Wednesday, December 30, 2009

>The Best of 2009

I can't believe how fast the last year has gone by. 2009 was by far one of my most favorite years in this decade (only second to my first year in college 2002-2003). My marriage continues to grow and I fall in love with B all over again each day we wake up together. And now, we get to welcome a new member of our family at the beginning of 2010. What a way to START a year!! So, without further adieu, a year in pictures with some add-ins. Happy New Year Everyone!!

* B's brother marries my new SIL and I fall in love with the idea of having a baby
*We played a lot of beer pong at a local bar
*Went to an Eagles Hockey Game with my dad
*We bought our tickets to Cabo for our honeymoon

*Bestie came to visit us with her (then) new BF and we went to a bar downtown with swings
*We started to shop for a new apartment
*We went to our first comedy show and learned NEVER again to sit in the front row

*Climbed the Colorado National Monument with our dear friends on a beautiful day
*We officially decide to not NOT try to make a baby
*Decided on the apartment we are now in
*Had a fabulous St. Patty's Day with my BIL and SIL
*I accidently fed B crab--he is very allergic

*Honeymoon in Cabo
*I got a new phone that I now and very sick of and want to throw into the pond

*We're Pregnant!
*Packed to move
*Gave up facebook for 3 months

*We've moved!
*We announce our pregnancy to family and friends
*It rained almost every day
*Heard our baby's heart beat for the first time
*Tulo ate B's birthday cake

*There is no picture for July
*We had our first pregnancy scare
*B got a new job

*I turned the big 2-5
*Celebrated our first year of marriage

*We found out baby is a MISTER

*My girlfriends in Junction threw me a baby shower
*B and I took a drive up to Estas Park to see the colors and elk

*Saw New Moon with bestie
*Got the H1N1 shot
*Get the nursery put together
*Had another scare of possible pre-term labor

*Had baby shower at my Mom's house
*Experienced contractions
*Blog goes private

Well, that was a great year. I love seeing that everyone else is doing this kind of recap.

Please, everyone, take a shot or drink a glass of champagne for me! Cheers!

>Last Chance...

Sometime tonight or tomorrow morning my blog will be private so keep sending those emails! I have quite the lovely crowd that is going to stick around so thanks to everyone who wants to follow what can be a mess sometimes!!

(PS. Had my GBS test yesterday and will get the results on Monday. He checked me again and on Wednesday when I went in with some contractions I was still 30% effaced (yes the first doc "read" me wrong) and at 0 station and no dilation. Yesterday I was 75% effaced and +1!! Holy cow is this baby going to come on NEW YEARS???)

Monday, December 28, 2009


(Friendly reminder: On Wednesday, my blog is going private so if you want to continue reading, please send me your email in a comment. If you already did, I still have it and I am keeping it private. So far, of the 102 followers I have, only 8 of you have sent me your emails. I can think of two of you that I will automatically add (bestie and H).)

Happy Monday!
I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! We did so much and so little at the same time. The goal was to visit with family and relax all at the same time so on Christmas Eve when we headed over to my mom's I literally planned to stay in my PJs all day. I did take my jeans just in case, and after a long nap on Christmas Day, I took a shower and put them on. It was perfect. Once my camera battery is charged up again (hence no weekly pic) I will post a pic of me in my new momma robe. It is delish!

After seeing New Moon in the theater I pretty much swore that would be the last movie I was going to see in the theater before Mister comes. Well, B talked me into seeing Sherlock Holmes on Saturday night. He rarely does activities that he wants to do, by choice, but I really wanted him to have a fun night so I turned cash into change to play video games in the arcade before the movie and then I survived two and a half hours in a hot, sold out theater. THAT, my friends, IS THE LAST MOVIE I AM SEEING IN THE THEATER BEFORE MISTER COMES! Lucky for B, I only complained once. :) BTW, the movie was really good.

