Sunday, February 22, 2009


>Being a wife has brought me so much joy and happiness that I don't even know where to start. Even though neither of us are happy with the place where we live, we are still happy with each other. Where all that happiness happens does not really matter, as long as we are together.

The other night I went out to dinner with a dear friend from college. I had not seen her since our friend's wedding a year and a half ago. Talking with her was so easy and the time we had spent apart went away. We talked about everything and it was wonderful. One of those "wonders" is that she has a new boyfriend that, for her, is a big deal and I could not be happier for her. She was talking about how this past Valentine's Day was the first one she had ever spent with a serious boyfriend. Last year was my first VD with a serious boyfriend too (even though we were already engaged at that point...we started dating the week AFTER VD...). We both shared how fun all those "firsts" are and then, I was beside myself.

B and I have had A LOT of firsts together. To me, there are two different kinds of "firsts". For example, your VERY first kiss EVER and your first kiss with your husband or boyfriend. See what I'm saying?
*First kiss with B was at ESPN Zone in Denver. PERFECT!
*First time we cuddled on the couch we watched The Departed.
*First time he met my parents was at 5am in the morning.
*First time we danced together was at a country bar in Greeley.
*I gave B his FIRST pink eye ever.
*First verbal "I love you" on St. Patty's Day in a hot tub.
*First time we talked about marriage B freaked out.
*First time we went to see a movie together in the movie theater was 300.
*First time ever proposed to.
*First time holidays with family members.
*First road trip to MI and OH Summer 2007.
*First wedding together was the friend's I mentioned above.
*First VD together.
*First YEAR together without any real fight.
*Saying I DO for the FIRST and LAST time ever.
*Signing our first lease.
*Moving in together for the first time.
...see how many moments there are of firsts, even after getting married?? We don't even have a family yet!

Well, one of two things happened this weekend : Apartment shopping. Last year, I did all the dirty work and the first place we saw was the one we moved into. Secondly, after that conversation with my friend, I realized that there are a TON more firsts to come. Like two things at once: flying together for the first time and going out of the country together for the first time. I am just so glad that we can still have those "Oh Wow!" moments the first time something like that happens. I think that is why we are so in love. We appreciate the big and small things in our lives and I kinda miss those first moments of butterflies in my tummy the 2.5 seconds before he would kiss me in the very beginning. Don't worry, I still get butterflies sometimes! But it is different. I am so glad that we are blessed to have this time and many more moments and memories to come with each other.

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