Monday, January 31, 2011

PSA: Paragard IUD

>This is another one of those fair warnings that this may contain a TMI or two, though not intentional. I am sharing this more for those of you newer mamas who might be considering an IUD and when you only have two really good ones to chose from, it's always good to get the beef on each. The below info is all from personal experience and if you are truly curious about getting an IUD you must talk to your doctor. I'll start from the beginning...

Funny as it may seem, one of the first things you start thinking about after having a baby is how to prevent not having another one anytime soon. I am pretty sure my doctor started asking me about my preferences at my 2 week check up and at that point the thought of any kind of intimacy almost made me want to barf. I had a very rough recovery and it was nearly 3 months before I even felt like hopping back in the sack. This is not true for everyone, but if you sustain any kind of abrasions or tearing down below don't feel bad if it takes that long-or longer.

I had been on the pill in college and I didn't really like it. But now that I have spent 10 months with the most horrific periods ever, the pill is heaven on the horizon. I chose Paragard because it has no hormones in it and I liked how my periods had been prior to getting pregnant and figured they would be the same. I was sorely mistaken! Without going into too many nasty details, I will just say that it was a nightmare for not one, but two weeks. This interfered with my work life, home life, sex life....everything! I was miserable for the greater part of every month and only recently did I realize how much this was affecting me emotionally. I have felt lazy. Like I don't want to do anything. I don't have any motivation to do anything: cook, clean, work out, read. I know this is only one of the small contributors to how I have felt the last few months and work had a lot to do with it. But with a new schedule and more time with Logan, I have been on cloud 9. I am so happy but with my dreaded guest only having left a week ago and due to show up next week, I am freaking out with anxiety and dreading it more than anything.

I have spent the past few months talking to B about this. He hates how much it's interfering with my life and his as well that we finally decided it was time to get this thing out. It has been a great form of birth control. Aside from that, it has been horrible and I wish there had been someone out there in bloggie land had provided some personal experience with this, which is why I am doing it now. I was hoping to just switch to Mirena but my insurance won't cover it so it is back to the pill and I am good with that.

I know there are women out there who may not have had such horrible experiences with this type of IUD and that is great. It's just not for me.

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