Tuesday, October 28, 2008

>what now?

>Brendan did not get the job at New Belgium. Now what? It is so hard to find a decent job in this town. Why is it that someone with 2 bachelors degrees has to end up serving tables because he is either underqualified or overqualified?? Gawww!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

>thank you, man-dog

>insane week. i would be just fine if i never have to deal with last week again. that would be super. this whole money thing has continued to prey on our nerves and our hopes are that that will change in the not so distant future (PRAYERS PLEASE!!).

we were also hassled about not having thank you notes out yet for the wedding. HELLO!?!! it has not even been three months and we have them all written, we just need to get them out. but you see, there is this little thing called a stamp that, when added up, makes for quite the expense when sending out 150 thank you cards. we know how important it is to show our appreciation to EVERYONE who made it to our wedding. it was a destination wedding and, gift or not, you're getting a thank you because being there in and of itself was quite the expense for everyone and we get that. we do. and we are sooooooooo thankful and glad for all who attended. it was the most perfect day either of us to ask for. now, all we are asking for is a little patience and understading. we are literally broke newlyweds and will send out little chunks of thank you's as quickly as we can, may our bank account allow it. it was just frustrating having my new mom in law telling me how the family is disappointed in us and blah blah blah and how it will effect the way they treat my bro in law when he gets married. i really don't see that happening and it does not make sense to throw that curve ball into the mix, but what the hell. if anyone has advice on dealing with in-laws, comment away. this is a new thing for us both. we love both our families very much and get along great, but there are still those moments when they feel the need for parenting us again is really necessary. roll it off the back, you say. not so easy, i say. in the end, we addressed all the envelopes and sent out the important thank you's, if there is such a thing. by the way, you are all important so no offence or anything.

work has been super busy and we have a new guest services manager. she is great, just what we need. but i feel like i am making a one-eighty here. prior-manager, we had just our GM who is also great but did not like dealing with the small problems so we left those to deal with amongst ourselves and it seemed to be a good system. now that we have a manager to deal with, not only problems, but anything else going on, it is like taking a nice, cool frog and dumping him into a boiling pot of water. shocking. difficult. frustrating. and dare i say, painful. what happens now? we had a system, and now this new person is screwing it up. we know we need her to tell us about all the stuff we are overlooking and there seems to be a lot of that. she criticizes EVERYTHING! the tone of your voice, what you say, when you say, points out leaves and trash on ground (the size of a bread crumb), fingerprints on windows, the sound of the vaccuum is too loud, no one can stand around the front desk (now this one i like--get the eff out of my space people!) and so on. there will be more, i am sure of that. and i am also sure that we will all adjust nicely and this will be a very welcomed change, it is just so intense right now....gah.

tulo is a man-dog now. even though he is only 14 months old, he is so not a puppy anymore. we would leave him in is kennel everytime we left the house, even just to the store for 20 min because we could not trust him to not touch anything. he can destroy a pillow in a matter of minutes. he can bust cords in half with one bite. we were just fed up with all our stuff getting ruined that we stopped "testing" him alone and just gave in to the kennel. he loves his kennel so it was never a problem, but brendan started leaving him out of it this week and it is like we have a new dog in the house. he does not touch anything...really. it is spotless and just the same as we left it. this is groundbreaking, really. poor butte would just sit outside his kennel until we got home. how they lay together on the couch (i know...totally bad habit...) and sleep. so effing adorable. pics to come....

i really really hope this week is going to be much better than last week. i don't want to cry or get angry or start my period. okay? sweet. this is what we have to look forward to:
*monday is a day off! clean and laundry! (weird, i LOVE doing these things...) and take dogs to dog park
*tuesday i will work and relax with my hubs. maybe watch more Weeds (awesome show!!)
*wednesday is another day off! if it is nice, i want b and i to go up to estas before it gets too cold and gross out (ugg...it still might be too late...who knows)
*thursday is another day at work and more weeds
*friday is halloween and i get to dress up for work in my super sexy/awesome vampire outfit. read: bella swan.
*saturday day off! might go see ash in denver with brev and watch the high school football playoffs and then come home and have a smashing good time of a halloween party.
*sunday is a day of rest until i work. zzzzzzz

Saturday, October 25, 2008

>fab four

Four Jobs I've Had:
Front Desk Reception at a Five-Star retirement community
Paraprofessional at a high school in town for a student with, count them, not one but two traumatic brain injuries.
Chiropractic assistant
Vet Tech

Four Movies I've Watched More Than Once:
Finding Nemo
The Notebook
50 First Dates
Knocked Up

Four Places I Have Lived:
Grand Junction, CO
Greeley, CO
Fort Collins, CO
Lavallette, NJ

Four TV Shows I Watch:
Gossip Girl
Americas Next Top Model
Gray's Anatomy

Four Places I Have Been:
Cabo San Lucas
Isle of Mann

Four People Who Regularly Email Me:
Mother in Law

Four of My Favorite Foods:
Potatoes... Bredans way
home-made pizza

Four Places I Would Like to Visit:

Four Things I Look Forward to This Year: (this year is almost over, so this will be for 2009)
advancement in my job
going back to school
maybe baby?? ;)
celebrating 1 year of marriage with my best friend

Friday, October 17, 2008

>beer and wine

>This week...

1. Brendan and I found an entertainment center on craigslist for $24. The thing is massive and super heavy but super worth it. Our living room got a facelift and it is working out great.

2. I download all the music from my parents computer onto ours--it took about 5 hours. Yuck.

3. Our washing machine was out of commission for about 3 weeks--until today! Mr. Rooter rocked it and got some crummy junk out of the way so there SHOULD be no more leackage into our kitchen. yeah, not good.

4. We are housesitting for my parents while they tromp whimsically around wine country in cali. Read: Jealous!

5. Brendan had a interview with New Belgium on Thursday so lets all hope and pray he gets that second interview and then, the job! I hear you get a case a week...SWEET! Maybe it will make me like beer more. Also, I got a flu shot and have felt like shit all day-headache, nausea, tired. gawww

6. Today (friday) I found nice computer desk on craigslist for FREE! That's right, I badassed my way to some dudes house in my hubbys stick-shift truck and only stalled it out once! The desk is awesome. Maybe brendan will put it together tomorrow...

This is going to sounds weird (or not...I am not totally akin to how this whole married thing works...) but brendan said that if he gets the job at new belgium and as soon as my health insurance through work starts (nov 1) then we can be less careful about not getting preggers! yes, that means that we can be comfortable having a baby in the next year or so...awesome!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

>new hair, old habits

i cut my hair about a week ago and i love it! it is way easier to take care of, but i need a new straightener and have no money. in fact, we declared a "money spending freeze". we can't spend any money other than necessary needs like gas and food. it sucks. i hate feeling like we can't have all that we want. i also know that this is how it feels to be a true, married adult. other than the current money troubles, all is well!

Monday, October 6, 2008


>i hate more than anything being away from brendan for more than one night. four nights?? torture. next time, he's coming with me.