Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day 3: First Love

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Day 3. Your First Love

This is a hard one, believe it or not. If you're asking me about the first person I said "I love you" to or the first person I thought I was in love with, then that would be a good guy whom both my husband and I are still friends with.

My freshman year in college I had a friend who happened to live across the street from me in my home town go to the same school. We were fast friends and shared a lot of the same interests including tastes in music, movies, and activities. He's a drummer and I am like a moth to a flame when it comes to musicians. We buddied up and all our friends always asked if there was anything romantic going on and I always denied it. Well, the last day of our freshman year as we were moving out, it all came to a head and we secretly spent the summer dating and surprised our friends with our newfound relationship that fall. It lasted just over a year and when I look back on it, I realize I was not truly in love with him. I loved him, and I still do, as a friend. But it was not until I met B that I learned what true, deep as your soul and ache in your heart love is. So sure, drummer boy was technically my first love, but my first (and LAST) true love is and always will be B. I love you honey!

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