Wednesday, March 18, 2009

>The Irish Recap

>(pictures coming soon)

Wow! Where do I begin? The day was great. I worked until 4 and at 2:30 my SIL called and said she was on her way up. Her hubs was already in town for work and would meet us at the house later. She was in town by the time I got off work and we both arrived at my house at the same time. This girl, my sister in law, is sooo effing amazing! I love her to death and am so glad she is the gal that married B's bro. Seriously. She comes running up to me, hugs, and then pulls a HUGE bag of cookies out of her purse.

"I made cookies! Want one?!"

Of course, I cannot resist a peanut butter cookie with M&M's on them! No way. They were/are awesome. Still getting munched on in our kitchen. YUM!

We headed inside and I started dinner. We chatted about the last two weeks, since that had been how long it had been since our last time together. It was so nice. I am finding great appreciation and fondness in fellow married women that are my friends. SIL is more than a friend and it is great to talk to her about anything. We are both feeling the struggles on finances and what that means for shopping, eating out, and all that. I know everyone is, but it is nice to have someone next to you sharing those same thoughts.

SIL's friend M came up from Denver as well. Once he was there, he and B just drank themselves silly and by the time dinner was ready, BIL (brother in law) was there. We caught up on the newest Breaking Bad episode (amazing!! you have to check it out...). The girls got ready, did our make up and changed clothes. We were out of the house by 8:30. Prior to leaving, we invented a new drink. The boys bought us some Rasberry Smirnof (I know what you're thinking--I gave alcohol up for let, but if you're Catholic (I'm not) it is a "le-way" day). I did not have any craberry juice, but I did have some frozen fruit and some OJ so we blended that all together and came up with the M&M, representitive of our shared last names. It was soooooo goooooooodddddd!!! OMG, soo good! We had a few of those, some shots, and then left with the boys, knowing that we would not need to spend any more money on drinks.

We went downtown and it was so fun! No too crowded, which was nice. We were able to go to a bar that had a dance floor which was really fun, and the reason why my foot is still killing me. My shoes kepts slipping off, dangit!

We were home and in bed by 11:30 and I am still recovering. Tummy is not feeling so hot and just overall very tired today. I know I will feel much better after a sober night of sleep and cuddles with hubbles.

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