Friday, November 5, 2010

The Problem

I had a beautiful post of all the songs for day 24? and it was pefect and I even had matching lyrics, my favorites, of the songs that appeared on my random shuffle when all of a sudden blogger pooped out on me. All my stuff disappered and that is why I screamed at blogger last night. So, this will sound odd being that I have been on here for over 2 years now, but do any of you NOT use the typical Blogger "new post" page and something else to write your post out? I have issues loading pictures, etc. I just wanna make it work!

PS. This week has been terrible and I hope and pray that by Sunday morning the week is anew and all is well. I have been up since 2:30am with a very sick little boy. Coughing and crying all night. We laid on the couch together. We slept tummy to tummy, but I really did not sleep at all. I dozed on and off until 6am when I had to get up. While it was the most exhausting night I've had since Logan was a newborn, only because I had to work all day, I did love feeling him breath on my chest, take his little fist and grip the collar of my shirt, and snuggle in close. I have seen so much change in Logan over the last few days. He has a fear of water now. He screams bloody murder if I even try to put him in the tub for a bath so I will try a shower tomorrow. I am sure the steam will help his congestion as well. Anyway, I have seen Logan's awareness of his surroundings and where I am grow ten fold and it is amazing to watch. I am so glad to see that happen. I want him to be aware of things and then it is my job to show him that the bath is okay and safe. But not tonight. Tonight he went to bed in the same clothes I put him in last night and now I am off to sleep. My eyes, if I let them, would probably bleed if I stayed up any longer.

Night friends.

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