As far as preparations go for our son, we have everything we need. It is such a wonderful feeling. I never thought I would be saying this 5 weeks away from our due date. But with all the little scares of him trying to make an appearance, we did what we could to make sure we had everything. I did not want to be sending B to BRU to buy a car seat while I'm in labor. I need him right there next to me! I am getting SO excited! I am not even that scared of labor. I know it's going to hurt and might take several hours but that seems so minor compared to the reward. I am sure in the moment I might have different feelings, but for now staying positive and not worrying is keeping me very motivated to have the kind of birth we are hoping for.

How far along? 35 weeks, 35 DAYS away from our due date!!

Total weight gain/loss: no longer sharing this fun factoid.

Maternity clothes?: I only have about 3 things that still fit so I am quickly becoming the mom that is always in sweats when I am not working. Oy.

Sleep: Less fun. In fact, it is not fun at all. I barely fell asleep last night. I dozed on and off. Get up to pee. Sore. Ugg...woke up with a headache.

Best moment this week: Finding out that the BH I was having were NOT causing dilation--yet.

Movement: All over the place. He tries daily to escape through my belly button.

Food cravings: none. I just want to eat all the time.

Gender: wolverine

Labor Signs: BH last week.

Belly Button in or out? Top is out and when Mister tries to escape, it pops out more.

What I miss: I'm only allowed to list one thing so: alcohol.

What I am looking forward to: Finding out if I am Group B Strep positive tomorrow. I REALLY don't want to be. That would kind of screw up our birth plan.

Weekly Wisdom: Trust your gut.
Milestones: 5 more weeks!

Friday, December 25, 2009

>Dear Baby Boy

>I would like to consider this your first Christmas but the only parts of it you are enjoying is all the yummy food Lolly has made for us and of course the love of our Savior running through your tiny veins. You have been so much fun lately. I truly believe you are giving us a hard time on purpose. I can tell you want to meet us face to face as much as we do, but we need you to be a plump healthy little boy before we say hello. This Christmas has been so much fun and the only thing that could have made it better was you actually being with us around that tree this morning. You grandparents cannot wait to meet you. Lolly rubs my belly and talks to you and after a few seconds you roll around, as if to throw your arms up with excitement--really you are just shoving your head into my cervix, making me jump as that feeling is really not that pleasant. Grandpa and Daddy can't wait do all kinds of "boy" things together. Watching sports, playing with legos, building things. Daddy told me tonight that he was bummed he did not get anything to "build" and that he was a little bored once all was over with. So next year you need to make sure I get him a lego set he can build with you. I will make sure they are the fat ones so you don't try eating them.

We only have a few more weeks left, just you and me, and it is really quite the surreal feeling. Keeping you with me, all to myself, feeling you move and sleep and have hiccups, is something I want forever, yet a feeling just as strong wants you out so I can kiss you and hold you and make you giggle and smile. Every night when I wake up to go to the bathroom you give me a bounce while I sit on the toilet. Then once I am laying down, usually on my left side, you begin to push off of the right side of my tummy as if you are on a trampoline and we share some early morning time together. I talk to you and tell you I love you, then I might pray a little before I fall back to sleep. I don't know yet if you fall asleep then or not, but you are very sweet and don't wake me up. We have nice morning time. You love to roll around after I have eaten breakfast and you really hate when I put tight things on over my belly. Well, son, just about everything I put on is tight right now so I just tell you softly to move a little to the left and you settle down. This past week was the first time you actually stretched out long enough to stick your feet in my ribs and while it was not painful, it was a bit uncomfortable and at times it even tickled a little. I can tell you have big feet!

