Thursday, November 4, 2010

30 Day Challenge: Day 24

Something I've Learned

I could write a novel on what I have learned and continue to learn on a daily basis. I wish there was one way to sum all those things up, but my brain is too fried to thing of something witty. Go ask Heidi. I am sure she can think of something. :)

Anyway, I have learned:

...motivation comes within, not without.
...running away from a crawling baby does not mean he can't keep up with you.
...trusting in God's plan is way harder than it sounds and always will be.
...being a working mother IS officially way harder than being a SAHM. More on this later...
...I am the farthest thing from fashionable.
...I look best with my hair long. heals are super sexy.

I am always learning. I look at that list and it's kinda lame. Sorry. See my next post on songs. Way more fun.

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