Thursday, August 19, 2010


>July 26, 2010

I wrote last time about our sleep issues with Logan. He is still a fighter, but not nearly as bad and I have my mommy armor now (where the hell did that come from) and his crying does not bother me as much, espeically if is just because he’s so tired. I believe he might be the kind of baby who needs to cry to get himself into sleep mode, which is fine. He’s fed, changed, and exhausted. We have very busy days and when nap time or bed time rolls around, he is a gonner, but just won’t admit it. We’ve helped him out with that. In the last week, he has been so good going to sleep. Maybe once a day now (rather than 4 or 5 times a day) he will cry with some might, but all other times he fusses and I put the paci back in and he is out. Today, on my day off, I have laid him down when he’s tired at specific times so as to get him on a schedule, if that is even possible. Who knows, but I am going to try. So far 8, 11 and 3 seem to be the times he is ready for bed and he’ll sleep a good hour to two for me. Which means that it is 3:30 right now and I better go lay down if I want to catch some Zzzs myself! Tata!

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