Monday, June 29, 2009

>9 Weeks

Current Mood: Pissed at the world. Cranky. B was barely able to crack a smile out of me and that is very rare.
Current Cravings: BBQ wings and chicken.
Current Aversions: Sauces. And if you know anything about me, I LOVE sauces. I cannot hardly ever eat anything without some kind of condiment sauce. I think the consistency is grossing me out and making me gag.

I am also very tired and hungry all the time. If I don't eat, I am starving, even if I ate an hour ago. I don't see a major difference in my belly this week from last week. However, I LOVE that my digital baby has ARMS, LEGS, and a NOSE! So cute!! I know that is a very general representation of what the average 9 week baby looks like but it looks like a little baby now!

I bought a bella band last week and have started to wear it with my jeans. I can still button my pants, but sitting down is very uncomfortable so it has come in handy.

This week Baby Mac is the size of a grape and it's heart has four chambers pumping loads of blood. Teeth start to form and sex organs are in place, though not distinguishable. My placenta is producing the majority of the hormones needed now to keep this baby growing big and strong.

Our love grows everyday for this little miracle and to say we are excited for this new adventure is an understatement. I can't wait until my 1st trimester is over in 4 weeks and we get to hear the heartbeat. YAY!!!

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