Wednesday, February 11, 2009

>Strong Enough to Break

>I have had a very nice, quite morning. B is still sick and sleeping in. I was ready and up with the doggies at 9am but had other reasons to be up. Have you heard of Matt and Maddie's story? It's heartbreaking, but incredible in the same way. He lost is wife 27 hours after she delivered their beautiful (and OMG is she beautiful!!) baby girl. I read on his blog yesterday that he would be on Rachel Ray this morning and I wanted to see him and Maddie. Opening credits and I am already crying! He is so strong. My worst fear is losing B, or vise versa. He is my world and I know God brought us together. The thought is paralyzing. Anyway, the segment was really good and he had Rachel crying before he even said a word. Maddie looked just adorable and happy as can be. I wanted to write this post so that you could check out this story. Yes, it something none of us wives want to think about, especially all you new bloggy friends of mine who have hubs in Iraq. SCARY!! My bro was there and I can't even imagine if hubs was there. All of you are so strong for supporting your hubs in that way. I envy your strength because if B ever wanted to do that (which he doesn't THANK GOD!!), I would have to support him, yet be heartbroken in the same breath. 

This blog is about strength. I say "hang in there" a lot and I mean it. I do a lot of hanging myself. This life is not easy and even more challenging when you're (I'm) newly married in an economy that is less than satisfying. But, we have a bed, we have a roof, we have food in the fridge, we have two great dogs that we can feed and play with, we have fun things and we are, regardless of those things, HAPPY! Stay strong, lovies.

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