Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Will you pray with me??

>I hate writing a post like this. It means that something bad has happened and all us prayer warriors out there need to get up on our steads and make a loud rumble. Do you all know Courtney over at Project Pretty?? She is such a beautiful, talented person with a huge love for all fabrics and Jesus. I have been following her since we Wedding Bliss days and she needs us to pray!!

Go on over to her blog for the details, but the simple jist of it is that her awesome husband was in an eletrical accident yesterday which burned 50% of his body and he has a 70% chance of survival right now. He is in a medicated coma and will be for several weeks. I am in tears writing this!! I cannot imagine the pain they are both going through right now. Please lift them up today, several times over and over, to pray for healing and guidance from the doctors. I have no idea what I would do if I got a phone call like that about B. Let's pray!!

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