Monday, March 16, 2009

>Not Me! Monday


1) I definitly did not have my Christmas Tree laying around in our back yard for almost three months. And I did not get enjoyment from watching the dogs tear at it and then stare at me to throw it, as if that were even possible.

2) I did not spend all day yesterday in my sweats, putting off blowing up the air mattress, putting sheets on it, and making the room tidy for our week long visitor, B's brother. No, I definitly did not ignore the call of duty and instead play Zelda for 3 hours. Not me!

3) B and I are definitly NOT TTC. No way. It was not me to "forgot" to take those tiny little pills or talk B into the idea of something baby-like. It was also not me who was soooo excited to find out that there really was no reason for me to cry about it, because he is/was just as excited as I am/was to get the ball rolling, no pun intended!

4) There is no way in HELL that I spent $55 on a hair cut. And I also do NOT feel the least bit guilty about it. Of course I know you get what you pay for and of course my hair looks great and I suppose I will admit that it was worth it. But really, I so did NOT have to spend that much money on this mop.

5) It was not me who, last night at 12:45am, went to bed, closed my eyes, and quickly had a panic attack that I might be working this morning, instead of Monday night. I did not get out of bed, check the schedule and drop my jaw to the floor when it was confirmed that yes, I was to be at work in less than 8 hours, leaving me to get maybe 6 hours of sleep. Oh no, not me!!

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