On Monday, we will be 35 weeks along and only 35 days away from your due date. If, my dear, you make it to your due date I will be mighty surprised. I have felt for awhile now that you are going to be a January baby, but hey, what do I know. I want you to come when you are ready. If you decide to come next week, your doctors are not going to stop you, even though it's a bit early. You might need to stay in the hospital a few days longer, but that is okay too. The reality of you coming in the next few weeks is really starting to settle in. We have everything you need. All your diapers are ready to go. I love how they smell. You have a rubber ducky, soft blankies, a stuffed monkey, car seat, stroller, rocker, bottles, bibs, bath soap, lotions, and play mat. We are ready for you. We can't wait to meet you. Stay healthy and keep growing big and strong.


Mommy and Daddy

Thursday, December 24, 2009

>34 Week Contractions

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!

Just a short update for what has been going on this week. I had a great OB appointment on Monday. Found out I have gained more weight than I ever have in such a short amount of time that I will no longer been letting you in on that little (BIG) secret! Oy....I have been very emotional this week. I have cried over something just about every day and for some reason it is worse that it was before. I am overcome by helplessness in my feeling that I just cry and B asks me what is wrong and I literally have no idea. I am so sad and such a sorry mess. Today, I have yet to have that cry but the night is not over yet! Yesterday, I was at work and around 2pm I started feeling super tight in my tummy but I just assumed it was mister sticking his butt out, like he was trying to escape from my belly button! It was rather uncomfortable. At about 2:40 I realized that hey, this is not really going away and wait a minute, this is letting up for a few minutes and then getting tight again....what could this mean? So I wrote the time down when the tightness stopped. Waiting and exactly 10 minutes later, tight again! This continued for an hour. I had 5 braxton hicks in 1 hour and was told to call the doc when that happens so I did. Mind you, we had just been dumped on with tons of snow and the roads were nasty. So I eventually made it over there. I undressed (how many times have I done this now?!) and he checked me. No change. No dilation. Nothing. So in a way I was very glad because, really, it is just too early for him to come! I want him to wait at least 2-3 more weeks! So he sent me home with strict orders to rest for the night and I could continue working. So far, I have not felt anything today but I did drink a lot more water.

So there you have it. A semi-eventful week. Now I get to enjoy the Christmas Holiday!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

>Showered with Love

As you can see, I spend my Saturday nights, as well as every other night, on the couch watching tv, bumping, chatting, and of course, creating new blog posts. This evening is no different.

My shower was nearly a week ago and I am still filled with joy and gratitude for how loving everyone has been towards us and our new baby! The pictures below are nothing too exciting, but they show me having fun!

Some things we received:
1) Gift Basket of TONS of baby essentials including bath towels and wash clothes, bath soap, breathable bumper, a quilt, and more.
2) Pack N Play! We were really not expecting this. It was one of our biggies and my brother and his gf totally spoiled us!
3) Some lovies (small blankies with a stuffed animal attached).
4) Another homemade quilt that I will photograph soon and post.
5) A jumper that you attached to a door way--B loved this when he was a baby and so this was from his dad.

The shower was a huge success and I am glad it's over. We can now focus on getting the last few things we need and prep for this munchkin to arrive in the next 4-6 weeks! WOW, really?!

In other news: we sold B's truck today! Thank you Jesus! We needed that money SO bad and it could not have come at a better time.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

>The Stats and an Announcement


How far along? 33 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: 33 and holding

Maternity clothes?: just got a beautiful new red sweater that you will see in some baby shower pics some other day when I don't feel like I've been run over by a truck.

Sleep: Good, when I am asleep. I have only been waking up once to pee so that is good...

Best moment this week: Baby shower!

Movement: rolling all over the place, head down so I have a butt that moves from under my belly button up to my left ribs and knees in my right side with toes that tickle my hip bone...

Food cravings: fruit

Gender: wolverine

Labor Signs: not for awhile

Belly Button in or out? the top is poking out and when the butt runs under it, it comes out. but we have not popped yet.

What I miss: walking normally

What I am looking forward to: Seeing a friend's new baby on Friday night, our doc appt on Monday.

Weekly Wisdom: If I had some, I would need it for myself so I've got nothing this week.

Milestones: 40 inches around from the belly button...WOW!

