Sunday, November 14, 2010


>I learned today that Blogger only allows you to "follow" 300 blogs at a time. More than that and you better do some housekeeping. I found a lovely blog, Nicole Is Better, add her to my reader and then I got a lovely message demanding that I delete some blogs if I want to follow the new one. (H, I am pretty sure you may "jizz" over her, go check her out NOW!) Pshh! That is just not fair.

AND then I discovered reader in my google account. I KNOW you are all side-eyeing me and wondering what rock I live under, but yeah. So I used this fun new discovery to literally dump blogs I really don't read. Lucky for them, most were either turned private or no longer in service. It felt like the night I was a little tipsy and got made at FB and defriended a buncha people I never talked to. I know, shame on me. But it was like therapy clearing all those blogs out. I went from 300 to *almost--GASP** 200 blogs. So there is room for 100 more of you. If I am not already following you, you best leave me a comment and kick my rear-end into gear! Let me also point out that Blogger still thinks I am following said blogs I unsubscribed to in my google reader--how do I fix that??

PS. A HUGE reminder that tomorrow we start our week of The Marriage Confessions. First up is Fighting Fair. Talk about how you and your spouse fight. How you come to conclusions and is there always a "winner". I cannot wait to read everyone's responces! Leave me a comment on my post, which should be up early AM Monday morning. Anddddd go.

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