Sunday, October 24, 2010

Gearing Up/Buckling Down

Oh my. I am fa-reeeeeeking out right now! (so is Logan, as you can see...) I am schedule to take the GRE exam a WEEK from Monday on November 1st. I am confirming this date with my advisor because I would really rather wait until the first week of December, but the results need to be in by Dec 1st to my school. SOooooo here I sit blogging. Well, it's been fun! I have to bust my heiny to do WELL on this test so this is my farewell for the week. I will not be posting ANYTHING and it will just about kill me not to, but I HAVE to. I know you all understand. Feel free to shoot up some prayers and leave some encouraging messages. Specifically, if you have a special Bible verse that really encourages and motivates you, please share. I will read those during the 10 min break time I will be allotting myself but I won't be writing. So I hope everyone has a great week! Wish me luck!!

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