Sunday, October 17, 2010

I Met a Bloggie


(me, Anne & Baby G)

Just a week away from our trip to Michigan I happened to mention in a post that we would be flying into Grand Rapids. I think all of the waiting for Baby G to arrive threw Anne into a tailspin of OHHHMIGOOOOD we have GOT to meet up!! We emailed back and forth about our plans and she warned me that Baby G was well past his due date and that at any moment he will make his grand entrance. I, of course, am all to familiar with this. So Friday night we flew into Grand Rapids. I texted her and we made plans for her to come by the hotel the next night after we got back from a wedding. Wellll Saturday morning I got this text:

"Sarah I was just thinking about u and chceking my email but guess what...I am 99% sure I am in labor! Contrations since 10:30, 5-10 min apart right now."

It is safe to say I squeeled when she told me this. I tried to text her back right away but we were out at a park with no single for the next six hours. Once we got back to the hotel I got this:

"Sarah I am srrry he is here! Born at 6:38 he was 8.7 pounds and 22.5 inches. No epi woo hoo!"

Cue proud momma chant!! I was so proud of her!! Sure I was a little bummed we would not be meeting up but the reward is so muc greater! The next day I made plans to drop the fam off at church while I went to the hospital for a visit. I didn't have a lot of time, but it was enough for us to chat about her birth and at the time, a name for the little man.

Anne, I LOVED meeting you! I keep saying how much I wish we had had more time or lived closer. It's hard to find other momma friends and in my town, I have very few. I cannot wait to meet you again AND...if there are any Colorado bloggies out there or you're coming to CO for a visit, let's meet up!!

Check Anne out at The Makings of a Baby Ostie.

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