Thursday, June 11, 2009

>First Baby-Related Issue

>I have had this HORRIBLE pain in my right eye since Sunday. I thought it was just my eye being tired and that I was not getting enough sleep so I tried to go to bed earlier and rest more (is that possible?!) and the pain did not only stick around, but progressively got worse. Today, I had enough. The pain was so intense I could hardly focus at work, so I made a late morning doc apt and hoped for the best.

At the appointment, my doctor could not figure out what was going on. She put drops in my eye, looked at it under a black light and did not see any superficial scratches or anything foreign lodged in there. Let me take a minute to describe this pain: it is in the corner of my right eye, under my eye lid and behind the bone. No discharge, no redness, just irritated skin from my touching it. Anyway, she sent me down to the eye doc and she was able to see some swelling and inflammation. I have something called episclorosis. That is just a big fancy word for inflammation on top of the eye ball. She gave me a very low dose steroid eye drops that is safe for me and baby. Causes? Not really sure, but the body does crazy things when changing and making room for baby. This should work out well and I should be feeling better in a day or so.

On top of all that, this was my worst morning yet. I felt like nothing sounded good to eat and was feeling quite nauseous. It did go away as the morning went on and I did eat.

Non-baby stuff??

Work is going great. B's work is going even better! God is blessing us in more ways that one and we could not be happier. Tulo has tapeworms (YUCK!) and so we took him to the vet yesterday to be treated. No, Butte cannot get this. It is only passed from the direct host, which we are still not sure of. Tulo does eat anything and everything and generally has a steal stomach so it is hard to say. B's birthday is on Sunday and I got him the new Silver Sun Pickups CD, which I know he will love. He has been raving about the new songs on the radio lately. We plan to just hang out during the day and spend the evening with our families over a nice meal.

That is about it for now. Hope all is well with you all! My eyes are dilated so catching up on posts tonight is not a good idea. ;)

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