Saturday, March 28, 2009

>Bad Wife of the Week

>We all have bad wife moments here and there, but I deserve the award for Bad Wife of the Week. You can try to trump my moment, but I bet you can't.

B is VERY allergic to all fish and I have known this since day one. Every time we go to a wedding or catered dinner, I am always asking the host right away if there is any fish-type product in the food to protect my hubs. When he was in high school, his mom gave him some acne medication that had fish oil in it and when he was sick for over a week, the finally discovered that the fish oil was making him sick. At this point, they knew of his allergy.

Three nights ago we went on a date and wanted to go somewhere neither of us had been. We both like Thai food and wanted to try a new Thai restaurant. We both ordered different dishes and as an appetizer, I ordered Cream Cheese Won tons. I have always known of these as Crab Rangoon, but because of the misnomer...I was totally thrown off and my fish radar was faulty. B had three of them--because they are that good! Not more than an hour later, he began to complain of a terrible stomach ache and nausea. He had felt fine all day, so the sudden discomfort was out of the ordinary. He began to sweat at his temples and I was feeding him Tums like candy.

Finally, after about an hour of discomfort, B asked if there could have been fish in any part of our meal. I quickly said "No, I don't think so", and reached for the last won ton and that was when it hit me. "Oh no, B, I think these won tons have crab in them..." He was shocked and I too began to feel sick to my stomach, but not from the food. I had failed as his protector from fish and this was only the beginning. I apologized profusely and B, of course, did not blame me and just held his stomach in pain. There was nothing we could do.

While B never actually got puking sick, he was on the couch for over 24 hours and this was also the day of our major snow storm. I was at work and he was at home and I was not there to take care of him. I felt terrible and I am still kicking myself! Dang-it! He has since recovered and feeling back to normal, thank the Lord!

Now, what are some of your bad wife moments??

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