Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day 4 and an Update

Day 4: Your Parents

When I think of my parents I think of true love. I love of the most loving and driven people I know. I think of all the things they did for my brother and me just so we were happy, safe and healthy. I think of the two people I can only hope to be like when I grow up.

Most Saturdays in the summer time, me and my dad would load up the car with our fishing gear, head to the tackle shop for some night crawlers and recess pieces, and cruise on up to a quiet lake for the day. Mom would pack us PB and Js and dad would teach me how to catch a fish. First, I learned the art of patience while fishing with bait on a hook. Funny, now that I think about it I think that night crawlers might be easier to fish with! Luers were never very luering...
I learned that you're never to throw rocks into the water and to always stand on a solid surface. I learned how to dig a hole with the butt of my pole into the dirt while waiting for my fish.

When we got lucky and had a bite, dad always helped guide me in reeling in that bugger. He would tell me when to really lay into the reel and when to slow it down. Going to fast meant we would risk losing the fish. Once the fish was ashore, he showed me how to hold the fish in the shallow water while slowly removing the hook. We almost always would catch and release our fish. On the rare occasions we brought it home, he also showed me how to roll up my sleaves and gut the fish. I LOVED this part, mostly because the biggest treasure was finding a fish with eggs in her. I don't know why that was so aluring to me, but I loved it.

One of the first times we ever went camping as a family will always be memorable. The whole family was hanging out around the edge of the lake. Dad was fishing and I am sure my brother and I were trying to catch minnows in a bucket. Dad asked me to step back-I was getting to close to him and his rod. So I moved and he hooked me. With the lure. In my head. And pulled. This experience did not waiver my fishing days with dad, but increase my love for all things outdoors, especially fishing.


Memories of my mother always have to do with her taking care of me, whether it was while I was sick or planning a sleep over or needing a shoulder to cry on. We have always been close which meant that when we were fighting, we fought hard. When we are together, we are closer than the eye can see. Our hearts and minds connect. We can finish each others sentences and guess how the other is feeling even before we answer the phone. As a teenager, I took our closeness for granted. Now, as a parent and adult, I see what she meant all those times she was trying to communicate something important to me.

When I went to college, everyone always asks you what you're going to college for. I
immediately rejected the thought of following in my mothers' footsteps as a teacher and declared business as my major. Just 2 years into college and I knew that teaching was something which was in my blood and it has taken 5 years for me to finally be achieving that goal. I am finally doing what I know I will love and I have my mother mother to thank for that.


Update you ask? Well it's just to tell you that the withdrawal symptoms are still kicking my ass. I asked around and have decided to do a body detox. I'm going to first do a 24 hour one to just get everything out with yummy smoothies, baths, and gallons and gallons of water. I will do my best to log that day so that I can share it here. If any of you have tried this before, please share your experience.

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