Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dear Logan, You're 8 months old...

>This post is m 400th blog post in just 25 months of blogging publicly, one which I believe is very appropriate as a letter to you.

You are eight months, one week and two days old. So much has happened in the past few months that I don't even know where to begin so I will go backwards. Today, October 17, 2010, you said Momma for the first time. My heart is still melting from the sound of those Mmms rolling off your tongue. You're saying it out of desperation when you're tired or upset. So precious. I know you know that I am your momma, but hearing it makes it mean that much more. It makes me feel like I am the most important thing in your ever changing and huge world and I could not be more proud or happy.

Two nights ago, on the 15th, we took you to a bowling ally where you learned to climb the two steps up to the main floor. Your daddy and I were laughing we were so proud. You astound us with how quickly you do new things and how quickly you move to the next milestone.

Two weeks ago, you took your first airplane ride to Michigan and spent a week driving around the colorful state, sitting on the beach of Lake Erie, playing with your cousin who's only two weeks older than you, and learning several new things. After a night of playing with your cousin, she showed you how to pull yourself up to a stand and the very next morning you were doing it. This, I am sure of, is the reason why climbing those steps came so easily to you.

That same week away, you learned to wave hello and good bye, give hugs and shake your head "no". The meaning of no is still not yet grasped, but we are showing you what it means and you have started to do it during meals when you are finished eating.

Speaking of meals, you eat like a horse. You love food and I am so proud that we have such a good eater. You especially love lasagna, bananas, avocados, and breads. Your new favorite fruits are mandarin oranges and prunes.

This week two little nubs are forming in your gums. We are in the throws of teething now and you're miserable. I am glad you are getting two at a time. I am sure you must be in terrible pain, but at least you're getting two out of the way at once.

You favorite thing to do is to explore. You are a full blown champion crawler now and you love getting around. You love to find shoes or dog toys to gnaw on. This has helped your daddy and I by showing us what and where the most baby proofing needs to take place. I want do not want to hinder your world by any means so as long as it is not a safety issue, I let you do what you're doing. I even let you pull up on the coffee table with the risk of you hitting your head. I figure you have many years of bonks ahead of you. Might as well toughen up now.

You are an absolute joy to be around. Everyone you meet smiles and coos at you. You've mastered the shy turn of your head and that only makes us what to love on you more! You enjoy going to the church nursery where you can play with other babies your age. You have my social genes and still (fingers crossed) show no signs of separation anxiety.

Logan, we love you so much. We love how happy and smart you are. We love watching you change and grow up right before our eyes. We cannot wait to show and teach you more about our world.


Momma and Daddy

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