Sunday, November 14, 2010

Picture Freak:Shutterfly Promo!

(the night I let Logan feed himself)

I love taking pictures. I have absolutely no solid photographic education under by belt, but I have been told I have a good eye. Sadly, I have a wimpy camera that only works great when it wants to. Either way, I get most of the shots I want and if the quality is el sucko then I just livin it up on

So shutterfly is having an awesome promo just for bloggers right now. You can get 50 FREE greeting cards if you just follow the link below and write up a blog about what you use Shutterfly for. I have used it quite a bit since we had Logan. I was able to make both my mom and my MIL an awesome photo book of our wedding. Neither had an album of their favorite photos and I had a blast picking those out. The price and quality are unmatched.

Currently, I am working on a desk calendar for the parents and grand parents, brothers and sisters. I love creating different collages and adding my own text to it.
If you wanna check out some of their awesome holiday calendars, go HERE.

Lastly, I have had a share site all about Logan for several months now and it is has been the best way for our far away friends to watch Logan grow. I get emails every time I post new pics about how much they love seeing the changes. Not everyone I know has a FB so this is a great, safe tool for everyone!

So which Holiday Card would I chose? Well I knew right off I love flat cards. Easier to stuff and stick to a refridgerator. But when there are 352 options that all make my mouth water, it is so hard to chose!! There are so many awesome prints and sayings. I really like THIS ONE the most. Will I end up chosing it? I hope so! It all depends on the pics I chose to stick in there. I am hoping to have some pro pics of Logan taken in the next few weeks of him in a Santa suite. SO CUTE! Anyway, check it out! Shutterfly is awesome!

I am seriously considering a personalized coffee mug for a grand parent! The gift ideas are endless!

Happy Shopping!!
Bloggers can get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly:

(8 months old pic, loving on his monkey)

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