Saturday, November 6, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 24

Let's try this again.

Day 24: iTunes on Shuffle, First 10 Songs

1. Almost Lover--A Fine Frenzy
My very close friend Ashley first introduced this lovely lady to me 2 years ago. The song Near to You is my most favorite and I used those words "near to you" in my wedding vows.
2. Crooked Teeth--Death Cab for Cutie
I saw Death Cab at Red Rocks a few years back with Bestie and we had a ball. The show was incredible and if you are ever in Colorado you MUST see a show at Red Rocks. I DARE you to find me a better venue for a concert.
3. Only Alive--Jars of Clay
I love this love song. Jars, I believe, wrote this as a love song to Jesus, but I think the words work perfectly as a love song to your lover. I listened to this often while B and I were dating. I prayed over and over that he was "The One" and the more I heard this song the more I feel in love with him.
4. Blood, Sex, & Booze--Green Day
Silly song.
5. Tell All Your Friends--Taking Back Sunday
Another silly song. It's one of B's so I am not that fond of it.
6. Very Loud--Shout Out Louds
If you happen to enjoy music that is NOT on the radio, then this band is for you. I found them a good 5-6 years ago and they are a-mazing!! Know of Arcade Fire?? Kind of like them.
7. Swagger Like Us--TI, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, & Jay-Z
I LOVE this song!! We found a TI CD in a parking lot one day and then the song was on Slumdog Millionaire and that was it. I cannot help but sing along and dance, if I can, every time I hear it.
8. Hot Cookin--G Love and the Special Sauce
You can never go wrong with some G Sauce. MMMmm good.
9. No Body Drinks Alone--Keith Urban
This man, oh this man! I love his voice and this song is so depressing, but ahhh his voice!! My friend Chelsea recently saw him this summer at the Greeley Stampede and said he was amazing. I don't doubt that one bit!
10. Hundred--The Fray
One of the most piano solos on the entire album. Isaac Slade has the same gripe on me musically as Keith Urban and Taylor Hanson do. My little musical soul just melts with the sound of their voice. They lyrics are amazing.
11. Faust Arp--Radiohead
When my player when to Radiohead, I HAD to include it in the list. I love me some Radiohead. Whenever I feel motivated enough to go for a run, their music is perfect for keeping pace. Oh and for a long, mountain drive.

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