Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dear Logan

>June 25, 2010

Today was a different kind of day for you. You momma is sick, so daddy has been taking the reins in caring for you. I went to come and came home, slept and then tried to avoid holding you, although that is next to impossible! Especially with those sweet cheeks and gummy smile. You make me melt!

Anyway, you were getting sleepy and daddy needed a break so I held you upright against my chest, a position you have never liked since day one, and within SECONDS you were asleep, gribing my necklace and shirt collar with your chubby hand. You milky breath swelled into my nose and moistened my shirt with the heat from your body. It was a hot day today! You, my dear son, learned the art of snuggling and not once, but twice did you cling to me like the little monkey that you are.

Then, since I am still germy, I gave daddy the job of putting you to bed. Now I had no idea what a feat that would be! I always put you to bed and it just seemed that was how it was. Tonight, Daddy was determined to put you to bed and you were determined to fight him with every ounce of sweat left in you. It was brutle, my son, listening to you scream at the top of your lungs, piercing our ears with your baby scream. I about screamed myself! I was so sad for you and your daddy. Daddy just wanted to do what I do and you wanted nothing to do with it. So I soothed you a few times and eventually, you fell asleep in daddy’s arms. Ugh. What a work out you put yourself through. I have never heard you cry like that and it broke my heart. But, my dear, you do need to learn to let other people put you to sleep.

Most recently, you have learned how to roll both ways and you LOVE sleeping on your belly now, which might explain why you snuggle now. You’re sleeping 9 hours a night, straight without waking up and I am sooo happy about that! You have started solids, but are still not a fan. I am going to wait a few more weeks to try different things.

I love you more than anything, sweet boy.

M & D

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