Friday, October 29, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 19

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Something I Miss

This is a heavy one. Being a new parent, there are several things I miss now. But I'm not resentful about what I miss. I would not trade anything in the world for Logan in my life. Life, however, does change when a wee one comes into the mix and these are the things I miss. If you're a parent, I am sure most of these things are obvious.

* Sleeping In
* Spontaneous Date Nights
*Extra Cash
* Going to Concerts
* Reading a Book in less than a months time
* My Perky Sistas
* My Skinny Hips
* My Night-Owl Tendencies

And these are the things I miss that actually matter:

* My best girlfriends: Ash, Bestie, Kathleen, Heidi

That's it. People matter most to me and three of the above lovely ladies have not even had the pleasure of meeting the new man in my life. All three of us are mothers and we live in different towns. I miss seeing them more often but I know that friendships run deep.

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