Friday, March 13, 2009

>To My Friend Elin

>Dear Elin,

As I perused blog land last night, I was inclined to see how you and baby were doing. Yes, I follow your blog (duh!) but have lately been missing your posts because, well, I am just not checking often enough. So I clicked on the link where you are featured on my blog. I was so sad when it redirected me to a page stating you're a private blog now. Cue HUGE sad face. I LOVE your blog and I am sure I will still be able to read it when you post and it is on my reader (right?? I am not even sure if that is me out here blog pros!). However, if not, then I will be sad to miss all your little bean updates and pictures. Don't tell anyone else (OPPS!), but you're, like, my favorite! And I miss you. So, if we can change this than let's do it. I will *secretively* give you my e-mail addy and make all well in this blog land of friendship. Thank you in advance. I heart you and well, that is all there is to it. ;)



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