Sunday, June 7, 2009

Baby Mac is on the Way!

That's right! We're expecting!! We found out on May 29th and I went to the doctor on June 1st to get confirmation.

We could not be happier!! This is such a blessing. I know, I'm shocked too! It is still sinking in for both B and I but we really can't wait to be parents and start our family. Good thing we got a two bedroom apartment!

I am currently 6 weeks along and feeling pretty good. Very little to no nausea, VERY tired, sore boobs, peeing ALL THE FRIGGIN TIME, eating all the time, extra emotional (very weepy), and up until last night, sleeping well. No food aversions yet except for ground beef. It just gives me the worst stomach ache you can imagine minus nausea. I have been trying to nap every day, twice a day. Up until today, I have been good about being restful but I worked and then babysat so a nap was not in the picture at all.

We have told our family and close friends and now, blog world, I am telling you! We feel that since this baby is a gift from God that it does not hurt to have as many people praying for us and sending us well wishes.

I know it is early yet, but I am feeling great and my doctor believes that I will have a very healthy pregnancy. My due date is February 3, 2010. I am doing my best to keep anxious thoughts out of my head and find that prayer really helps minimize any stress related to that. We do have names picked out, but they will be kept a secret until Baby Mac arrives. B wants to find out the sex and I want to wait so I am not sure what we will decide about that yet.

Any more questions?? Just ask!! I hope you are all having a great weekend!

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