Wednesday, June 17, 2009

>Truth or Lie? You Decide!

>So I was just wondering around in blog world and came across this awesome blog here, Miss Katie, and noticed she played a fun game with her readers! I am so inspired, so please, come play along with me. You just might learn something new...

Here is how the game works: I will list several statements, some are truths, others are lies. You decide in the comments which is a truth and which is a lie. I don't have anything fun for you to win other than pride and an imaginary hug from moi. Wanna play?? K, here we go!

1) While playing a game, I pushed my brother off a dresser when he was 4 and he broke his arm.

2) I have never broken a bone.

3) B and I have both participated in a triathlon.

4) I learned to drive a stick shift before I graduated high school.

5) B is allergic to fish, mushrooms, and milk.

6) B and I will find out what the sex of the baby is at 20 weeks.

7) Butte had puppies before we had her fixed.

8) I have no fear of swimming in the ocean.

9) My favorite color is yellow.

10) I have had 2 speeding tickets.

K, take a guess! And then, if you want, play this game yourself! It is just for fun. Have a great Hump Day!


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