Tuesday, February 10, 2009

>MIL of my Dreams

My mother in law is one of my most favorite people. I know for a lot of wives, this is not the story and I feel so blessed to have this kind of relationship with her. Since day one, we have been able to talk about (almost) anything and if I don't see her every couple weeks I start to really miss her. We do live in different towns, only about an hour apart, and we really can't see each other every weekend. I wish we could!

The first day I met her was on a cloudy day sometime around St. Patty's Day. B was sick (I managed to give him a cold and pink eye within two months--even more, he had NEVER had pink eye before!!) and needed to rest when we arrived at our house. No, I did not feel like he was abandoning me high and dry with his mother. It was as if we instantly connected. Kinda like how B and I connected, but in a different way. 

B slept for a few hours and during that time we managed to pour our hearts out to one another and that was that. I already felt like she was a mother/friend I could totally depend on, no matter what. Please, friends, don't get me wrong here. I LOVE my mother more than anything. But, as you know, MIL are a totally different story. You did not grow up with her telling you to put on a longer skirt, shopping for your first bra, and restricting how much make up you could wear. My mother is amazing and I respect her so much. My MIL is just a different kind of mother who has an incredible son who loves me. Nothing could be better.

My favorite thing about MIL is that she is super spontaneous because her job allows for lots of flexibility. If I want to come down on a whim to see her, she is already prepping our room. If I suggest going to the movies, she is already checking times. I love it. But even more, she loves me for me. I can't imagine what it is like to have your son bring home a girl (I was the second girl he had ever brought home and hell no do you want to hear about the first). Obviously, since B did not do it often, it was a big deal, nonetheless.

I hope and pray that each of you have great relationships with your MIL's. Sure, we have had a few disagreements, but she is like B: always calm and talking things out without getting upset or offended.

Have a great night, loves!

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