Wednesday, February 25, 2009


>Good morning!

What a beautiful week! As you can tell by the lack of posting these few days I have been pretty busy. Here is a little recap.

Monday was a special day. B and I were celebrating our second anniversary of being together. I know, you might think that is corny, but my parents do it and I have always thought that was a special, random day to mark on the calendar and do something special for one another. 

We spent the morning playing Zelda because that game rocks. B worked over lunch time and I had a friend ask me to help him with some car issues and because I did, he took me out to lunch. Then I went shopping for some food we were in need of for the evening. My MIL and parents were coming over to help us celebrate this day. 

We had gone all out for Valentine's Day and wanted to keep it simple and fun with people we love. I looked up some recipes on Food Network. I made a cream cheese and basil stuffed chicken with veggies that my dad raved over. For dessert, I made Brownie Pudding and it is to die for!! Are you a chocolate lover? This is death by chocolate over and over again.


Does that not look amazing!! We are almost done with what was left over and I SERIOUSLY need to hit the gym! And don't you love my heart-shaped baking dishes?? My momma gave those to us for my bridal shower and the red dish was a gift from a very special family friend. I had to adjust the baking temp because our oven cooks so fast and not all the way through and I did not want to end up with burnt chocolate. My adjustments were right on and I served it with some French Vanilla Ice Cream. MMMM...are you drooling yet? LOL!

We all visited and called it an early night. I worked all day yesterday and was pretty good for the most part. I have today off and plan to call one of the places we looked at and see about putting a deposit down soon. We are not going to go with the super fancy place, as we would be paying more for a one bedroom than we would with the place we are going to talk to today that is less for a two bedroom. It was not too hard to decide, but we did let that day sink in before seriously talking about it last night. We are both very happy with our decision and can't wait to get out of the ground!! Three more months...

I hope everyone is having a great week so far! God Bless!

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