bed.

Friday I spent the morning packing for our trip to see MIL for the weekend and then went to babysit for a few hours. Once I got home, we were able to leave town. Oh, but not without more work drama...SO OVER IT! Really, I just wanna become a mom and NEVER work again. Anyone else with me?? Friday night we had a great dinner with MIL, B's bro and his wife and one of their friends. We went to a club near by where our friends band was playing and the show was AMAZING! They were not headlining, but they might as well have been. They totally stole the show! Go check them out NOW. Set Forth. Music to our ears and then tell me what you thought.

Saturday was a pretty lazy day, sleeping in and lounging in the morning. We then got ready to go see FIL for a Final Four party and YAY!! Michigan State kicked some serious ass! It was great.

Today we slept in a little and went to see MILs new house that she will be moving into in a few weeks.

Overall, I have actually been feeling very anxious and stressed out. This is just something I really don't want to talk or write about in great detail. Don't take it personally. This is just not the outlet I am going to use to vent about those things. But I am mentioning it so that prayer can be said. We all need it and it is hard to ask for, but please keep me in your prayers. We have so many things to look forward to that are great and exciting, but I am feeling very stressed out about those things, regardless of how good those changes and events will be for us. A HUGE thank you in advance. Have a great Sunday!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Fun Pics To Make You Smile

[caption id="attachment_15" align="alignnone" width="225" caption="Man's Best Friend"]Man's Best Friend[/caption]


Remember Kathleen? She was about 3 months pregnant when Brendan and I got married and here is her new little girl Kaylee! Brendan is holding her in this picture and she fell asleep only after a few moments in his arms. TOO CUTE!

Thursday Update

This week has gone by quickly! Brendan and I have both been working quite a bit. He has started to study for his insurance test and I have been getting ready for Cabo. We went shopping earlier this week for travel items and some new clothes. Our computer has a great program for organizing a vacation. I have set up all of our lists and itinerary which has made the planning process much easier. Less than one month to go!

Yesterday I was able to upgrade my cell phone and bought the new Instinct through Sprint. We got a great deal and even lowered our overall monthly payment. So far, the phone is working out great! It is pink and matches my camera! :)

This weekend we are heading to Denver to see Brendan's mom and brother. We well hopefully see his dad as well. Tomorrow night our friend Marc is playing with his band at the Gothic and we are really looking forward to that show. Saturday will be spent hanging out. It is supposed to snow so I am not sure what our plans will be as that tends to affect what we do.

I hope all of you are having a great week!


Brendan and Sarah

>Wordle Fun

>Mrs. C did this a few days ago and it was just too fun and easy! Check it out.

Wordle: Thoughtful

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

>Change is Good

>This week, so far, has been great! I have been working like a horse and today was my first day off in 6 days! I took full advantage of sleeping in and babysat this afternoon, making some more Cabo mula! Then B and I headed to Sams Club to get me a new cell phone! Isn't it cute?

I LOVE IT! So far, anyway. I am still waiting for the new number to roll over so I can make calls and text.

This weekend we are going to Denver to see some family and just get out of town. We have the weekend off and want to just relax! I have not been a great blogger this week, but just know that all is well!