Wednesday, March 25, 2009

>I Farted On my Husband

>So I have a couple prayer requests, but I want to tell you a funny story before we get serious here. Last night, B and I were watching Bolt (which you all should go an watch-so funny!!) and I was rubbing B's neck. We were sitting so that he was leaned into me to make it easier. Well, my mom called to talk about some plans we might have for today and as I was talking, B was still sitting on me. I felt a rumble in my tummy and just could not hold it any longer. I let out a HUGE fart and B was sitting on top of me the whole time! He could not move or get up! We both started cracking up, B was BEYOND disgusted and I had to tell my mom what happened. Before we hung up she said, "Please don't fart on your husband anymore." She was laughing too. 

B and I have always been open with those bodily functions. We laugh about it and move on. But just so you all know, I don't do that in front of other people. I reserve stuff like that special for B. Needless to say, it was very funny and I have a "Dutch Oven" coming my way when I "least expect it". OOoohhhh I'm shaking in my boots!


Prayer Requests:
* I am going back to school to get my teaching license!!! This is HUGE! My parents have offered to help pay for this to happen and we could not be more excited! Don't worry, this is not going to screw up our TTC...haha, no pun intended there! And within this prayer, I am also applying for a teaching job at a charter school in town. You do not need to have a teaching license to work at a charter school, you just have to meet the minimum requirements.

* B will be taking his insurance test on April 7th and if you could all pray that he can be focused when he studies and passes his test perfectly, that would be great!!

* Do you know MckMamma??? She does the "Not Me! Monday" blog circus....well her young son Stellen is not doing so hot right now. His little heart is beating too fast and too hard and it is not looking good. Please help pray for lowered levels and stabilization, strength for his mother, siblings, and father (among others), and that God's plan for the little mister is understood, no matter what happens. This family has an incredible faith and I know that while it would be devastating to lose him, they would know right where he went. 

* Our trip to Cabo is just around the corner and prayers for safe travels is wonderful! I know everything will be fine, but I am a nervous flyer. 

Thanks all! Have a great HUMP day!!

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