So, ready for my big announcement? I have come to a decision that I am not sure all of you will be too happy with. Starting in the new year, my blog will be going private. I want to invite all of you to continue to follow after I have set up an email specific to my blog. I know you might be thinking this is terrible know me just about to have a baby. I know how supportive and loving most of you have been towards me in all that I have shared, especially though throughout my pregnancy. This is not an easy decision, but I feel that protecting my family is reason enough to go private. Like I said, everyone will have a chance to email me in the next few weeks to be invited to continue reading my blog. I am not going to put a limit on who is allowed and who is not. I just want my sharing to become more secure and I feel this is the best way to do it. This is nothing personal towards anyone or anything. I just need to do what I feel is right. If you know you want to continue to follow, please start sending me your email address in a comment. Thank you for your continued support and I hope to see most of you next year!

Oh and this is not my last post for the year...even though it sounds like it is.

Monday, December 14, 2009

>33 Weeks and Nursery Preview!

A lovely lady in my Bradley class told me last night that everything she sees me in class she is so thankful that baby is still baking. I melted! It is amazing how close you can get to other pregnant moms, especially first timers like myself that are just taking each day as it comes, good or bad. I happen to be doing very well with Mister staying put for at least 5 more weeks and my doc on Tuesday said that she is not worried about pre term labor at all anymore. This does not mean it can't happen, it just means that we are getting so close now that at 35 weeks, which is 2 weeks away, if I were to start PTL then they might not stop it. 35 weeks is till considered PT but you are close enough to the safe zone that complications are minimized. So each day with baby in my belly is another blessing! Speaking of Bradley, last night was our last class! It is so bittersweet. I means that yes, S., you really ARE having a kid! Those 12 weeks went SO fast! And look at me now! Seven weeks away from our due date!

This post is loaded with pics, something I have been lacking in lately so enjoy!

We had a nice snow storm at the beginning of the week that put us in a deep freez. I mean, -17!!! In this pic, Tulo is running like a mad man for 2 reason: so he does not freez his skinny, nearly hairless body off and to chase Butte. While the cold does make him shake, he loves running and playing in the snow no matter the temperature! Do you like his argile coat??

This is me and Tulo tonight. We have had our tree set up for about two weeks now and this is the first pic I have taken of it. This is my offical 33 week picutre. Tulo had to be in it with me....Mr. Protective is his new nickname.

Now...onto the nursery! I had my big baby shower this weekend and it was lovely!! I don't have pics yet of the actual shower but as soon as I get some from my mom I will post!

This is the awsome ten dollar dresser I scored off of craigslist that will also be the changing station. The receiving blanket over the changing pad is from when I was a baby!

Here is Mister's crib! This crib is nearly 50 years old! It was my mother's when she as an infant and then it was mine and my brothers...later it was passed onto my aunt when she had her girls and now we have it! It is a beatiful crib! My mom gave us the breathable bumper as one of our gifts this weekend. I love it!

YAY! We got a pack n play from my brother and his girlfriend! I had it as one of our big items on the registry and was not really expecting to get it...well my brother totally spoilded us! The design on it is elephants! So we have a jungle/puppy dog theme going on in there right now...I said it is more like a zoo with a guard dog!

This awesome exersaucer was given to us by my aunt and unkle! It is so cool and has 3 stages for the baby. The first stage is a play mat that the upside down U shaped item snaps into. SO AWESOME!!!

The nursery as a whole...I love this room! We are doing our best to make it his own but it is hard being limited with space and that we are renting. We are just thankful we have a space for him!

Here are the stats for the week! Take care all!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


You all know how much I LOVE MckMama! Well she is doing something wonderful this Christmas season (okay, so like when is she ever NOT doing something wonderful?!). She has teamed up with HP to give away one of their new touch screen computers! How incredible is that?!

Check it out and enter HERE.

Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

>Water Sergeant

(Side Note: Check out how big my baby in a bubble is! OMG! He is so running out of room!)

Moving on, I have a Water Sergeant in my house and his name is B. Ever since we found out about the amnio fluid being low I have upped my H2O intake by, like, a lot. In Bradley on Sunday I announced that he was being a "water nazi" and he did not like that term so he told me to call him a water sergeant instead.
A typical morning:

B: S, did you fill up your water bottle yet?
S: Yes, honey, it is in my purse ready to go.
B: Good. You better drink three of those today...
S: Okay babe I will do my best.

8 hours later:

S: Hi Honey how was your day?
B: Good. How much water did you drink?
S: I have had one and a half so far...
B: Okay well you need to drink one and a half more before bed, okay?
S: Okay hun I will try.
B: S, c'mon! It's really important! Drink up! Chug!

Yes folks, this happens nearly every day so I wanted to write about my drinking water. I have never been a very good water drinker. In fact, it has been so bad that while I was in college I had been sick all day and had only had a few sips of sprite and half a sandwich. I slept all day. After resting so much, I took a shower and felt good enough to go to the dining hall for some soup. My college had this great "grab bag" program where you could just order a sack lunch and take it to go. My mom tried talking me into this option but I was dead set on having soup. So off I went and on my walk over, I started feeling bad again so I decided to go ahead with the sack dinner. I walked up to the counter and the next thing I remember is I am leaning against a wall on the floor. I had fainted. I could barely say my name. They called 911 as per their protocol. Everyone came: a cop with O2, the fire department, and the EMTs. They loaded me up in the ambulance and they like to have an IV in before leaving for the hospital (this still makes no sense to me) and after 10 minutes, the EMT could not tap a line so he took my blood sugar and it was low. Off we went to the hospital.

There I had a total of four nurses try to get a line in me. They are only allowed to try 2 lines each so that made 10 tries in my arms and hands (including the two in the ambulance). They finally found one in my left hand. After all the tests came back they said I was
severally dehydrated and had a viral infection. Due to the dehydration, I could not go back to school for 4 days ONE WEEK BEFORE FINALS!! It was horrible but somehow I pulled through...

All this to say that I have a reputation for not drinking enough water. I know how important it is to drink water while pregnant. Dehydration can cause contractions and preterm labor and we all know we don't want that to happen. So after several weeks now of honestly trying to drink more, I have reached three 24oz bottles a day! Horray!! My goal is four by the time mister comes. I really believe that drinking lots of water is like lifting weights. Trying to drink 4 bottles in one day randomly without having drank that much regularly it would flood my body and make me hurt, just like I would never go try and do curls with 40 pound weights without practicing first with 15 pound weights and moving up. This may not make sense to you but that is fine. It makes sense to me. So a few weeks ago I could only drink one bottle a day and now, after drinking more water, my body craves more so I can drink more.

I love that B is being so diligent in helping me drink more water. It is important even while not pregnant so I hope this is a habit I will maintain after the baby is born. I have heard that breast feeding makes you super thirsty to I am sure it won't be a problem.

If you read all this, why thank you. :)

Monday, December 7, 2009

>32 weeks!

While my belly does not look that much bigger from the last few weeks, my belly sure does feel bigger! And lower. He is sooooo looooowwww. I can tell now that he is staying head down and if he happens to flip up it is just for a few hours and he is back down. I am the epitome of the pregnant waddle. I have mastered it and everyone at work says, "oh S., you look sooo cute! Look at you waddle!" To which I smile and keep on waddling. There is nothing more I can do now but wait. And the anticipation is overflowing now! I have a friend who just had a baby on Saturday and she was only 6 weeks ahead of me but delivered 15 days early. Ever since we found out about my effacement, I am really thinking this mister is coming early. As in a January baby. As in, next month. WOW! We are getting so close! I have my big baby shower on Sunday and I cannot wait to see all my friends and family! This week is pretty standard. I have an OB apt. tomorrow morning. B found a stethoscope that he used while in EMT training (he is not an EMT) and we were able to find mister's HB. We could barely hear it but it was so cool! He was even moving around like crazy while we were trying to find it. Our Bradley classes are almost over and I am sad! I love the class and our teacher and seeing everyone! We played Jeopardy last night and we won! I was so surprised. We are, by no means, experts here! But we are learning what we can. Our birth plan is done! I will be posting that as we get closer to our due date. I always have loved looking at other's birth plans and I have no problem sharing mine. So, with only 8 WEEKS LEFT until our due is a status update.

