Sunday, March 22, 2009

>Weekend Road Trip

Our weekend was awesome!! We ended up having to leave late for Junction. We arrived just before 2am and Ash was up watching Twilight waiting for us! We quickly got ready for bed and I hardly slept a wink. B had the music up loud while we were driving to help keep him alert and my brain would not turn off! We got up early, but after a small cup of coffee and some hot sunshine, I was ready to go.

We packed up the car and headed to the Monument for a 2 hour hike.

This is just one of the many amazing views we enjoyed. There had been a fire a few days prior which is why the sky is really smoggy looking. The hike was very steep and we all slipped along the way. The red dirt was easily broken beneath our feet so B kept a hold on my rear end most of the way up, which I am sure he did not mind doing. ;)

Ash and her hubs are SUPER athletic and so this hike was a breeze for them. She even had her son in a back pack the whole way to the top and did not complain once! Now that is super woman for you. I just love her!

The trek down was a little scarier. There was a lot of loose rock and we could have quickly lost our footing without carful steps. Ash's son was getting verrrrrry tired and cranky on the way down and both B and I were VERY impressed with how well they dealt with a three year old tantrum. He was calm after a few moments and we were back to talking.

My butt is really sore today from this awesome hike! It has really inspired B and I to do more of it around here. We love being outside and both our dogs are great hikers.

After the hike we went home and took showers. I even laid down for a quick nap before heading to our friends, K and K's, house. They just had their second daughter and so I was beyond excited to meet this new person! I had made a baby blanket for her and could not wait to see K open it. She was so thrilled we almost cried!

K showed off the blankie for the camera. It is the only picture I took, surprisingly. They made us a really nice spaghetti dinner with chocolate chip cookies for dessert. We played a card game and then went back to Ash's to *hopefully* watch Twilight.

Does B not look amazing with a baby in his arms?! I was so proud of him! He was not nervous or anything and he even put her to sleep. What a guy!

When we got back home, Ash's son was playing with Tulo and we found them hanging out in his kennel. They became best friends and I know the little man was not happy to see us leave.

This morning we had breakfast at a diner and then went for a walk around downtown. There are some of the coolest statues and sculptures and here is one of them. We are VERY ready to pull our bikes out of the shed!

After breakfast, we walked down the empty canal. B climbed hills with the dogs and Ash and I had some great conversations! It was such a beautiful day and I was getting sad that we were leaving soon. Before we left, Ash took us over to her classroom and has been really helping me figure out what the best route to teaching is for me. She is so smart and understanding. I am scared out of my pants to teach, but I can't wait!

The little man found lots of dead crawdads and would crunch them. There, in his hand, is a baby crawdad and he was so sweet to keep it away from my face! Crazy kid!

He wanted to drive and I would have let him, had he not changed his mind about coming back to the fort with us. Oh well, maybe next time.

Before leaving town, we stopped in Palisade at the St. Katheryn winery. Have you heard of Palisade Peaches?? Well this is where they come from! Not to mention the wine here is awesome!! We picked up a bottle for my parents and B's dad.

Of course we had to taste it and make sure they would like it. YUM!

We made record time coming back, 4 hours and 6 min! Usually it takes at least 4 and a half hours. But I am not complaining! We had a wonderful time with our friends and we can't wait to see them all again!

Now, how was your weekend?

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