How far along? 32 weeks/8 months!
Total weight gain/loss: 33 pounds
Maternity clothes? duh
Stretch marks? still just the few on my theighs
Sleep: I wake up every time I need to turn over, which, by the way, is very painful-pressure in between my legs. ug
Best moment this week: Celebrating Xmas with B's family over the weekend and decorating our little home on Friday.
Movement: rocking and rolling all over the place.
Food cravings: none really, I am just hungry all the time now
Gender: Wolverine
Labor Signs: Had a few strong contractions the beginning of last week that amounted to nothing.
Belly Button in or out? flat, but almost there poking out
What I miss: the energy to clean the house, shop, and walk the dogs without resting in between or even feeling like I have been hit by a truck only after doing two loads of laundry.
What I am looking forward to: our apt. tomorrow
Weekly Wisdom: REST! It is okay for everyone to wait on you. You're growing a baby! (I cannot tell you how many times I heard this this week, especially after the contractions)

Happy Monday!

Friday, December 4, 2009


>So I told you all that my dear hubby has been laid up for about the last week and today he is feeling great. He cleaned the whole house!! I love it! Well, a few days ago when he was still quit ill and had turned our living room into his own domain I decided to clean everything up. It was depressing me. So I did not rest when I got home from work and proceeded to power clean the house in about an hour. Just before I was done, I had a rather strong contraction. At first, I had no idea what it was. I thought I had tweeked my back. It was rather sharp, located in my low back that radiated and I could tell once I had another one about 12 minutes later that it was just like a wave: starting off slowly, peaking, and then wearing off. I had 4 in one hour, all while my feet were up. (after the first one I laid down) I was not worried or scared. I just kept track of the timing. All were about 12-15 min apart and after an hour, no more. So I am attributing this to my activity and if that means I will not be cleaning house until I actually want to have a baby then that is fine by me! B has been such great help, especially now that he is feeling better. I did call the doc yesterday just to mention it and he said that can be fairly normal but if they get closer together, last longer, and are more painful to call right away. I have not had anymore since, but I have also not been doing much other than working and resting so while at home, my motto is to keep my feet up and keep this kiddo backing long as possible.

In other news, my dear friend is in labor and I am so happy for her!!!

Have a great weekend all!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

>Not in the Mood

>I don't have much to say except that taking care of a sick husband and two needy dogs while 7.5 months pregnant is hard. Hard on my body. Hard on my emotions. Just hard. I have managed to stay healthy. B is sleeping out on the couch and has turned our living room into his own little sicky world. I am cleaning up around him and my.body.hurts. My back is killing me, my hips are sore, my neck is stiff, and I am dead tired. I was ready to hit the wall at 7pm last night so I thought, well, I might as well go to bed. So I did. But I did not fall asleep for several hours. I rested and dozed on and off. Then poor B got a call at 2:30am to go shovel snow and off his sick self went. I was so mad he had to do that. The money is worth it, yes, but he still has a fever. He has been sleeping almost all day and I am just done. I think part of the reason I went to bed so early last night is because the state of our apartment was SO BAD I could not look at it anymore. Trash, dishes, clothes EVERYWHERE and I could not stand it. So I cleaned up super fast this afternoon and now I am done. I am not doing anything until tomorrow other than a bath and grazing on what we have in the fridge.